Jain Heritage School, Hebbal, Bangalore

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Jain Heritage School, Bangalore

School Name
Jain Heritage School, Hebbal, Bangalore

School Website

Jain heritage school near kampapura coffee board layout Hebbal, Bangalore, Karnataka

Contact Details
+91 80 23626122 / 123


cbse and igcse.

Principal Name
Mrs.Archana Vishwanath

Year School was Established

pre-k to 12

Type of School

Medium of Education

Admission Information
have to go through an interview limited seats

School Timings
08 to 3.30pm

Fee Details
for pre-k it is Rs. 100000

Facilities / Infrastructure Details
basket ball court,cricket,tennis,olympic size swimming pool,billiards,various labs,av assisted classrooms etc.


4 Responses to “Jain Heritage School, Hebbal, Bangalore”
  1. Murthy says:

    Hello Teju/RR if you are still continuing your kids in JHS. Can you give you current feedback please….I am getting stressed up finding a good school for my kids ..


    KPR Reply:

    I have my son in JHS for Pre Fundamentals; the quality of teaching is good. Not that you can assess much from a PreFundamental class but there has surely been an improvement on the way my kid approaches people and takes up tasks. They do have quite some interaction sessions with parents. Parents are invited to participate during Mother’s / father’s day celebration. Something we never experienced as kids.

    Well RR’s post is just a year old but have heard a lot of praises from parents who’s kids are in senior classes.

    The facilities claimed are all present and they have good instructors from the looks of it.

    The Principal also seems to be energetic when it comes to sports. Atleast that’s what i found when i had been there for the father’s day celebration.

    All in all its a nice school, and the price is bearable considering they are truely accredited to teach in English medium and are associated with cbse and igcse considering the amount of fraud going around these days.

    Hope this helps.


  2. Teju says:

    Thanks a lot RR for the review. I had considered this school and was looking for some reviews from parents. ( There aren’t too many on this school. This is really helpful)
    Now the fee for LKG is 90K. They said it will be hiked every 2 years. ( I think around 1.4l for 1st standard. Not sure). I am ok with it as long as the quality of education is good. Also, getting admission seems to be easy. (They will have this so called interaction/interview. But looks like everyone who applies gets). I dont know whether its due to high fee or something else?
    I have some questions.
    1. Any idea why the teachers left?
    2. How is the quality of education?
    3. May I know which school you considered after you pulled out?
    Can you please answer?


  3. RR says:

    When JHS Hebbal was just starting (2008) building was finishing in about 2 months time, I went to enquire for UKG admission, the principal told me about all the facilities that they are advertising even now and said fees will be Rs.45,000 p.a. After 2 months when I went to collect application form, the staff told me fees will be Rs.54,000 p.a (jump of Rs.9000). I thought since they were starting new there will be some mis-calculation and decided to admit my kid here thinking the facilities and fees were manageable. But when I went after 1 week, to submit the application and pay fees I was told fees is Rs.78,000 p.a. (jump of Rs.24,000). Me and other parents like me were shocked, and we could not do anything at that stage as we had decided to admit based on Rs.54,000 fees and not looked at other school options. They really took advantage of that situation. And the bigger surprise was waiting for us, when our kid was to get into 1st Standard, we were told the fees will be Rs.1,05,000 p.a for existing students and Rs.1.2 Lakhs for new admissions. Many of the facilities like swimming pool, play equipments were not even ready after 1 year completion and school wanted to increase the fees again.

    Over and above this, by the time my kid finished UKG there was turnover of two Principals and many teachers quit. These put us in a quandry. Even childrens books were not corrected (mistakes) properly.

    It was absurd and scary… the fees kept jumping many folds and I felt its Chairman was nothing but giving false information/promises and was just being money minded. We were not sure where will be fee structure by the time our kid reaches higher classes and imagine if we had to admit our other child.

    So me and few others from other classes pulled out our kids and later too in coming years I heard there was lots of teaching staff attrition.

    I don’t know how much they have improved. There was Ms.Archana as co-ordinator at that point and she was sincere in putting forth the schools plans, I heard she is now the principal. Hope she has implemented all those plans now atleast.


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