Harvest International School, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

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Havest International School, BangaloreHarvest International School is promoted by a dedicated team of Educationists, NRIs, IITians and Industrialists who have come together with a common goal of providing stress free education which extends beyond the classrooms. Harvest offers CBSE curriculum from Kindergarten through twelfth grade with a choice of international curriculum from the early grades.

Name of school:

Harvest International School, Bangalore

School Address:

Kodithi Village, Carmalram Post, off Sarjapur Road,
Near Kodithi Silk Farm, Bangalore 560035.
Email: harvestintschool@gmail.com
Tel: +91 80-32963716, 25724173
Mobile: +91 9845034342, +91 9845914110



Medium of education:





Kindergarten – Grade 12

Has programme for students with special needs


Day school

Year Established:


Student/Teacher Ratio:


Extracurricular activities:

  • Music, Dance & Performing Arts
  • Activity Clubs
  • Art and Craft
  • Field Trips
  • Agricultural and Environmental Education


Dakshayini Kanna

School Transport:

Buses fitted with LCD TV and DVD

School Building and Campus:

Harvest international school bangalore - building

Facilities and Infrastructure:

  • Class rooms equipped with LCD projectors and interactive boards
  • Separate libraries for primary, middle and senior students
  • State of the art Computer, Chemistry, Biology and Physics labs
  • Multipurpose auditiorium, audio-visual room, hobbies club, halls for dance and music
  • Amphitheatre
  • Fenced play area for younger students

Admission Details:

Admissions are open. For details contact:

Phone: 080-32963716, 080-25724173
Mobile: +91 9845034342, +91 9845919110

Contact Details:

Harvest International School

Kodithi Village, Carmalram Post, off Sarjapur Road,
Near Kodithi Silk Farm, Bangalore 560035.
Email: harvestintschool@gmail.com
Web: www.harvestinternationalschool.in
Tel: +91 80-32963716, 25724173
Mobile: +91 9845034342, +91 9845914110

Harvest-Cherubs Montessori House of Children
(Harvest International School Pre-primary Facility)
173, 9th Main Road,7th Sector, HSR Layout
Tel: 080-32963716, 25724173,
Mobile: 9845034342, 9845914110


57 Responses to “Harvest International School, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore”
  1. Prakash says:

    We are looking for admission for my daughter in Class- 8, how is your experience in Harvest so far, your valuable feedback will help us to explore possibilities.


  2. sree says:

    my children are going to harvest in 8th and 7th, i feel that teachers teach like professors in university, i mean they just teach the lesson at class and thats it, children have to reach the text books and prepare on their own and its completley self learning , no help from teachers after that.
    secondly bus fee is maximum, i dont think any other school in bangalore charges this much.


  3. sunil says:

    I enrolled my daughter into Harvest in LKG.

    I had spoken to some ex-teachers and Parents about the school. They all seem happy with the eduction standards.

    School has good facilities and clean clam atmosphere.

    good 1:12 teacher student ratio.

    Transport chagres starting at 25K/yr. Other schools such as New Horizon and DPS charges only 15K. Thats really high in comparison.

    Fee is almost equivalent to New Horizon Grukul. 30K admission fee and 70K Annual fee(for LKG).

    4 Kms from the Sarjapur road doddakanelli junction.


    Bindu Reply:

    Hello Sunil,
    What is your feedback about Harvest after admitting your daughter? Specifically the faculty members of LKG, UKG etc..


  4. Barkha says:

    Can you share some recent feedback on Harvest Intl? Will they be extending classes upto 12th Grade?


  5. Aastha says:

    After a lot of research and reading on internet, i confirmed Harvest International for my son.We visited Cherubs and Harvest International last Saturday and was very much convinced with their teaching methodology, environment , the Staff and infrastructure.Though Cherubs ishas small campus, they do have lots of activities to engage kids, including dance, music, sand pit,etc.
    The campus at HIS is decent in size and covers everything required for a kid at school including big playground ,library, music class , dance class labs,and indoor basket ball, tennis, badminton court.They shift the focus on the studies as the kid grows. Initially they start with 60% acextra curricular and 40% academics. and 8th onwards it is 70% academics and 30% extra curricular. They are affiliated to CBSE and have plans to run IGCSE as they get enough strength for it.
    Their Day care facility is till 7 30 pm at cherubs Montessori in HSR. Kids going to HIS can also be dropped at Cherubs’s daycare if they avail this option. Principal at HIS was very humble and fair in her conversation. I enrolled my son in M2 at Cherubs for 2014-15 session His seat will be blocked in HIS in grade 1 but we will have to pay the Admission fees again.


  6. Meena says:

    Hi Vin/Shyamala/Kiran, did you admit your child in Harvest? How is the school in terms of academics? I am considering HIS for 2013 for my 6th and 3rd graders. Any input will be greatly appreciated! Thanks


  7. Keshav says:

    Can someone share their experience with Heritage Intl School specially for grade 8 onwards? I am seeking admission for my son for grade 9 CBSE. It would be great if I get a chance to talk to a parent of grade 8 up. PLEASE call me or give mne your contact number so that I can contact you. Looking froward to hearing from u.


  8. Keshav says:

    Can someone share their experience with Heritage Intl School, Sarjapur specially with respect to higher grades (8 to 12). I plan to seek admission for my son for grade 9 in CBSE. Appreciate if you can call me or provide your contact number so that I can call to get more details. I would love to get feedback from a parent of grade 8 onwards Looking froward to hearing from you.
    Keshav 9740367897


  9. Shantha says:

    Hi all,

    Can anyone give feedback of the school? Iam looking for admission for my son to 1st standard. Would like to know feedback from parents who are sending their kids to this school.



  10. sheeba says:

    Hi All,

    Could somebody give feedback about Cherubs Montessori too?

    Will the admission process have to be repeated in the high school after 3 years in montessori?
    If so, thinking whether it is worth paying admission fees twice.



  11. Gaya says:

    I am moving to Bangalore in 2013. I am also looking for a good school in Sarjapur Road for my kids who will be entering 6th and 3rd grades. So far, I am seeing only positive reviews about Harvest, though there is nothing mentioned about their academics. Can someone provide with the any latest reviews about the school? I would also like to stay in an apartment that is walkable distance to school. Do you have any suggestions?



  12. Swap says:

    My son is 6 years old ,he goes to Harvest int school.Its been 2 months since he joined and am very happy abt the school .We relocated from USA .It took A month for my son to adjust to the environment n stuff but because of teachers he has adjusted very well.i am very happy now.Was very tensed initially,
    everything is going smooth now.Even Hindi was problem with my son,his teacher(Mrs.Shubra) has taken special interest in him and he is comfortable now.thanks to her and all his teachers.Sports in school is very well planned.they r teaching basket ball,skating,soccoer etc.
    Over all a good school.



  13. Neha says:


    Everything abt the school looks gud.Could somebody pls share thier exp on the Academic side.Its been so difficult choosing a school for my little one.



  14. Kalyani says:

    Sorry… Staying in calif. …..typographical error



  15. Kalyani says:

    Hi kiran,

    We are assaying I calif, USA. We are planning to relocate to bangalore. My daughter goes to 5th grade. Want to know about harvest international school.


  16. parent_grade4 says:

    We moved from Tokyo & admitted my 8 years old to Grade 4 @ Harvest after a long research. My experience is good so far. Infrastructure of this school reminds me of K International @ Tokyo. Infrastructure is great with all amenities, soccer ground, Indoor sports. Staff is very receptive and open so far. Fee Structure is openly put in Internet (transparency, which is what I like). I hope the school continues this same standard.


  17. Sudakshina Basak says:

    Hi Harvest Parents,

    We will be relocating to Bangalore very shortly. We are franatically searching for a new school for our 6-year old which can offer him a balance between academics and co-curricular. HIS seems to fit the bill. Can you please share with me your experience in Harvest? Truely need your help.

    Thank you and regards,
    Sudakshina Basak


  18. Hope the education is also good.


  19. Looks very good. Hope the education there is enough for the students.


  20. Kumar says:

    Hi All,

    Can you please let me know about Harvest Intl. school. I am planning to join my son in class 1st. Pleaase provide a genuine feedback.



  21. Vin says:

    Zaheer / Dev,

    Any latest update based on your experience with school? Specifically how is it in adcademics etc?


  22. Vin says:


    Any feedback on quality of education in Harvest? I am relocating to Bangalore & my kids would go to Std 1 & std 8th.


    Shyamala Reply:

    Hi Vin,

    Even I have 2 children, one going to 7th and one to 1st grade…i have recently relocated to B’lore as well. Did u get any feedback from any parents? the reviews look good, am only worried fro my older child, since it is theier first year for higher classes…


    Kiran Reply:

    Hi there
    I moved to Bangalore from California,USA. In the same boat as you are since my son will be going to 7th grade as well. I went to Harvest and spoke to the vice principal. I felt convinced by the way she spoke to me. Can you share your research so far in finding a good school. what is your opinion or differences between international and non-international with respect to CBSE.



    Shyamala Reply:

    Hi Kiran,

    I was also totally convinced after meeting the princi & the faculty. They r having a orientation the coming weekend, we will b there, we r enrolling our children in the school too. International v/s non-international schools basically vary in their approach towards teaching, class strength & modern classroom atmosphere. I liked everything about this school, the only thing that bothered me was sthat they were fairly new, but after meeting them personally I am ready to place my bet on them. Hope this helps!

  23. Sanjeev says:


    School is really good and I’m almost done with Admission. My daughter who justed completed her 6 years (Born on April 2nd,2006) and started of with 7th year. She already completed 1st std, now the confusion is many of them says that for 2nd std she must have completed 7 years. I talked to the school principal, she told that they will undertake and continue with 2nd std. I dont know whether it will affect anything at 10th std. Can anyone suggest?


  24. Bindu says:


    I’ll be moving to b’lore in July and I’m looking for a decent school for my child who will go to Sr. KG this yr. Harvest international looks like a new school. How is the school and when was it set up? Are the teachers good and approachable? Do they have any extra curricular activities? What is the fee structure like? Also is vibgyor a better school than this. Please suggest.


  25. jagdish says:

    Hi We have a 5year old son and we visited harvest school on sarjapur road, school has excellent classrooms with smartboard and teacher student ratio is at 12:1.very good faculty and humble management.we were completely satisfied with school and the environment.we will be admitting our son very shortly.


  26. leela says:

    Hi sheeba , my have the same same prob , my son is also 7 yrs old and his functioning is of 5 …. i am so much confused wht to do and which schools takes the admission for such child … if u have got any solution or anyone can help me , pls do the needful … u can mail me on leelaprasanna.b@gmail.com


  27. SANJIVSHARMA says:

    SANJIVSHARMA 9342064791


  28. Sheeba says:


    I have a son 7 years old. I want to put him in an inclusive school. Is Harvest an inclusive school. Though he is 7 years, he is functioning at the age of 5. Please advise.


    Dev Mahanta Reply:

    Harvest has the philosophy of inclusive education. They are aware of these issues. In fact, they have a child psychologist attached to the school.

    However, to get assurance, you may discuss your concern openly with the Chairman and the Principal. They are very approachable and I am sure once you talk to them, you will get the confidence.



  29. zahir says:

    I need feedback’s about Harvest international School Bangalore. If your kid is going to Harvest , Kindly share your experience

    Thank you




    Dev Mahanta Reply:

    Hi Zahir,
    We moved to Bangalore last year and put our son in Harvest International School and after a year, we are indeed happy about our decision. However, please try to figure out what is your expectation from a school. Accordingly you can decide.

    Every student in Harvest can expect maximum attention. Small classrooms, very friendly and dedicated teachers, lot of activities and very approachable management… and most important, my son enjoys going to the school.


    Namrata Reply:

    Hi Dev,

    I have moved to bangalore and looking for a good school near Sarjapur. Can you please tell more about the academics in Harvest International school.

    Thanks in advance.


  30. Ritu Chauhan says:

    Hi all,I surely agree with Shraddha.I am going to put my kids in Harvest.DPS is getting crowded…no individual focus.I loved the school. Principal and chairman are very humble and foresighted. Just go and take a journey through the school…its amazing…


    zahir Reply:

    Yes I also agree with Ritu, but only thing is newly started!!!

    Most of the schools are very much crowded,

    VIBGYOR and all fully crowded with 12-15 sections in each grade


  31. zahir says:

    can anybody give me the latest feedback of Harvest International school. It is a new school , so I am little bit worried.

    pls reply to my email zahir262003@gmail.com


  32. Shraddha B says:

    Hi dolly, I think you have seen the school long back. Now the school is beautifully done with smart boards in each and every class, beautiful lawns, huge indoor stadium and lovely labs and library. My child is very happy there. A very affordable school with lovely infrastructure.


  33. elizabeth pinto says:


    am elizabeth pinto 56 years old. am retired now. i hv worked in the gulf for 25 years as executive secretary. is there any job opportunity for me in your school.


  34. Swetha Thota says:

    I am relocating to Bangalore from USA. One will be going to 6th and one will be going to first grade. Can you breif me about the fee structure, about any special sections for Kids moving from USA and also about the admissions process. I am planning to visit INDIA this summer to look at the schools. Can i get an appointment so that i can talk to someone at school?


    Shyamala Reply:

    Hi Swetha,
    Did u get admission fro ur child at Harvest? I am planning to take admission fro my children (one in 7th grade & one in 1st grade). My only concern was that its a new school, and since my older one is in a higher grade, i would love to get feedback from atleast one parent whose child studies there. The reviews about the management has been good so far though. lloking froward to hearing from u.


  35. Shilpa says:


    Can u pls let me know what all the facilities u hv for children with special needs. I hv a son of 4.5 yrs who is mildly autistic and right now he goes to nursery school nearby my house.

    Thank u,


  36. raashi says:

    Hello,I am relocating from USA to bangalore.Please tell me the facilities.


  37. raashi says:

    Hello,I am relocating from USA to bangalore.Can somebody please tell me the fee structure.


  38. neema says:

    Well,even I think the same Anushya.


  39. anushya says:

    I am not that happy with this school.The management is not so aware.I am not either disappointed or happy.


    Vasanthi Reply:

    Hi Anushya,
    Whats your feeling now with regard to the school, i’m planning this school for my daughter for montessori II. My only concern is with the teacher’s qualification and handling of kids. please reply.


  40. Basant says:


    I need information about this school.it will be great if you reply.


  41. shailendra singh says:


    I am relocating to Banglore from mumbai, along with my family.
    I have 6.5yr kid who is in fist stan (CBSE), I am searching for some CBSE schools in banglore.
    Can you pls. provide me your datail fee structure for 1st std.



    shailendra singh


  42. majeed kuniyil says:

    my name is majeed. i like to apply for physics teacher. i have 12 years teaching experience in pluse one , pluse two science(CBSCE). MY subject is physics. now i am working physics teacher in male A Level(IGCSE) Recognized by cambridge university. my qualification is MSC Physics,BEd Physical Science,BSC Physics,Predegree Science,SSLC, PGDCA Computer science. if you select me i will come to that school after that i will work for progress of your school. give salary list


  43. Aditi says:

    I have the same query. I want to know about the fee details for the senior classes i.e., Std. XI and XII.


  44. Vinita Roy says:

    Hi Nilesh

    I relocated to Bangalore from Calcutta and did a survey of a number of schools for my daughter who is 5 years old. Many of the CBSE schools have closed admission already and in some, I found that the one time fee was exorbitant. I finally admitted her to Harvest International School on Sarjapur Road. The school has a very reasonable fee and does not charge any admission fee or one time fee at all!! The facilities are excellent and people are very helpful. You can log on to http://www.harvestinternationalschool.in or call 9686199416 /20.


    Shraddha B Reply:


    Thanks so much. I contacted Harvest and found the school very good for my child. Thanks for the information.

    Shraddha. B


  45. dolly says:

    It does not even exist. I was searching for a good school on Sarjapur road and happen to see the direction boards of Harvest International. The buildings are under construction, only completed 25%, the location is isolated in the fields. This is a future project, will take min 2 years.


  46. Nilesh Patil says:


    I am relocating to Banglore from mumbai, along with my family.
    I have 4.5yr kid who is in Sr.KG (CBSE), I am searching for some CBSE schools in banglore.
    Can you pls. provide me your datail fee structure for 1st std.



    Nilesh Patil


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