St. Joseph’s Boys High School, Museum Road, Bangalore

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St. Joseph's Boys High School, Museum Road, BangaloreSt Joseph’s Boys High School, Bangalore, prepares students for the ICSE (10th) and ISC (11th) examinations conducted by the CISCE New Delhi.
The School was founded in 1858 and is now managed by the Fathers of the Society of Jesus, popularly known as the Jesuits.
Name of School

St. Joseph’s Boys High School, Bangalore

School Address

No. 27, Museum Road,

Bangalore- 560025

Karnataka, India

Tel No: 080-22214416.


Medium of Education





The managements of the School is vested in the Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society. The President of the Governing Body is Rev Fr Provincial of the Karnataka Jesuit Province.

Class Strength

25 per class


LKG to 11th Standard (ISC)

School Type

Day School


Rev Fr Celestine Sera SJ


  • Chapel
  • Auditorium
  • Board Room
  • Physics Lab
  • Biology Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Library
  • Classroom
  • Children’s Play Park
  • Play Field
  • Canteen

Curricular and Co-curricular Activities

  • Swimming Pool
  • NCC (National Cadet Corps)
  • Scouts
  • LCD & Computer in each class
  • Outdoor Park

Contact Details

Enquiries: Contact the Office.

Phone : 080-22214416


N.A (check the website for more details or contact office)

Map Route

St. Joseph's Boys High School, Museum Road, Bangalore - Location Map



35 Responses to “St. Joseph’s Boys High School, Museum Road, Bangalore”
  1. arshad says:

    Sir/madam i would like to settle in Bangalore so please find the attachment and let me know the details.Thank you and waiting for your positive response


  2. shylaja says:

    my son wants to get admission for 9448690495


  3. jaleel says:

    Hi Parents… Happy new year to you all. Please take time to read the hard facts.

    Just want to share my experience with St. Joseph Admission Process. Last year I had stood in line all night from 7 PM Friday to 8.30 AM Saturday to get admission form (I have spoken on TV 9 while they covered that night) as people like me thought admission would be on first come wish to get my son admission in Joseph was like mad. my first advise please do not stand in line all night to seek admission form that’s my request to you all go next day At 8 Am you will get the form.

    Now come the scene of admission, after submitting the form they were delays in sending post reason as they were some issue with RTE regulations. every day use to follow up with my area postman. i was confident that my son would get in firstly my form number was 53 we stay approx. 1.5 KM away from school and financially good working in MNC in a managerial post, my son at 4 years eligible as per school norms, understands Alphabets , Numbers, Colours, Shapes, fruits and vegetable right form 5 Months old he started going to creche and then to leading day care in Bangalore . But to my surprise we got a negative reply. No reasons mentioned just sorry. although it hurts but I did not stop. as i was going mad with admission. Hence started working first to principal he was kind enough to meet me but his reply was he is no way a decision maker in admission process. you need to contact rector so where is he available next to St. joseph main gate there is another office society of joseph. walked down and enquired in the reception it was told farther will not meet as he is in college enquired further which college the person said Joseph business administration again walked there was some student programs was going on waited for the program to get over mean while enquired who is the rector (I do not want to mention his name). finally met the rector requested him while walking towards his office. finally agreed to meet me the same evening 8.30 PM. i was there by 8 PM waited until 9 PM but could not meet him but met a so called Brother who said to come next day morning 8 AM. atlas I could meet the rector gave Xerox copy of my form with a humble request letter. he said he will so something i was happy waited for two days nothing happen and then started following up with so called rector morning 8 AM and evening 7 30 PM. he was kind enough to meet me always telling he will help once the present quota of announced seats get over. in fact in one of my meeting i did offer some donation i was OK to pay a huge good amount to get in for my surprise he got angry but somehow i could apologise with him. As i was walking every day to school and society of josephite got to know there is some grievance for parents seeking new admission organised it was a Thursday me and my wife went to meet them. again a long queue of parents standing outside a room. standing in line for 3 Hrs. finally got my turn to get in there i met three small boys so called brothers no senior person present. not my complain and request on admission to my son. these two Kids started explaining me about quota for muslims,hindu,Jains etc. so i stand a very low or no chance of getting in anyways made my deepest request to these kids so called brothers and walked out.
    apart from this I did send a request mail office Archbishop of Bangalore and thanks I did get a reply but it was negative telling he does not interfere in admission process of any institute.

    Lesson Learned: My conclusion is St Joseph is an average good school. Its only few people made their names on TV/IT/Sports fields because of their success. Since then this school name was hyped making for these rectors/principal to play with people’s emotions for admission. Let’s think practically school admits about 270 students per year and school is running for a 100 years so why not an average if 270 students completing their studies are all not successful with fame,.. that’s a wrong logic if everything had to be from school then this logic would work. It’s just some people came in fame and when asked which school they mentioned St.Josephs what about others they are also successful in their own streams and the same carries with other schools as well. If you see the school site on web they show photos of people who got fame and recognised publicly and not those who have been successful in their fields of interest. What I mean to tell is schooling is important but for the success of a student is a long journey and its merely on hard work of parents and children’s interests so please DONOT get carried by these strategy. Now just have a glance of other schools do we think people studied there are not successful nah they are every school has some student in fame and some without fame but are successful. What we need to ask is how far is the school responsible and why should school take the credit of that individual hard work. Why consider other people talk to your self are you not successful enough I say yes although we parents are form different schools so same thing holds here please do not get carry out with few of them on TV telling they studied in Joseph.
    In general what I only accept from school is to learn discipline, study well do some physical activities etc rest is a long journey of 18 years of study after all your child spends only 7 to 8 hrs in a day rest is up to you. So please understand these logic.

    The reason of writing this is only to tell parents don’t hype this school St Joseph its nothing different from others in some cases others are much better if you get chance please talk to present students. Time did not permit for me last year to go hard on their process of admission of this school as they did not do any test/interview on the child in fact did not even met the child but the decision was made. I wanted to write mails to all pastors both India and abroad to all linked Jesuit telling them about the process and file complain with RTE but had tied up with work. Before I end one thing was noticed is agents play an important role I could see one particular person meeting rector with different parents I presume it’s a agent whom they directly deal. This person used to walk directly to the cabin next to reception in rectors office and wait.

    All the very best for your children’s admission.may God bless childrens with good education and health,


  4. savitha.k says:

    Sir/madam can i now when are u issuing the application form for LKG. My son age is 4.9 months that is 17th jan. 2009 . Can i now whether he is eligible for the LKG seat. can you reply me

    thanking you


  5. KAVITHA.M says:



  6. Annie says:

    HAI i do want to know when does the addmission starts for 5th std


  7. Gursharan Singh says:

    My four years 1949-1952 were the best years of my life. The value learnt then still form the basis of my daily life. Attending the church enriched my life and strengthened my life’s value and continue to this day.

    My admission in 1949 was more an accident as the seat reserved for my cousin was given to me as he was found to be not eligible for admission.

    Fate is strange

    OBA of SJBHS are welcome to call me if and when in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


    Gursharan Singh
    116 Jln Hujan Manik
    Oversea Union Garden
    Klang Road 58200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


  8. divya says:

    hi , nice to meet you , why do you pefer bishop than st joseph euro school pls let me know as i am trying for my son for lkg this year.


  9. balasubramani r says:

    hai sir i m balu im in tiruppur niyar coimbatore your school sportswhoor t shorts and loyours banians rekuverment pls cont my cel,09442532001,balu


  10. Pratibha Motagi says:

    respected sir/madam,

    my son is born on 11th sept 2009. im looking out admission for my son in st joseph for LKG. Pls inform me whether they are issuing the admission form…



  11. Sir/Madam

    I stay in tilak nagar and looking for my kid admission for L K G class for 2013-2014. Currently he goes to kidzee play school for nursery. His DOB is 21st Nov 2009.

    Can you please update me if admissions are open? are you people giving out the Application form, could you please send me the details to me


    anthony Reply:

    tommorow (04/jan/12)application will be issued by school


  12. tejas kumareshan says:

    Hi, i want to be admitted in st. Joseph .For 8th std now i am in 7th .


  13. farha says:

    i just want my son got admitt in this school. please give him seat.


  14. Ayesha says:

    I want admission for u.k.g plz give me the details of admission and fee


  15. sharanu says:

    Respected sir,

    I want to know the admission procedure for st. joseph’s… I have heard that getting the admission here is very tough. kindly let me know what are all the procedure involve



  16. raji koshy says:

    you have mistaken, next to Malaya is St. Josephs Indian High school, (sslc syllabus) this is St. Josephs boys high school on museum road this is ICSC school.

    Malaya hospital plot belong to St. Josephs Indian High school – this building was constructed by the students and old boys during the 75 years (Platinum Jubilee year) and leased out to Malaya hospital …this is for information, earlier it was the school playground.


  17. Bilas Kumar Raut says:

    Respected sir,

    This is regads to the admission procedure for st. joseph’s -Indian and European. Also, is there any pre schooling or Primary. I have heard that getting the admission here is very tough.

    kindly let me know what are all the procedure involve including the timeframe and fee structure.




  18. Reena says:

    what is the free structure & admission fee for First std, timing, transportation availability and its cost to drop & pick up the child from 80 Feet Rd, Banaswadi.


  19. JOSEPH ARUN says:

    Dear father,

    I have tried a lot for the admission to V Std – 2010-2011 for my son J. Galdinus Stephen, Unfortunatly I could not get it since there was no Vacancy.Hence I admitted

    him in St Josephs Indian high school. I want him to get admitted in St Josephs European as it is a dream of mine & more over my son deserves for it.

    He was the best out going student from Cluny & you can also see his performance of the academic year 2010-2011 too.

    Father sincerely request you to give him a chance by conducting the Oral / Written test which he will come through.


  20. Prithvi says:

    i rather prefer bishop Cottons than Josephs


  21. Pramila says:

    Respected sir,

    I want to know the admission procedure for st. joseph’s… I have heard that getting the admission here is very tough. kindly let me know what are all the procedure involve?


  22. Murali Sundaram says:

    sjbhs is best out of the lot, Accomodative but very strict. Students and Teachers though being high.But you should have the auro as soon as you enter the school premises in Schooling hours.

    I think to rate this school in the last of ten. It is not appreciative. Last year 5 students went on to clear the IIT exam. 100% pass rate with 90% ofo see. the students scoring more than 90%.

    What else one need tosee.


  23. bharathi says:

    please tell me the fee structure of st.joseph school, i try this year for my kids. but they have rejected. i wanted to join him that school, so i again put in nursery next year i want to join him, please inform me the fee details of that school
    thanking you


  24. BHARATHI says:



  25. maya says:

    Hi all,

    Please can anyone give the feedback of Whitefiled Global School.


  26. shikha says:

    i want to know the admission procedure 4 st. joseph’s… i have heard that getting the admission here is very tough…how much donation do they ask for..


  27. Sophia Chander says:


    This is my dream school for my son to study but it was shocking that they closed admission for Kindergarden.

    Can anyone tell me are they truely opening admissions for 1st STD next year. As i heard they would give admission only from 4th STD.

    And how do i get an admission as i have not tryed anywhere else for my son.

    Thanks & Regards


  28. VKB says:

    25 in a class. No way. At least 50 till my kids passed out from that school. No change as yet.


    Rida Reply:

    Class strength has gone up to 60/class.


  29. Rans says:

    Any reviews for this school please? I’m relocating from UK and would like to admit my son to 3rd grade in this school- Does anyone know whether they’ll have a Hindi assessment or are they lenient as relocating from abroad?

    Any suggestions/help much appreciated,



  30. sheetal lal says:



  31. reuben says:

    did any one know why st.joseph has closed the LKG Section this year?


  32. Uma says:

    you are correct Himanshu. I did the same, called them for LKG admission 2010 they said they are going to have admissions for 1 std from 2010. Did not try in any other schools for my kid.


  33. Himanshu says:

    I called them up for LKG admission 2010. They said they are closing LKG from next year. surprising !!!


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