CMR National Public School, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore

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CMR National Public School is one of the better known schools that enjoys Dr.Gopalkrishna’s patronage and protection.
CMR Jnanadhara Trust run it under his guidance. It was started in the year 1993.
The philosophy underlying the school is one of the fusion between “the doing” West and “the thinking” East- a synthesis of the best of both.

Name of School

CMR National Public School, Bangalore

School Address

#2079, 2nd Main, 3rd Block, 3rd Stage,
HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar,
Phone: 080-25440693, 080-25440854
Fax: 080-25424433


Medium of Education





CMR Jnanadhara Trust

Class Strength

25 per class


Nursery to 10th Standard

School Type

Day School




  • They have only science stream at the Plus II Level. The Children have a choice between Biology and Computers. English, Physics, Maths and Chemistry are compulsory. Computer Education begins in class I.
  • The school has a well qualified computer teachers constantly upgrade their skills.
  • The Science lab is big and roomy and the students get hands-on experience from class IX onwards. We have a well stacked library and a librarian who is an absoulte whiz at locating facts, figures and books.
  • An 800 Seat auditorium provides facility for assembly, competitions, seminars and cultural programmes.
  • The Games and sports facilities include those for basketball, volleyball, throwball, athletics and indoor games.

Curricular and Co-curricular Activities

  • 800 Seat auditorium provides facility for assembly, competitions, seminars and cultural programmes.
  • The Games and sports like basketball, volleyball, throwball, athletics and indoor games.

Contact Details

Enquiries: Contact the Office.

Phone: 080-25440693, 080-25440854
Fax: 080-25424433


N.A (check the website for more details or contact office)

Map Route



47 Responses to “CMR National Public School, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore”
  1. Faiza says:

    I’m looking for a good school in terms of teaching for my ward with affordable fees .
    Can any one please suggest me one.


  2. Generally I do not learn post on blogs, but I wish to say
    that this write-up very compelled me to check out and do
    so! Your writing style has been amazed me.
    Thanks, quite nice article.


  3. Sakshi says:

    After reading the reviews about the school – staff, infrastructure and fee & hike in fees year on year. I have decided to drop this school from my list of preferred schools for my daughter.
    Thank you parents for your honest and valuable feedback.


  4. Rani says:

    I m new to Bangalore.. Can any 1 suggest some good schools near Kalyan nagar or Frazier town area


  5. Hari says:


    I’m new to Bangalore and I stay near to NGEF layout. Can you please suggest me the best school.



  6. ExParent1 says:

    A blog is an effective medium of sharing experiences (on something) and has become one of the most commonly used reference checkpoints in today’s society. More and more literate people, before finalizing on decisions refer to blogs / posts, to assess correctness of their impending decision.

    Keeping in view this fundamental requirement, I wish to share my first hand experience with CMR National Public School (CMRNPS) where my ward underwent schooling for one complete academic session (2011-2012) in Upper Kindergarten. Needless to mention, I have now pulled him out from CMRNPS.

    1. First and foremost this school has an absurdly high Teacher: Student ratio. Especially in grades like Kindergarten and Preprimary, where kids undergo rapid mental evolution (being formative years) and where personalized attention is crucial – CMRNPS operates with a teacher student ratio of 1:40. Please don’t be misled by their Brochures – irrespective of tall claims, the reality remains that your little ones are huddled like flock of cattle, once inside school premises. Naturally therefore, if you expect that your son / daughter would be coached and groomed properly by teachers, then that would remain as a never fulfilled illusion.

    2. Boring, non-innovative curriculum and outdated teaching techniques.

    3. Unhygienic, shabby classrooms with substandard fittings and fixtures (please do not expect modern learning aids like Educomp and digital boards).

    4. No co-curricular activities – the school has one concrete playground which also has a basketball & volleyball court. That is for the higher grades (Std I to Std XII). Imagine the plight of 1200 odd students who have to share one play area. For kindergarteners, all what this school has to offer is a dirty sandpit having few swings and slips. Under all possibilities, your little one would develop contact dermatitis (skin allergy), simply because of the compromised hygiene of children’s play area.

    5. Untrained, arrogant (often abusive!!!) Class teachers: None of the teachers possess skillsets and patience levels necessary for handling kindergarten students. They are very rough when it comes to classroom interactions, often leading to classroom phobia in kids and given the fact that one teacher manages 40 odd kids on an average, they do their jobs without any energy or enthusiasm. Parents, there are few teachers in Upper Kindergarten whom you need to take special note of — they are by all means capable of causing collateral damage to your little ones.

    6. No first hand / real evidence of any connection with National Public School (Bangalore): This institution propagates that it’s a sister concern of NPS Bangalore. You would find mention of Mr Gopalakrishnan and Mrs Santhamma Gopalakrishnan in the school brochure, as being chief mentors. However during the one year that my ward was a student of CMRNPS, I have never seen any of these individuals participating in any school function / program – which obviously raise doubts regarding their real involvement. My conclusion therefore remains that CMRNPS is a completely different educational institution, with some kind of commercial linkage to National Public School, Bangalore. In other words, I have not found this school to be anything more than a namesake relation of the original National Public School.

    That’s all I had to record about CMRNPS.

    For parents, who are considering to admit their wards to this institution, request you to do thorough research before finalizing – else probably you would also walk the same way as me – finding a different school after completing one session!!!


  7. amit says:

    you are 100% correct. I am facing the same issue. My Son is currently going to this school but not any more from the next year.


  8. amit says:

    I admitted my son this school last year (2011) and will definetely be pulling him out this year. Due to the cemented ground kids get hurt every day and they have bruises all year long. They are really bullying/fooling of there name and nothing else.

    I can say 100% with my experience you should put your son for many reasons 1. Waste of money 2. Waste of his time 3. Inconvenience to parents 4.No Infra/No Games/No music/No dance/ No Special attention. They are just same age old government school.They don’t even send SMS/Mail for anything you just have to go there and enquire even in the urgent situations. They Hike fee like anything. They take all the fees in the terms of tuition fee no admission fee so you have to pay every year more than 95K + 20K for bus.

    The principal and staff are very rude to kids and they make them sit on floor.

    For god sake and to save your kids future don’t put your son in this school. God Bless .. they are fooling people.


    sundar Reply:

    Hi,i was supposed to enrol my son,but i have changed my mind and thanks for your valuable feedback


  9. Venky says:


    i am trying to seek admission for my son for 11th and 12th. he was in ICSE till class 8th and IGCSE in class 9th & 10th In aboraod. we are now re locating to bangalore and would like to seek admission in CMR juniopr colleage. could some one comment is it a good option as he would like to go for CET once he finished 12th. Not withstanding the fees increase, intrems of grooming the student for Enggineering, is this a good colleage? thanks for your comments


  10. Alia says:

    Sameer, Thanks for posting this comment. This is exactly what is happening with us. My child is in Montessori-3rd year (CMR NPS) now and he use to love to go to school but lately he hates to. He says that he is been ignored in his class by his class teacher and very often he has some new teachers to teach him wherein they claim that they have the same teacher teaching them for the first 4 years of Montessori. From the year 2011 they have also increased the students in each classes with an additional teacher (so its like 2 batches of class in one room which is so bad and confusing for the other students). Students are ignored most of the time and parents don’t even have a clue of what is going on with them and their studies. I myself regret for having him waste 3 years of my child’s precious schooling with CMR. I am looking for a better school option can anyone suggest me a good school. Next year my son needs to needs to be in UKG.


  11. shk says:

    guys,teaching method is gud in this school.but the fees structure,oh my god!!! can afford to pay,but in return there is nothing in return u get.playarea is not of extra curricular,apart from basket ball.but no other choice,they start hindi only in !std. so when you opt for other schools children will b lacking is parent teachers of parents not encouraged to discuss problems.


  12. Frustrated Parent says:


    CMRNPS is an average school. Nothing fancy about it at all. My kid has been studying in this school for the last 3 years. Fees has increased from 55K to 94K in 3 years. For the quality of education they provide, they don’t deserve to get more than 50K. To keep students from leaving the school, they keep fee payment deadline as 2nd week of March. Since entrance exams of good schools happen in April/May time frame, parents are forced to stick with this pathetic schools. My sincere advise to parents thinking of this school – Please don’t. Take an exit while you can. This school is a joke.


  13. Ranjitha says:

    I studied in this school. This school really tortured me. The teachers still give me nightmares. They used to beat me and compare me to the ‘bright’ students in class. Please don’t put your son there. I am successful now, after my folks realized that the problem was with the teachers and the school and not me.

    You could try the better schools around this area.

    I am an English teacher and trainer now and no thanks to the awful teachers at CMR.


  14. sheema tabassum says:

    please do let us know can we obtain a seat for 3rd std CBSE syallbus. my daughter has studied in Muscat ( Oman)


  15. RAGHUNATH says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Iwould like to join my son in 7 std are there any possibilities of getting admissions in this school,can u tell us abt
    the fee structure?Will be waiting for reply



  16. indian says:

    for the I class , thisyear fees is changed to 93000 + books fees of 1000 + dress + bus fees ~10000

    I am sure the the school has good relations with some bigwigs in government … otherwise how can they get away with such loot …

    Motessori fees in the name of someunknown sreekrutha scool
    school books in thename of escola etc

    parents bea aware and dont get cheated by the CMR NPS..its just a dracula sucking money from your pockets..


  17. Prabhu says:

    Though the teaching method is good but it’s standard are equivalent to other good schools. You need to be ready for paying higher amounts every year. Not sure why the management is so crazy in increasing the school fees every year. My kid is going to this school for the last 3 years from LKG, fees has increased by 100% now from what we had paid 3 years before. It is scary & we are now in second thought of continuing in this school as the value proposition for the money being spent in this school is missing now. With this amount of money, there are other better schools. One has to spend time in searching for better school with more value for money.

    Many parents are dissatisfied with the hike in the school fees every year but nobody is bothered to come forward. We cannot blame them too as many are busy with their professional life.

    You can decide on putting your kids – Standards are ok (as I have been through a very good educational system at Chennai at a fraction of the current cost where my kid is undergoing) but very very expensive. Attitude is also not that good as there is no intimation on the reasons for hike. Our decision will be to pull out our kid by next year (as we cannot pull the kid now – these guys are smart as they dont publish the fees before the last date for filing the application to stop the kid for the next year of study).


  18. Job K J says:

    I would like to join my daughter in the 11th std. for humanities, is this group provided by this school, and also inform the electives options along with this group.



  19. madhusudan says:

    hai this madhusudan my brother yashwant is studing in jain international 10th (cbse)wants to join a cbse college in bangalore so i want to know the acadamics of cmr and nps colleges


  20. krish says:

    Fairly a good school. fees increase is going to be there. May be 20% compounded every year as per todays practice. management is keen in increasing the fees and drive out many of senior teachers so that they can recruit some new faces by paying just half the amount. Making money, maximising the profits is the mantra of the new MBA brain managing this school.


  21. Sameer says:

    This is the worst school ever I came across. It was my bad luck that I admitted my son to this school. The teaching is below standard. They only know how to discourage students than to help them in study. Initially they will tell that parents no need to do anything at home, but as time passes by, they will call parents and ask to teach at home else they will not be responsible for the child’s inability of reading or writing. Then after that for each small thing they will call parents to tell to teach at home everything. If we will teach everything then why we are paying huge amount to you. So think thousand times before going to CMR NPS.


    ria Reply:

    can u please help me by sujusting whether CMR NPS is gud in 11th n 12th coaching .i’m to take admission there please help me


  22. rajan says:

    CMS NPS is good school, for people

    - Who has money
    -Who has no time to search other schools
    -Who crave for tag NPS

    the teachng is similar to most of the so called common schools around the place. they increase the fees 10-15 % every year and in fact you need to sign forthat clause in the admission form itself. if one joins the kid in montessory or lkg , again in 1 std , they change the fees by huge amount ( this year fro 2011 1st std admisssion they increased fees from 66 to94 k ) and again new admission form and fee procees..

    As some one noted in the blog , its sheer lack of time, and vicinity of the school ,many parents keep their mouth shut and continue the wards.

    the class rooms for nursery and montessory are normal.. no big screen or digital class rooms etc.. even then theycharge 90+ for montressory classes.
    it pains really, when we have to pay.. and have no conrol..

    this is more worst of looting . better start the kids in new schools which charg less and teach better


  23. sheema says:


    I would like to join my son to UKG , Please provide me with the fee and other details.



  24. PP says:

    I was planning to put my son in CMR NPS in UKG. After the initial round of interview and test, a seat was provided for him. But the fees has gone upto 1,00,000/- pa. I seriously have concerns to put him here or search for another school.

    If 1,00,000 is the start, I am fine, but year on year increase in fees will be a killer.


  25. sujatha kintumalla says:


    I would like to join my daughter in class 5 and my son class 1

    please kindly let me know the admission procedure


  26. ritika says:

    my son is 4 years.i want to know about some good school.where teaching process is good.


  27. avik.tan says:

    Hi Parent123

    Can you let me know about the extra curricular activities at CMR NPS, especially rounds sports, music, etc.



  28. Shwetha says:

    Dear Parents,

    After reading all your views/comments or rather complaints/regrets about the schools,fee and value for money statements, i have come up with a decision to teach your young kids in my institute and teach Maths and Science in a very different approach.
    This approach is adopted in schools in U.S and U.K which make their basics very strong.
    A brief Into abt me: I am working as a Mathematics Faculty teaching from Grade 5 to Grade 8 (C.B.S.E and I.C.S.E) in a reputed institute.
    I am trained in this ACTIVITY BASED TEACHING approach.

    For further details you can contact me at +919008085794
    or can mail me at


  29. ssimha says:

    Hi All,

    I was planning for son coming year 2011 in this school. Was not able to decide it on.

    But, thanks to Parent123 as said, it depends on parent to parent what is their expectation from the schools.

    As long as envirnoment, teaching is good and travelling distance is less we should go for it, and also if you are able to afford the money ;-)


  30. Parent123 says:

    My son studies here. I find the environment good. The teachers are fine. The teaching approach is also good. The school is very disciplined, very organized and the fees is a little high. But i think every school has some good things and some not-so-good things!! As a parent, we must decide what are our top 3 expectations from the school, and choose the appropriate one. The definition of a good school varies from parent to parent. For some, a good school is one with a big swimming pool, hi-fi co-curricular activities like horse riding, etc … For some a good school is one where the teachers are less strict,etc… For some, any school is good as long as it is walkable from home, etc.. For some, they prefer a school with a big play ground, etc.. Some people choose a particular school because of the brand value and the respect they get in society. So there can be many such definitions and none of them are incorrect!!! It is upto the parent to decide what is appropriate for their child :)


  31. Parentof11thclassstudent says:

    We are planning to join our kid in 11th class in CMR NPS.
    1) How is the school Administration, Fees, Teaching Style, Handling teenage students, Pressure in the school, Integrated IIT Coaching with BASE.
    2) compared to National Public School, Indira nagar- which is better? CMR or NPS, Indiranagar?

    3) We are looking for a humanistic school where parents and students are treated with dignity and are listened to.

    any information regarding these is highly appreciated.


  32. shankar says:

    If you append to be near Bannerghatta road, I strongly recommend BGS National Public School. I am a parent and many from our appartment are going to that school. All parents are very happy and children like to go to that school


  33. uma says:

    To All,

    The school is money makers and want the parents to pay whatever they are asking to pay.. this is what happening to me, my son is studying here and wants to change the school, but as Unix explained earlier we dont have enough time to search for another school as all the admission are already over. we don’t have any other option except paying the huge fee,,what is irritating is that they are giving the notice only 10 days before that too hugh difference btwn last year and this year fee, more that 50% they have increased the fee. we need to 70000 bucks which we dont know what is the use of it


  34. Babu says:

    Can you tell me how was the experience in this school. I am planning to put my sun to this school next year. He is two years now and want to put him in to the montessori . How is the school and how do they treat the kids. Do they have co curricular activities.


  35. Karthik says:

    I would not recommend this school . I believe in Value for money.
    Like many parents, i wouldn’t mind paying for education, but only if it is going to help my kids get good basic education. And if you are also looking for it, lookout for better school. Though we have hundred’s of school, it’s sad that we have only a few that provide good education.
    I wish we had more of such schools like St. Joseph’s Indian High School, Baldwin, Kumaran’s , Frank Anthony, Bishop cotton, Stella Mary’s, PoornaPrajna etc.. Almost all the new schools that we see these days are more of a business houses than education institutions and it’s understandable considering most of them being managed/run by politicians. It’s important to understand, paying high fees wouldn’t necessary mean that your kids are gauranteed good and quality education.


  36. unix says:

    What that miffs me about this school is the way the school hikes its fees. There is a significant fee hike from the montessori, ukg to first standard -26K. The information about the actual hike comes very late. More irritating is the fact that you need to fill a new application form in order to get it to the first standard. The application form contains a lot of unconstitutional terms and conditions (basically the parent willingly agrees to any fee hikes in future). Unless you fill it and submit it immediately your kid is not guaranteed to go on to the first standard. This to me is completely unfair and one sided is a kind of black mail .
    The school management expects the unwilling parents to find another school in 2 weeks! There is no opportunity for the parent to seek another school as the admission in most compatible schools have closed. The school is so late in letting the parents know about the fee hike but there is extreme eagerness in getting the signed applications from parents.
    Quite unethical.

    Btw I have no complaints about the standard of teaching. But parents should be ready for such shocks if they are to get their kids in this school.


  37. rebecka says:

    i am glad i chose this school, the admission process was handled very well.. i was extremely impressed with their professionalism… many schools are just hyped… i went to Bangalore international were the form alone costs 750 rs… and i had to wait for a long time watching the staff play the fool like teenagers….. until a senior staff asked them to hand over a form….
    CMR is a great choice…. i am very happy i chose this school…..


  38. Nadira says:


    I would like to join my daughter in 5th STD. Could you kindly let me know the fees structure & procedure to get started.



  39. John A.R says:

    Respected Sir/Madam,

    I would like to join my daughter in III standard. Kindly provide me with sufficient information


  40. rebecka says:

    I am going for an interview for my daughter as i stay very close to the school. But after having read some of the views i am having second thoughtd about the school, I hope i am making the right choice. Education Is not as important as my childs happiness… I am sad as who ever i ahave asked has told me not to put my kid here…. but i am looking at the distance, as we stay a stone throw away… really confused????


  41. Balamurugan V M says:

    Pls update the fees structure for LKG admission for the past 3 years(2007, 2008 & 2009)


  42. Vijay says:

    Hi Can you tell me the fee structure and if they charge extra money in the middle of the term


  43. VIDHYA says:

    It is a good school.My son is in II std there. They identified and brought out his talent. Teaching method is really good.I am fully satisfied with the school and i got admission for my second son this year.



    Rashmi Reply:

    Hi, Vidhya!

    My son has just got admission to LKG in CMR-NPS..I saw your comments and just wanted to know a little from you about the way of teaching in KG classes … is it very traditional ( lots of HW & studies) or do they have some extra-curicullars also? What kind of extra activities do the KG kids get to do?

    I would really appreciate your inputs. We have yet to pay the fees and want to be sure it’s the right decision.

    thanks & regards,


  44. Jawa says:

    Any recommendation about the school? I living near by and planing for my son


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