Clarence Public School, J.P. Nagar, Bangalore

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Clarence Public School made its humble beginning in the year 1986. Through the years, we have seen a remarkable growth and today the institution is rated as one of the topmost institutions in Bangalore – South. As is the concern of the parents, the institution emphasizes on two facets of education: Academic Achievement and Discipline. The Institution provides quality education from Pre-Nursery to the Ninth Standard through I.C.S.E stream and the Tenth Standard through I.C.S.E & S.S.LC The School environment promotes discipline, independence, interdependence, a love for learning and a sense of social responsibilities.

Name of School

Clarence Public School, Bangalore

School Address


4th Phase,

Bangalore – 560 078

Ph: 080-26583172 / 26584245



Medium of Education



I.C.S.E and S.S.L.C

Class Strength

25 per class


Pre- School to 10th Standard

School Type

Day School


  • A well equipped library to cater to the needs of the students and an extensive reference section where students can hone their general knowledge.
  • Laboratories for science where the students can put into practice what they learn in text books.
  • A sophisticated computer lab and an audiovisual room with internet facility.

Curricular and Co-curricular Activities

  • Pupils are helped in developing linguistic intelligence through creative writing, public speaking etc.
  • They learn contemporary music, which help in developing their tonal mind.
  • Drawing and sketching helps the students to develop a sense of space, mental imaging and actability to think and to express their artistic abilities visually and creatively.
  • Bodily skills are developed by dance, theatre in education, sports & athletics.
  • Logical thinking is also integrated into the curriculum by mathematics.

Contact Details

Enquiries: Contact the Office.

Phone: 080-26583172 / 26584245



N.A (check the website for more details or contact office)

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43 Responses to “Clarence Public School, J.P. Nagar, Bangalore”
  1. TestKing says:

    Well – I was here some weeks ago for my son – Pre-KG – the fees is high for the 2015-16 academic year

    Donation/whatever – 1,20,000 maybe inclusive of the Maintenance Fee
    Term Fee – 5500 per month – 66,000 annually

    what was surprising was that they gave a forecast of fees for the 2016-17, 2017-18 academic years as well!

    Forecast fee for 2016-17
    Maintenance fee – 10000
    Term Fee – 6000 per month – 72000 per year

    Forecast fee for 2017-18
    Maintenance fee – 10000
    Term Fee – 6500 per month – 78000 per year

    my only reaction was WTF! the fees is increasing exponentially year on year! and they have the f*kin balls to forecast it now itself.. and still mention that its tentative! (could be more for all you know – for it will never be less!)

    I am not sure of the quality of education imparted – and if it is really worth the price tag – any inputs?


  2. Suresh. N says:

    Is it really required to pay such a huge fees and join these type of schools.

    If the Child is really good in studies they will study even better in Government Schools.

    They are pretty e.g., where Abdul Kalam, Visweswaraiah have studied in Government schools and became world famous.


  3. Anand says:

    I have got the interview dates for CPS.How will be the interview process and fee structure for 2014-2015 Pre.K..G admission.


    sheshadri Reply:

    In 2013-14 session Clarence is asking donation in CASH for 1 LAKH 10 thousand and then 15000 as yearly admission fee and then 60 thousand yearly tution fees. Note that this 15000 + 60000 will be repeated year after year with 10% hike each year. This is plain loot. Every year they are making close to 50 crores of black money just be fleecing parent for nursery admission. God save this country where the institutions are so corrupt!!!


  4. BS says:

    I am looking for 2014 – 2015 pre-kg admission. Can any one share fee structure?

    Howz student teacher ratio?


  5. tomchi2 says:

    There is no reference to Innisfree School in JP Nagara in

    Since this is school is in JP Nagar Area posting this (Mods Please move this as necessary).

    Assuming most of you might have explored around JP Nagar, any real feedback on Innisfree is greatly appreciated. We are contemplating among the options that we got.


  6. sujatrha says:

    i have got admitted my son for ukg in clarence for the academic year 2013-14.i would like to know the strength of students in each the kids get individual attention? do they develop any kind of complex ?


    Neelima Reply:

    Hi.. my son is in UKG this year.. they get excellent attention from the teachers and absolutely no pressure..Hi teacher.. Mrs. Prabhavathi is very patient and approachable. I’m not exactly sure but they seem to have about 30 students per class and two teachers to handle them.


  7. prathap.p.n says:

    hai this is prathap i am plaqning to join m son for u.k.g what about the admition fees and monthly fees and any chance to reduce in admition amount tell me .


  8. Zuleika says:

    American teaches suohld avoid this school at all costs! The living conditions during training are terrible at the Nayarit school and you are required to teach 20-30 hours per week for free. Then if you leave, they put you on their website blacklist. Again, don’t be lured by their website claims!


  9. Deepthi says:

    Did you join your Kid to Clarence ?


    sudha Reply:

    My daughter will be 2 year 4 months by this june, so she will not be admitted in this school.


  10. Prashanth says:

    Clarence has increased the Fees structure for year (2013-14) Pre-School

    Admission Fees – Rs.90,000/- Non refundable
    Monthly fees – Rs.4500/- Per month
    Annual Maintenance fees – Rs.6000/- ? Nill
    Shoes + Uniform + Books + Others @ extra COST…….

    Is anyone joined for this school in 2013-14


    San Reply:

    Looks like Monthly fees is not used for ‘Maintainence’.
    Was there any logical explanation for charging such high fees?

    Did admit your kids?
    Please provide further inputs.



    hegde Reply:

    we 2 had been to this school.they didnt allow us to have a tour inside the school asked to fill a registration form and gave us a dtd for coming mth as have to drop in along with child but wont be gvn a reminder call.Review abt this school is good but donation is too high.really confused wht to do….


  11. Prashanth says:

    We had interview & Head Madam asked kid to come near by to look!
    asked what is your name? Do you like chocklates & gave one asked do you want another & gave one more.. later asked few questions to kid to check if can communicate easily.. thats it said your kid can join now to our school..
    Fees : 90000 + monthly 4500 + bus 1000 + school books /shoes/clothes /etc

    We later visted St paul school also got admission form . thinking where canwe join our kids …
    Fees : 56000 + 13000 * 3 times + bus + books + shoes + dress
    St paul says when kid travel Onsite can get 1 year free leave & later can join back school as offer swimming pool but can shift from isce to cbse anytime or take transfer to other presidency schools..

    both school gave 2 days of time to pay cash only payment.. as this is unaudited amount to school growth..

    any comments


    Neelima Reply:

    My son joined in clarence last year. We had been to st.pauls before we joined him in clarance and the principal in st.pauls scared us out of our wits.. She wanted a three year old to know how to write letters and numbers 1-10.. for god’s sake if he knows everything by 3, he would not need to join a school, right? And she was so strict, said he needs to sit quietly without any movement as long as she talked to us. I dont think a 3-4 year old needs that kind of pressure.. for that matter at any stage of their life.


  12. praveen singhi says:


    pls let me know the necessary details admission in junior k.g. and nursery,basically the fees structure and when can i collect the admission form.

    with regards,
    praveen singhi.


  13. Prashanth says:

    I am staying near by shool , wanted to join my son to Pre Nusery what is the school fees. please let me know
    How is the school for new kids !


    sujatha Reply:

    i have enquired in almost all the schools in j.p.nagar n surrounding area.this by far seems to be the best school.even moderate schools with average infracstructure charge quite an amount for admission etc,etc,etc………… i know the fee structure is high but its worth the money.


  14. Subha says:

    Please update Fees structure for Financial year (2012-13) for LKG with complete details


  15. MANSI says:






    TestKing Reply:

    Well – they forgot to teach you the basic etiquette for writing – dint they? All caps?

    I am also quite “a lot” amazed at your grammar skills! and can gauge the education imparted when you cannot write a decent grammatically correct post on a public forum..


  16. nitint says:

    Help me for the project my question is what should be written in the acknowledgement coloumn .


  17. rekha says:

    i would like to send my daughter to a cbse school, she wl be 5years 10 months on june 1st seeking 1st std


  18. Parthasarathi CK says:

    My Daughters is studying their frm 8 yrs it is very good School,And Exellent Education,


    Sameer Reply:

    Hi Parthasarathi,

    I am planning to move to Bangalore in the month of May or June this year. My daughter is 6 yrs old and currently studying in UKG in Pune. She would be moving to 1st Grade this year. I heard lot of things about Clarence Public School. Can you give me more information on the School. I will be highly obliged and much appreciated if you could give us the pros and cons of the school.

    Thanks and with regards



    Raja Reply:

    Hi Sameer,

    Have you admitted your child in CPS??? I would be shifting to Bangalore in May / june and admitting my kid in UKG. How has been your experience??

    Best regards,



  19. Prakash says:

    As I am staying near to the school,the school infrastructure is good, teaching is good,yearly result is good and old school since 1986.I joined my sone for PKG in clarence school.


    Manjula Reply:

    My son will be 3.9 by june 2012. kindly suggest whether he will fit for Lkg or Pkg? also would like to know the fee structure.. thanks


  20. worriedfather says:

    The first impression that I have got from this school is that they are only interested in the money….AND that’s all they care about…totally money minded people…I would never step into that school ever again


  21. aditya says:

    im aditya
    im a student of this school from 10 years
    It is a very good school with well QUALIFIED teachers and other staff.
    it is a very good school with van facility and other requirements.


  22. Divya says:

    NOT GOOD..


  23. Ashok says:


    I am planning to join my kids in this School. could anyone please provide feedback.



  24. RevathiS says:

    Very good experience thus far. I guess it is a function of the principal and the people above.

    Wonder why I did not put my kid from pre-kg here! I passed on the admission then!

    My thought on what is a “good school” is that it is a very complicated one to define correctly and completely. My few pointers below…

    1. The kid must on his own love to go to school. (Very important!)
    2. The school must look at education from a holistic perspective (academics, hands-on, participation, sports and other extra-curricular, culture, discipline in a positive way, social skills, etc)
    3. Much like the principal, the teachers are very important. One good teacher can make a lot of difference. Likewise a bad teacher! The language teachers for some reason tend to be the latter
    4. Teachers and principal must be accessible and listen. There is always something cropping up when children are in primary.
    5. Children should not be expected to behave like adults
    6. Children should be loved, encouraged and taught. No put downs.
    7. Understand Child psychology and be flexible
    8. Hygiene factors (open space, lots of natural light and fresh air, good clean toilets and wash)
    9. Corrective / preventive actions when an issue is brought up
    10. Does not increase your cost unnecessarily.
    11. Doesn’t keep asking money under some or the other pretext during school year.
    12. Tighten the screws slowly with every grade in a positive way


  25. Ramya says:

    Hi, I am Ramya here… wanted to know thw Age criteria in Clarence…my son will be 3.7yrs as off June 2011…will he be eligible to get into LKG??

    pls suggest


  26. Sonal says:

    This is indeed a very very good school. I must say that its a very child and parent friendly school where parent’s thoughts and suggestions are given importance and valued. Principal is also very good. And everything is transparent in this school. Teaching is v nice and not much burden on the kids.
    This school is upholding academic excellence and holistic development of each child.


  27. Sarfraz says:

    I am looking to admit my daughter in Pre-school and wanted to know which one is the best when compared with Cambridge Public school. Also can anyone tell me what’s strength of the class.


  28. nisha says:

    my son is studying their frm 3 yrs it is very good.


  29. soumya says:

    Very simply and straight forward, submit applicaion form and they will fix an interview with the child and if the chld is selected then right away they will admit the child. Very organized.


  30. Pradeepa says:

    Any feed back on this school from anyone? We are looking for school for my son in and around Bannerghatta Road.Any info will be helpful.


  31. sweetdsp says:

    Clarence has increased the Fees structure for year (2011-12) Pre-School

    Admission Fees – Rs.70,000/- Non refundable
    Monthly fees – Rs.3200/- Per month
    Annual Maintenance fees – Rs.6000/-
    Shoes + Uniform + Books + Others @ extra COST…….



  32. Dr Jyoti says:

    I would like to know the procedures of admitting my daughter in your school in standard IV . Therefore if you could kindly intimate me regarding all the necessary requirments to be liable to get admission in your school, also please give me the information regarding fee structure and possible transport facility and viability from BTM II Stage.


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