The Samhita Academy, Off Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

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Located off Bannerghatta Road, The Samhita Academy (TSA) has a nice and quiet campus located on a 6 acre land.TSA believes in working with parents for the academic, physical, and emotional development of children.

School Name
The Samhita Academy, Bangalore, India

School Website

Survey No.52, Hulukasavanahalli, Sakalawara (near Tulip Resort), Off Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore – 560083

Contact Details

Ranjini Shridhar + 91 90087 90372 , + 91 93411 96220

Ph: 91 80 26490028

Online Enquiry Form

Following National Curriculum Framework recommended by CBSE

Principal Name
Mrs. Champa Saha

Year School was Established

Nursery to Class V

Type of School

Medium of Education

Admission Information
Opening Admissions for Nursery, LKG, UKG and Classes I to V. Will add one higher class each subsequent year to grow up to a high school.

Admission Eligibility

Class Age as on 1st June
Play Home 3+ yrs
LKG 4+ yrs
UKG 5+ yrs
Std I 6+ yrs
Std II 7+ yrs
Std III 8+ yrs
Std IV 9+ yrs
Std V 10+ yrs

School Timings
08:30am to 03:30pm

Fee Details
Admission fee: 25,000/-



Facilities / Infrastructure Details
6 acres campus with Olympic size football ground, basketball court and various other sports facilities. Class space as per IGCS standards. Subject laboratories. Class libraries and lot more.

Additional Information about School
Stress free environment. No exams till class V! No carrying books home! No admission tests!

Map Based Location

samhita academy bannerghatta road

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19 Responses to “The Samhita Academy, Off Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore”
  1. Raghava says:

    Got my son an admission into UKG starting in June this year. I was overwhelmed at how approachable the school is. They seem to clearly know what their vision is and are a grounded institution. The principal Ms Pushpa is such a pleasure to talk to. She gives an immediate sense of comfort to the parent which is such an important thing when looking for a school these days. The co ordinators are awesome too.

    The fee is the same as most other schools 25 k admission , 80 k tuition and 20 bus


  2. amrutha says:


    i am planning to take admission in samhita for my 3 yr old son . i want to know about the fees structure . if anyboby knows pls reply


    Sujay Reply:

    25% more than other schools…


  3. RS says:

    Relax…they just talk casually to you and your child. No interviews. My son is in LKG and we just had a casual talk with the principal.


  4. Deepa says:

    hi suresha,
    what happened in the discussion?? how old is ur kid?


  5. Deepa says:

    I want to put my kid in samhita in LKG, but they r telling no seats & then age criteria is also strict(as they say). My son turned 3 yr this sep, so by june he’ll be 3.9…I am quiet interested in putting my son in samhita, how do i go abt it, can anyone guide me… Are the age rules really so strict(it does not makes sense to put a 3.9 yr old kid to nursery instead of LKG just bcoz of these rules).
    Apart frm age seats prblm is also thr. Most of the reputed schools tk admission only in nursery, when the kids r quiet small & we think of putting them in a nearby school only, in LKG no seats. Do we hv better chances in !st std ???


  6. suresha says:

    I got a call for the discussion for my son nursery admission. please let me know what they ask in the discussions


  7. Kavitha says:


    My son is 9 years old and studying in St.Pauls English school at JP Nagar 3rd phase, he is in 3rd standard . I feel somehow syllabus is tough and he is not able to concentrate . Could you please advise me how is Samhitha Academy?


  8. Girija says:

    Hi, Samhita academy has admissions open to grade 3.You can visit the school anytime b/w 9am to 3:30pm.Application form can be downloaded from website and can be submitted in the office.The entrance test will then be given to the child.


  9. sorabh jain says:

    I am seeking for admission of my kid in LKG whose DOB is 20th Aug 2008, will that be constraint in getting admission in samhita academy ?



  10. koodli says:

    What are the fees at Samhita Academy ? I am looking for 7th std admission for my son for the next year. How is the school ?


  11. padminihegde says:

    Hi …. can anyone provide feedback and information about Samhita academy? (admission, fees structure & other facilities etc
    I want to enrol my 3 yr old daughter to playgroup1 next year


  12. Anju says:

    hi,my son is studying in 4th std in Samhita academy.We are very satisfied with the school since it provides alround development of the child not concentrating only on the academics…teachers are really friendly & co operative…


  13. shashi says:

    My son started going to Samhita Academy this academic year in UKG. He loves the school and his teachers. The student-to-teachers ratio is about 12 to 1. In his class, there are about 21 students and 2 teachers. There are 3 divisions in UKG each having 2 teachers. For pre-primary, there are only assessments and no written tests. However they are assessed on ongoing basis. The teaching method is quite nice as well. We had our first PTM last weekend and it was very satisfying. I highly recommend the school.

    Btw, the principal’s name is Smt. Kamakshi Jayaram . She is very approachable and loves to speak to parents. As of now, school has till 7th standard.


  14. Raj says:


    Can anyone provide feedback for Samhita academy? Preferably someone who has the his/her child in that school.


  15. GayathriNarendran says:

    Have you admitted your kids in this school? What is your opinion about the school? We are exactly in the same status as you. We have 2 kids whom we want to admit in 4th and Nursery in this coming up year. Pl. tell us about the teachers/teaching methods/importance to Co-curricular activities like dance, music etc.



    annu Reply:

    Hi can u give an update on this school …do u have ur kids in samhita academy if so then did u like it ??


  16. s_harsh says:

    Hello, can anyone provide feedback for Samhita academy? Preferably someone who has the his/her child in that school…



    I am recently transferred to Bangalore.My elder daughter is in 3rd std & was studying in DPS. I want to enroll her in 3rd standard and younger daughter in nursery.
    Please inform availabiliy of admission, fees structure & other facilities.


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