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At Kara4Kids children’s learning experiences are designed to make each child feel there is a reason to learn; that someone cares what they discover, is interested in their creations, wants to hear their point of view. Kara follows custom designed learning.by.design methodology.

School Name
Kara 4 Kids, Bangalore

School Website

Address (three branches)
HSR Layout

Jayamahal Extension

RMV II Stage

Contact Details
Mobile: +91 98441 45454

Email: info@kara.in

1. Pre-School Learning Alliance, UK

2. Association for Childhood Education International, USA

3. British Association for Early Childhood Education. UK

4. Alliance for Childhood, UK and USA

Principal Name
Katherine Rustumji

Year School was Established

Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Reception, LKG and UKG

Type of School

Medium of Education

Admission Information
Rolling admissions based on availability of seats.

School Timings
8.30 am to 12.00 pm 8.30 am to 3.00 pm 8.30 am to 5.30 pm

Fee Details
Bangalore Branch Fees Details can be found here

Facilities / Infrastructure Details
All details are given on school website

Additional Information about School
A new concept in preschool education custom designed to meet the needs of the Indian context, without compromising on international standards.


Kara 4 Kids Bangalore


15 Responses to “Kara 4 Kids, Preschool – Montessori, Bangalore”
  1. Malar says:

    Hello all, I am not sure abt expereince abt normal kids but parents of special needs kids please stay away from them. They take a lot of money in the name of shadow and most of time Ayahs work with them. Special Educator Savita is more business minded that child focussed who suggets all therapies under her wing to all kids without deciding which kid requires what. They take money on the name of 1:1 therpay and do group therapy for kids which is absolutely rubbish.


  2. Padmanabhan says:

    we moved back to India last year, the company that helped us with the relocation [ SantaFe - beware of their advice on schools ] suggested Kara or Neev, but neev was not open for admissions so we put our daughter at Kara. Our daughter used to go to play-school happily earlier, but it was not the same , she used to cry a lot when we left her at Kara. One day my wife went to pick the kid a little late and found the carer yelling at our daughter. We pulled her out of the school the same day, and put at different play school [ we were lucky to find a new one the same day]. Our daughter is all happy again.



  3. sonia ganapathy says:

    this school gets the maximum votes and still it is the lowest rated school, wonder why, is kara that bad, I do hear a few people talk good things here, are they part of the kara management. just my few cents


  4. Shivali says:

    Hi all,
    My Son is going to Kara for last 3 months………………I find Kara very Hygienic & professional……..The staff is very enthusiastic & always smiling……I guess below are the rumors & haven’t felt anything like lack of safety & personal touch.


  5. Sonali says:

    My son is 5+ and goes to Kara for last 2yrs. Since I have lived at many places and have shifted my son to 3 different schools before putting him to Kara, locally & internationally my feedback is a comparison from the rest.
    What I like about the school is personal care, hygiene which is far is better then any other pre school I know of in Bangalore! They keep a close watch on each child’s personal & academic development. Staff & teachers are very friendly & approachable. The atmosphere in the school is pleasant & welcoming for a child to feel secure & at home. They are good with creative activities….
    What I want them to improve upon is academics by incorporating few books as they had agreed upon for more structured curriculum, some outdoor activities & frequent field trips since they have no campus; to revisit their fee structure or provide after schools activities as part of their curriculum with no extra cost!!!
    Finally, its a good school if you are looking for your child to grow up happily without the fear for school & academics and learn in bargain…


  6. Kavitha says:

    Dear Sridhar and R, if the day care centre is so good why is it rated the lowest in this site.


  7. deepak s says:

    i had horrible experiences with kara4kids.very high fees not justified,katherine claiming “foreign” methods which is all rubbish. we have gone to good schools too but this is a complete eye wash.staff are very rude and no human approach in handling children.money minded and impersonal school. not recommended at all for parents who want to provide a loving,caring atmosphere.


  8. jblakshmi says:

    Hello all,

    Whatever little I read and heard, don’t think Kara is a better bet. Especially with their tussle with parents in the court etc. Am sure all’s not well with them. Just my 8 annas.



  9. jayalakshmi says:

    Mr. Sridhar and R, am sure you both have posted this under duress. Kara’s management is in a damage control mode asking parents to write good things about kara after having lost three cases in the consumers court. The name of Kara has been spoiled beyond repair. Just google kara4kids Bangalore or katherine kara4kids and you get to read so many bad things about kara. Well am sure this most of this is true. So as a concerned parent I would ask ppl to refrain from Kara.

    Good luck parents and would be parents


  10. prerna says:

    I was a little surprised to see the gushing responses about kara in your website. I have been sending my child to this school(hsr branch) for the past 2 years and have found them seriously lacking in many aspects like safety and academics. Despite the high number of caregivers children are often neglected or left to fend for themselves, while there is no regular curriculum. Whatever acaemics is taught to children there, is below standard and not suitable to their age. Even the food is not served properly at times and the portions insufficient. The only saving grace is the daycare, which is why I have decided to continue with the school. Given a choice I would have shifted to another school.


  11. Sanath says:

    We had a very bad experience @ Kara. Katherine repeatedly made promises of ensuring that the children were taught something. But even @ 5 years+, my child was unable to write a, b, c & on investigation, i fuond that the children were only given paper cutting activities in school. To justify her stand, she would always say that they are following the American system in India! What about admissions to school? No answer. Katherine used to make big statements of teaching the children how to read/write not just English but Hindi as well. She would ask us to write blogs & do our bit to promote the school. In fact, Kara is just a daycare. Its not even hygenic, since my child kept getting worms, etc. Katherine in fact has no idea what is a montessori/how a child should be taught. Its a typical case of a foreigner coming to India & we looking at them with awe.
    Katherine, I’ll now do my bit & tell everyone abt your school & the un-trained staff.


  12. ConcernedParent says:

    I was considering Kara for my daughter and I liked what I saw but my only concern is lack of enough sunlight in the rooms. Even the outdoor play area is in the basement.


  13. Pratham says:

    The fees is so high I wonder how can anyone justify that kind of money for a KG/Nursery. You will end up spending few lakhs even before your kind enters a primary school. Since Kara doesn’t have primary school, you have to go thru the pain and cost of enrolling your kid to a primary school.


  14. Sridhar says:

    My son graduated after two years of pre-school in Kara. (HSR). It has been a transformational experience to see him grow up while at Kara. Firstly the care by the teachers is real as they never let up for those two years. They allow the child to explore the world being themselves. Never push them into things they don’t enjoy. They are very creative in the activities they conduct. An added bonus (which we did not ask for) was he learned a lot … including numbers, letters, speaking English etc.

    The negative side to Kara is … they want to charge too much. Every year they hike fees (this year I believe they are asking 80-90K). Last year there was a major tussle with parents when mid term they put madatory uniforms with ridiculous cost.

    Not sure at what point their value is over taken by excessive fee structure or is their intent in jacking up the fees a way to screen out average-medium income households.

    Except for that, will say it’s an A++ school.


  15. R says:

    Both my daughters go to Kara and they love it. The teachers are knowledgeable and very caring. The support staff always has ready hugs and smiles for the kids. I could not be happier with the school. I would like to see more extra curricular activities (dance, hindi, art) offered during the day care hours tho’. I believe this is in the works at most campuses.


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