Gear Innovative International School, Off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

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image Mr. Srinivasan is the Founder and   Chairman of GEAR [Gifted Education And   Research] Foundation, Bangalore. This school applies the principles of gifted education to develop every child into a gifted child. The concept of this school is a school beyond walls.

Name of School

Gear Innovative International School, Sarjapur, Bangalore

School Address

GEAR Innovative Intl. School
GEAR Road, Doddakannelli,
Off Sarjapur Road & Outer Ring Road,
Bangalore 560 035
Tel: 080 28440919/17


Medium of Education







Pre School and grade 1 to Grade 10

Class Strength

approx. 25 per class

School Type

Day and Boarding

School Transport

School bus facility is available


Neither students nor the teachers carry any bags. Notepads are provided to the students.

Students need to file their papers according to the subject instead of carrying bulky notebooks.

Chess is encouraged as a time-filler game.during small breaks. The idea is to encourage each student to concentrate and develop their thinking ability through the game of Chess .

Basket ball : Vision is to enable children from Std. I onwards to learn the game.

The campus is very environment friendly . The amphitheatre is where our daily assembly is conducted with students putting up various shows everyday The stage also serves as the viewing gallery for squash court.

Curricular and Co-curricular Activities

In addition to Squash, Tennis, Basketball, Table Tennis, Dance, Music, Theatre, there are:
Yoga, Shloka & Indian Culture, Visual Thinking & Sculpture, Indian Culture.

Admissions & Eligibility

Pre School : about 2.5 years, no admission test

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Contact Details

GEAR Innovative Intl. School
GEAR Road, Doddakannelli,
Off Sarjapur Road & Outer Ring Road,
Bangalore 560 035
Tel: 080 28440919/17



Approximate transport charges

Anywhere between Rs12,000 to 25,000 for the academic year; depending upon the point of pick up.

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136 Responses to “Gear Innovative International School, Off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore”
  1. Ex Gear Parent says:

    My son was in Gear school for 1 year. In addition to Rs. 55000 ‘one time admission fee’, we paid the annual fees. The vice-pricipal (Montessori head) was extremely rude to parents. The teachers were clueless about how to deal with such small kids (2 1/2 yr olds). My child was fully potty trained when he started going to the school, and I had informed the same to them. But he got so traumatized there and scared of communicating with the teachers, that he would do potty in his pants instead of telling them. Instead of understanding why this was happening, and believing me when I told them about his potty training, their reaction to this was: ‘Your child did potty in his pants in the middle of circle time. It was so embarrassing to us and the rest of the kids’. What embarrassment are they talking about when dealing with such a small child? Is this how teachers of such small children are expected to react?

    I tried repeatedly to get an appointment with the principal to discuss this. The first time I went there, they said that we have to send an e-mail with the topic of discussion. So I sent an e-mail. No reply. Resend. No reply. Resend. Reply that principal can discuss only with teachers present, now teachers are busy, come back in June and we can discuss. Went back in June. Said that now teachers are on leave, we cannot discuss now. Finally I gave up on that.

    After moving my son to a new school, it took almost 6 months for him to recover from the regression he went through when in Gear school. I’m very sad about the 1 year torture he got unnecessarily put through, and very happy we at least came out when we did.

    No return of the admission fee, full refusal to even discuss about this. I fully agree with the money-minded viewpoints, as well as rudeness to parents, refusal to take any feedback.


  2. Jagdish says:

    School’s cbse certification seems to have ended.


  3. nononooonoonononono says:

    by the way there is no one in the hostel now an it sucks


  4. teena says:

    My children studied in Gear for 4 years and looking back at it, it was a very traumatic period for one of them. This school was recommended to us as one which is good for intelligent, gifted kids but have to completely refute that as neither the management or the teachers had any clue about it though they claimed differently at all times. The mental agony and harassment which my child was put through was horrible and we as parents feel the BEST thing we did for our children was pull them out of the school as they have blossomed in great measure, sadly at the expense of 4 tough years for one of our kids.


  5. :-( :-( says:

    CBSE issues notice to private school
    Shruthi H M Bangalore, Oct 8, 2012, DHNS

    The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has issued a show cause notice to an international school in the City for allegedly flouting norms of the Board by facilitating private coaching classes for competitive exams during school hours and for allegedly harassing students by delaying issue of transfer certificates.

    The school in question, Gear Innovative International School, has been directed to give explanations for numerous complaints against the management by parents.

    The parents of three students studying in class XI in the school approached the Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (KSCPCR) alleging that the school has been illegally holding tuition classes outsourced to private companies, during school hours.

    One of the students, Priya (name changed) who enrolled in the school for class XI (for the academic year 2011-12) found that the students were divided into two groups – those who had joined coaching classes and the others who did not wish to be part of the competitive exam coaching.

    Allegedly, the school had been dividing students on this basis and those who had joined coaching classes were sent out of the classroom with no one to monitor them. In a complaint to the KSCPCR, Priya’s parents have stated that their daughter was subject to harassment by a few students on one such occasion when the students were left without the teachers’ supervision.

    The parents have also accused the school principal of turning a cold shoulder when they approached the school asking them to intervene and counsel the students.

    The other student Lavanya (name changed) who was part of the coaching classes group soon found that the coaching was not up to the mark. Three months into the academic year in October, she stopped attending school.

    TC refused

    Speaking to Deccan Herald, Lavanya’s father Ramakrishna said the school refused to refund the fee or issue transfer certificate. After much delay, they received the TC in January 2012.

    By this time, it was too late to join any other school and Lavanya, a science student, had to change her stream of study completely as commerce was the only subject she got a seat for, later.

    In the other student Priya’s case, she lost an entire year with the school delaying the TC.
    “My daughter had gone into depression and I had to constantly monitor her safety,” said her father Yestee Antony. The parents also accused the school management of collecting varied amounts of fee from students ranging between Rs 70,000 and Rs 1,30,000 for the academic year. Not only this, they were allegedly threatened by the school when they approached them for transfer certificates.

    Based on the complaint given by the parents, the KSCPCR sought an action report from the chairman of the CBSE.

    In March this year, the CBSE Regional Officer D T Sudarshana Rao and his team made a surprise visit to the school and reported that the school had been employing same teaching faculty for both Central syllabus classes XI and XII and for the State board PU classes.

    Also, the school had been conducting coaching classes in co-ordination with private companies, during school hours. The officials also reported that there was every reason to presume that the allegations of delay in issue of TC were true as the school had taken off the names of these students from the attendance register ever since they stopped attending classes.

    In June, 2012 the child protection commission passed an order that the school had wronged the students and hence had to not only give the parents written apologies, but also partially refund the fee after deducting fee for five months (till when the students attended school) and pay Rs 25,000 as compensation for harassment.

    The school was also directed to comply with the orders within a month (from June 16, 2012) and the CBSE was asked to immediately initiate proceedings to withdraw the affiliation of the school.

    Parents of the students who spoke to Deccan Herald said the school has not complied with any of the directions and they have not received the compensation till date. CBSE chairman Vineet Joshi assured to look into the matter. The school management was not available for comments.


    AS AS AS Reply:

    That school conspiracy. Help-less management cant take take any action on culprit basketball coach Mr.rao. RAO is block mailing children. He has his agents in canteen & house keeping. Using them he caught lovers in school premises, make them fear use that girl for with his affair. He caught 1 twelth class girl in jan 2012 using his spy and taken her into his control in conspiracy way. He has many affair with that school girls. Dont put ur children in that school as long as basket ball coach rao continue in that school. Ur child danger under sexual harrasment basket ball coach rao & by his conspiracy politics. Management helpless.


  6. Guru says:

    This man should be barred from posting comments and distorting facts.


    Shishya Reply:

    Ah! Guruji,

    Anyone saying the truth should be barred?????!!!!!!!

    This world is not just meant for you alone dear Guru,

    This world is for all!

    By the way… must the ‘GEAR GURU’ ??????!!!! Ain’t you?…..

    The one who thinks the world revolves around him?????!!!!


    Guruji, Haven’t you heard this before???

    “It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time;
    you can even fool some of the people all of the time;
    but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

    Who said that ‘Respected Guruji’ ????…Think think think…..

    lets see if your “divergent thinking” will get you the answer?……..

    Guruji, do you think you can fool all for all time, by just talking and yapping?….

    No…No…No… You cant Guruji….

    Good bye!!!…

    Don’t forget to take the tablets to keep your BP normal..bye


  7. Parent says:

    I have gone through all the reviews before starting the application process with Gear with a thought that every school has its own strength and weakness. We went ahead with the admission process with keeping some positive thoughts in mind.

    But this school had very much disappointed us.

    The principal has very bad attitude and have no sense of talking.. we had a parent principal interaction before proceeding the admission.

    How is the students teachers ratio in M0/M1/M2/M3?
    - response from principal is its none of your worry or business.

    Why you don’t have uniform in montesari
    - response -> child grows very fast in KG section hence we decided no uniform

    Approx 75% of the admission fees is to be submitted in cash with no receipt. On question the answer was given as “we function like this”

    Initially our application was selected for M1 later on during meeting he asked us to join the kid in M0 from this year itself. He told us that there won’t be any admission given for 2013 directly. And of course he came to this decision with no kid interaction.

    To us they seems to be very money minded.

    You can’t ask any question to him like about the school, campus, results… he doesn’t respond adequately to any of the question. According to him his school is best and he is doing the great job.

    At last we decided to keep away from this school thinking if the principal has carried this attitude, the same would be carried to the teachers.


  8. GFGFGFGFGF says:

    Dear Bhagya,

    I’m part of the school team and we were playing against tall 16 year old guys without our three best players, and we still pushed them right till the end. Mr Rao is a fantastic coach and unless you are an extraordinary basketball player, I would advise you not to talk about basketball. Have a good day.


    Ex.Employee Reply:

    One rougue basketball coach.. making that school non-sense.. sense less..


    soven Reply:

    Gar is the best school and i’m a student ! Im proud to say that i am in this school


  9. A parent says:

    I am sure that you are not a “GEAR CUB”. You are Srinivasan’s clone or cousin.
    Dear friend, don’t think that you can fool people by saying that the management of the school is good and the school is a great one!
    Good Schools need Good Teachers. Not unqualified riff-raff. A School doesn’t become great because some student who enrolled in some coaching institute got into some good college. How does the credit go to Srinivasn and the School? It should go to FIITJEE. Right? A School doesn’t become great because some student who had a private instructor won some dance competition. These are the two cases that Srinivasan wants to brag about.
    STOP! THINK! WHAT’S THE SCHOOL CONTRIBUTION? NIL! NOTHING!. Both these children were enrolled in the school to write their CBSE EXAM. That all.
    The School’s contribution to academic excellence in NIL!…..
    Another thing that Srinivasan wants to brag about is Eric Cornell. Eric was in india for two months, and it so happened that he just put his children there to while away time. SRINIVASAN claims that Eric’s children were there because Eric saw the “academic excellence” of the School….Pure nonsense!!!
    These are the tricks of an accomplished CONMAN to get more admissions and get more money!
    Srinivasan’s greed for money is exemplified by the consumer court cases & Verdicts!!!!!!! Mentioned in the review, for all to see….. How does VARUN justify that?!!!! Varun you are not a CUB….Please grow up!!!!…Don’t sing hymns for a CON-ARTIST!!!!!!!!!.




  10. A Parent says:

    Rude Management and Teachers. THEY EYE ONLY MONEY. The teachers in the Senior school don’t know / can’t do the basics. In Junior classes they might be able to manage with some stupidity. Teachers can’t blabber something to the students in Senior classes and get away with it. Can they?
    1. Vector Addition. Physics
    Students doubt:
    If two vectors are equal and at 90 degrees to each other, what is their resultant?
    No Answer from the Physics teacher in Gear Innovative International School.
    2. Chemistry. Atomic Orbitals.
    Students doubt:
    Why is 1s orbital circular?
    The teacher reads the NCERT text twice and says that is not important.
    3. English . Taught by the “Proponent” of ”Multiple intelligence and Gifted Education” – Srinivasan!
    Nautical –Srinivasan goes on to explain the various types of Knots with the help of a string!!!!
    Resin – Srinivasan “Something used in the Kitchen!!!!!Go home and check”..One Student Says “Dry Grapes??…” and our man says emphatically says “Yes…that’s it!!”
    Dear Parents, This is what your children are learning at GEAR INNOVATIVE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. Now decide, is this a good school, or a bad school , are the teachers intelligent or stupid. We have a Principal/Owner who claims he is a qualified English Teacher, and can’t different between Nautical and Knots, Resin and Raisin. Should we allow our children to learn stupidity after paying a lakh or more per year? Decide.


    Ex-Student Reply:

    Having studied in GEAR Innovative Intl. School for 11 years, I can say this is absolute rubbish!
    The teachers are not stupid. They are very willing to help. And Mr.Srinivasan is most definitely not stupid! The divergent thinking classes he conducted for students every Wednesday really got the students thinking and looking at things in different ways. And I will carry forward what I have learnt at GEAR for the rest of my life, wherever I go! He most definitely knows what nautical and resin is! You seem to be getting your information from a very unreliable source. Or your child is just exaggerating and you are falling for it like any other gullible parent.


    soven Reply:

    i believe you!


  11. Attention says:

    Attention Ex Employee comment.

    When ex employee is exposing internal informations is at their own big risk. Who was the enemy of the coach is very easy to locate. Normal contract of school ex employee is 1. salary terms contract 2. confidential agreements and 3. non disclosure of any information about the school. If you make comments you are disclosing that information about the school. It can even lead you to arrested for IT Act as you can check in this GIIS Mumbai and GIIS Singapore case,

    In Bangalore, GIIS Sarjapur has not done it but imagine that the GIIS Singapore law may applicable to Bangalore ex employees also. Here in Bangalore parents are used to filing legal cases because of the way Bangalore local law does not punish them but IT Act is different. A school is home of Saraswati and Mahalakshmi but if provoked it can also be a nest of wasps.


  12. Ex.Employee says:

    its good school..
    co-operative principal..
    Not money minded actually…
    Encourage staff…

    Only one culprit Basket ball coach


    A parent Reply:

    Well…well…well…..This seems to me like a joke….Why did you leave then?. Dear “Ex-Employee”, Please don’t think that the readers are fools. We all know Srinivasan, his wife Savitri, the other lady Seena; [THE THREE IDIOTS] and the other idotic teachers who stick on there, beacuse they have nowhere else to go. It appears you became Ex-Employee beacuse of the basket ball coach????!!!!!!!

    Not Money minded Actually? Eh? Are the running the school for free?. Why does a student have to cough up 1.25 lakhs to 1.5 lakhs to be in this dumb dirty school?

    What about the consumer court verdicts below. Check it out, on the courts’ website. Its there for all to see. That will give you an idea of how money minded Srinivasan and his cronies are are.


    soven Reply:

    shut the fuck up bastard dick head ! go fuck someone dont you DARE try to insult my school! bitch .


    A parent Reply:

    Did the school teach you…….your language?….That’s very impressive Soven……effects on innovative learning at Gear?…..

  13. GearParent says:

    3rd Graders asked to buy IPad!!

    Gear Innovative International school is forcing 3rd graders to buy expensive iPad.

    Many issues with this -
    1, What is computer lab for?
    2. School is making it compulsory without giving parents any choice.
    3. Required to make a decision in 2-3 days
    4. Kids lose one compass/water bottle/lunch box etc every month.. How can we give a 20K+ tablet to them?

    It is quite frustrating to deal with autocratic nature of this family management!


  14. A parent says:




    Dear All,

    Please see details of cases against Gear Innovative International School.


    S.No State Name District Name Case No Complainant Respondent Date Of Judgement
    1 Karnataka Bangalore 3rd Additional EA/58/2010 G.S.S Pavan Kumar Gear vs Innovative International School 23/12/2011

    2 Karnataka Bangalore 3rd Additional CC/73/2009 GSS Pavan Kumar and GVMM Madhavi vs The Chairman and the Principal, 30/04/2009

    3 Karnataka Bangalore 4th Additional EA/2010/155 Rashmi S.Prakash vs Gear Innovative International School 01/04/2011

    In All these cases the verdict went against the School and the School Owner.




  15. Aakah Chopra says:

    1. Broke down tennis court to build house
    2. Partially broke down basketball court to build house
    3. Senior teachers terrible… very high attrition
    –>Senior batch had 5 computer teachers over 2 years
    4. Just before giving TC, demanded 8-11k per student as “fees had been updated”
    5. Take 15k as “caution deposit” … forget about getting it back…
    6. Hmm … can’t visit Principal without appointment… gives only e-mail id to contact and then selectively responds
    7. Second batch of 11th started with 12 students… ended with 7
    8. Most achievements by GEAR in the newspaper were by FIIT students
    9. Basketball coach biased … Most serious about it go outside for coaching
    10. Ridiculously high transport fees … upto around 4km its around 18k per annum
    11. Obstinate staff .. forget trying to convince them about anything
    12. Ridiculously money minded … Batch of fifty students … charged RS800 per student for wonderla when tickets were RS300 (sent only 3 teachers)


  16. Varun says:

    No school will let a new visitor inside without permission!!


  17. Lea says:

    Hi i am very much worried now,GEAR is closeby so we had a thought of it.We paid Rs.800 for the admission form and they called for a principal meeting in 2 days for furthur discussion(This is for 2013 pre school admission).We are keen to know ther fee structures if it is affordable.But still,seeing all the feedbacks i dont like to put my little one thr.

    Kindly share the best school around other than GEAR.Please help me out


    A parent Reply:


    You have lost only Rs 800/- forget it……Don’t go to that school….It is run by a man driven by greed fro money….The SCHOOL IS A STRICT NO….


    A Parent.


  18. Open Mind says:

    For anyone who wants to get the real picture of Gear School please visit
    You can make a very informed choice…

    Choose Gear and this is what you will be doing……
    …..Will full exposure to needless peril…..


  19. Lea says:


    I am looking for a good school for ma son who is 1.9 years now,went to GEAR international as it is closer by our residence but not allowed inside able to enquire only with a lady voice @ security.We hav sent the appln form to them but i am now worried after seeing all the parents comments.Can someone let me know which school is best for my son to start with.

    I could see Geethanjali and New Horizon Gurukul near by.I can see the same kinda review for NHG also not sure about Geethanjali as it is newly started.

    Can someone pls list the schools that u feel best around of sarjapur road or bellandur …



  20. .................. says:

    Ha!…..Are you still there Vaibhav?…..decided to suffer for another year????


    Varun Reply:

    No one suffers in GEAR (for your kindest info)


  21. Divya says:

    Hi All

    I read all ur above comments i m really confused as my husband felt that this schook s really good as per their details on net but after going through so many comments im bit fixed…..we moved from chennai to bangalore after 8 yrs and my son has to go to UKG …can u pls suggest any other school near to eletronic city….as well as hwz Ebenzer international school and Sri Chaitanya International school…pls give ur suggestions it will be helpful…thx


  22. Maansi says:

    For those who want to know more about what the children do at GEAR pl visit thsi site which talks about their workshops. Hope this will help.


  23. Maansi says:

    Hi Parent of an Ex student of GEAR

    I can understand you are frustrated with the school for reasons best known to you but please refrain from calling people ‘cousins’ or ‘clones’ of the proncipal. This is a public site where everyone is free to express their opinion. i can see you have lamblasted everyone who has written well for GEAR. Well does that make you a mole of other school? Maybe you are disguised principal hired by some other school??? Ever tghought of that? So please , request you to refrain from making personal remarks. Let us all keep this clean public site where everyone is free to write their personal opinion about the school and not about other parents / posters. Thank you

    PS – by the way, i am a parent whose kids study in GEAR. I also , like many, had multipe apprehensions earlier. But later i realised they are all hear say. If i see my personal experiences with my children , its excellent. Their 10th class results are also very good and by the way , the topper in IIT JEE from Blore is from GEAR. The winner of presidents award 2011 is from GEAR. Finally its a call each parent will take for his child.


  24. THANUJ KUMAR says:

    My child was studying at Kundanahalli ROSE, they gave lot of wrong promises and cheated me for around 2 lakhs. Now i am taking them to court and the administration is very rude. I had interaction of one good person by name ARUN who is vice president to GEAR school. I had discussion with him on the way i was cheated, he said he will discussion and you know what ARUN said, GEAR is not properly co-operating with him to provide details and he is helpless. Now you should understand don’t get deceived just by website. If any of you need to valid, please email me at thanuj_tk @ yahoo dot com. I will provide all the details and also you will be hearing from me the legal proceedings against the school.


    Open mind Reply:

    Dear Thanuj,

    Arun mentioned in your comment is ARUL. He is not a VP he is the Principal of Gear PU college in Gear School Campus. He works as Srinivasan’s trouble shooter. He is not good as you think. Arul is very cunning to give you the impression that he is a soft spoken guy. I know this guy Arul. Don’t get duped again. Don’t discuss any of your plans with this Arul. He is so sincere to Srinivasan, since Srinivasan feeds him. He is a useless teacher, and the school uses him for all dirty work. Arul is really a crook. Arul is one of the guys who do the “feet licking” for Srinivasan. Go ahead and sue the school. I wish you all the best.



  25. vabs says:

    To all that ill just add 1 more think. This is my second year at gear and mark my works ur child or u will repend later as to y my child goes to such a school
    The principal broke down the tennis court to build his house. Broke the basketball court to build his house. The coach Mr. Rao, is a big fat idiot. The school has 3 spies and they also use children as spies. The principal does nothing for the school but ya buys a Audi A4 for his son and a mercedes C class for himself.


    Varun Reply:

    Ms/Miss Gear parent PLS dont post wrong things its all not true


    GearParent Reply:

    I wonder why there is no discussion forum provided for parents to interact with each other and share experiences openly. There used to be a Facebook page but it did not allow posting comments by members. Openness and transparency will help to bring common understanding.

    We are not even told by school about food menu, teacher names, change of teachers, class strength, major updates (like school construction etc).. There is no newsletter no forum.


    Varun Reply:

    PLS dont post wrong stuff RAO sir is not FAT
    Just say u have not seen him Ms/Miss VABS
    The principal has also built a better tennis and basket ball court next to his house (better than the older one) baskets with fiber glass. One of the best!!
    Everybody needs a house Ms/Miss Vabs
    He gave away his old house for the school hostel!!
    There are no spies in school this is GEAR INNOVATIVE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (for education) its not GEAR INNOVATIVE INTERNATIONAL SPY AGENCY
    (For your kindest info, he dint break the BASKETBALL COURT!! the people concerned for widening the road just made the court a bit smaller for widening the ROAD)
    This Year he just converted the basketball court to a Synthetic Tennis Court and built a better
    Basketball Court Next to it.


  26. Rakshit says:

    Hello I would like to ask whether there are admission for 11th in giis? If so where can i get the form and what would be the fees structure?


  27. Priyanka says:

    Hello everybody,

    my daughter is almost 2yr 2 months, i have to put her to a school,but iam confused with the school.. where to get her admission done… can any one help me with there experience. I stay in marathalli and i dont want my kid to travel much.

    Thanks in advance for your response.



    Parent of an Ex Gear Student Reply:

    Dear Madam Priyanka,

    Fair that you don’t want you kid to travel much, but Gear will be a wrong choice. Slick Marketing is all you will find there. I have pulled my child out of Gear! Teachers and Management are very bad. There is no management in fact! Its owned and run by the Principal and his wife. Please stay away from this School.


    Parent of an Ex Gear Student


    charu Reply:


    I have alos moved my child out from this one. From academic point of view I never had any concern, but their behaviour was very rude towards parents.
    But , I hear lot of appreciations in terms of their weekly worksheets. My child is moving to Grade 1 and I hope I have not missed that!!

    How do you feel when you are out of Gear?


    Parent Reply:

    How about the money which you paid? did u get anything back?


    mithi Reply:

    Hi ex gear parent,

    Which grade is your child in? Can you let us specific problems you have faced in this school. The school website looks very promising and their focus on concepts , Multiple Intelligence and weekend worksheets appears to be very good. Your inputs will let us know the right picture.


    Ex Gear Parent Reply:


    1. You seem me like the clone of the Principal????!!!!!!

    2. How can you decide if the school is promising by looking at the website? Yes The School only promises….Never Delivers…..

    Specific problems.

    1. No Trained Teachers – Teacher Attrition…No good Teacher stays in this school.
    2. Multiple Intelligence is just an eye wash. The Principal himself is a multiple stupid.
    3. Rude attitude of the Principal and Teachers towards parents and Kids.

    Point 1 above is enough reason for anyone to pull the kid out out of the school…………………..My kid joined another school….

    and I found this poem (if you can call it that:-), on one of the note books…..
    GEAR – FEAR.
    Money, Money Money…..thats the only philosophy…
    Overall this School………… just mockery….
    Its run by Seena, Savvy and Srini…..for them to make merry…
    and they call it a different methodology!

    Varun Reply:

    Ms/Miss Ex Gear Parent

    Slick Marketing is not at all happening here. That’s what you think and its wrong.
    The managements is also really good!!


    abcd Reply:

    An ideal teacher can’t work with Gear , They are playing with the feature of innocent children .Srini is Greedy , mannerless , money minded , cheater

    Ashish Reply:

    I am looking for a good school near marathalli ORR or Sarjapur road. Please suggest a good school.



    Please stay away from this school. Don’t get deceived or cheated. I pulled my son from GEAR ROSE where by mistake i got admitted my son. They gave false assurance and cheated me and the worst is they spoiled my childs career.


  28. as says:

    my children are in Gear and as far as study is concerned, its one of the best in bangalore. Their methodology, ways and the effort they put in is quite creditable. The best part is that the children are encouraged to open their mind. no rote learning method. i have never seen any of their question papers in which they are required to mug up the text and then reproduce it.its always application oriented.
    the teachers take great pains to clear the concepts,
    education wise its very very good.
    however they need to improve their infrastructure a little. they have some plans but it might take another 4-5 years to complete.
    overall very good school.


    Parent of An Ex Gear Student Reply:

    Dear A.S.,

    Are you sure that Gear is really a Good School?
    Than you have fallen for the slick marketing by the Principal-Owner.
    “Multiple Intelligence & Gifted Education”
    How many students left the school?
    How many teachers left the School?
    And what happens in the Senior Classes?
    How many teachers are really qualified?
    Are you aware?
    Just because you saw a Question Paper that required no rote learning, doesn’t mean the School is good “Education-wise”.
    Please look around and discuss with other parents.

    I Presume you are not a clone or a cousin of the Principal, typing out a Good comment and then to make it look nice to others, taking on the the infrastructure of the School???!!!

    The Infrastructure is pathetic by the way.



  29. Dakshyani says:

    The school is trying desperately to be one of the worsts schools in Bangalore.

    1. Homework sheets are not taken. If taken, not corrected.
    2. In the name of practice children are made to stand/sit in hot sun while the teachers enjoy shade
    3. Instead of sports, children are shown movies in the computer room while the sports in-charge makes money in some other school
    4. Principal makes way to construct house inside school facility.
    5. Teachers poorly paid and hence often children mention either nobody came to teach or some new teacher (read as trainee) took some other class.
    6. Unpaid/Low paid teachers from their own teacher training institute are used as trainees from teacher perspective and teachers from parent/children perspective
    7. For ‘talents day’ parents are asked to hire costume (isnt it a no brainer that its easy for the school to arrange costume for all children)
    8. Fees for the entire year is taken upfront in Feb/Mar
    9. New lessons are given as homework (for parents to teach).

    Excellent place for teachers (read as housewives) to make some peanuts instead of staying at home.


    Parent of an Ex Gear Student Reply:

    100% Correct!


    Varun Reply:

    0% Correct!!
    I am a Gear cub i know better!! :)


  30. supriya says:

    You are right Bhagya, that coach is pathetic. He never takes interest in sports.Neither coaches the kids. We wish he leaves the school but no luck. This year I have planned to take my child out.


    Parent of An Ex Gear Student Reply:

    Dear Madam Supriya,

    Why only the coach? What is not Pathetic about the School? The only think that is not pathetic is the Fee! That is big and fat!!!! Everything else is!!! I have pulled my child out of there. So have many others. A lot of other parents are planning to…



  31. supriya says:

    You are right Bhagya, that coach is pathetic. He never takes interest in sports.Neither coaches the kids. We wish he leaves the school but no luck. This year I have planned to take my child out.Totally disappointed.


  32. supriya says:

    We are very disappointed with this school. We had put our child thinking that sports (Basketball is a part of the curriculum.We had returned from abroad and were looking for a school with good sports also Gear promised alot but failed to deliver.Academics any school in Bangalore is the same except NPS.

    We have found the reason for the failure of the school in sports. That credit goes to the so called sports In charge Mr. Rao. He never coaches the children. The MITA/summer camps is a sham.

    Can you believe he does not take the children for the matches.Only relies on the sr. team which comprises of 10std children mostly who will be out of the team. No succession planning at all. If questioned blames the principal saying that he does not permit.

    Principal sir, please get this man out. Your school will get a name in sports too. We will be satisfied for the money we are paying as school fees.


  33. Vish says:

    What is fees structure for Mont 3 @ Confident Gear School in Sarjapur
    Admission fees: ?
    Annual Fees: ?
    Transporation for 5 KMS : ?


    :- Reply:

    Vish, You are making a big mistake……..Please don’t go to that school….Don’t Put your Kid there……..Its not gear… they claim….Its Reverse Gear………I am parent of a kid there…..and the amount of Pblms that I had to go through….I can’t imagine…..


  34. Bhagya says:

    It used to be good school for parents like me who are interested more in extra-curricular activities.
    But i moved my daughter out from the school around 3 years back as the new sports coach is least interested in sports. Just saw him yesterday at a sports meet, no wonder he is still in Gear and his team lost bitterly (little surprise).
    If you dont believe me read TOI sports section today. btw my daughter’s team won ;)


    parent_grade4 Reply:

    Hello Bhagya which school have you put your child in to ?


  35. fb says:

    Please write about the teachers job satisfaction of this school…..teachers please reply


    Sumathi Reply:

    Keep away from this School…..
    If you are a trained teacher try elsewhere….
    Its easy to get a job in Gear….
    Since the School does not follow and guide lines…
    I know a teacher who worked there…and she told me her story….


    ramya Reply:

    I too worked there. My GOD…its very bad experience in my life.Gear is the most worst school. Plz parents and teachers keep away from this school.


  36. Honest says:

    As, much has been said and done I would like to say that it is neither all positive nor all negative about this school
    1.This school focusses on MI or multiple intelligences, It is not just a speech but it is practised in the school
    2.The school does not believe in rote learning. The students do not mug up but they are tested on the concepts they know.So they write only 2 or 3 sentences as answers and there are no essay questions being asked.
    3. They have 10 English words everyday to analyse and 5 maths sums to do everyday which increases their speed and vocabulary in Maths and English
    4. There are lot of assembly activities and almost all students take part in that.The students are trained to face the audience and speak about what they know.
    5.They have test every Monday which tests their ability in Maths, Science, Creative english,innovation etc.
    6. The students are given worksheets every Friday which is not just copying from the text and writing but analysing and presenting.
    7.Chess is promoted in the school and most of the students play chess really well. There is a full-time staff to teach chess.
    8, Children are asked multiplication tables every week in the assembly.
    1. The school’s infrastructure needs attention especiallly toilets and laboratories.
    2. The booklet system which the school follows is a mess since students do not maintain it well and tend to tear the papers from it.
    2.The classroom atmosphere is an unrestricted one where each child is free to do what he/she likes and this causes lot of indiscipline in the class.
    4. Students are not trained to write essay type answers, and since the school is affliated to CBSE this may be a problem when the students reach 10th grade.
    5.There are no strict rules in the school and the principal only believes in inspiring the children to do and not forcing to do(this results in some students studying while others may be work hard).


    Varun Reply:

    u call yourself HONEST???
    And you post all wrong stuff!!
    what a name??


  37. Gear Child Parent says:

    Be prepared to pay more in Mont 2, near to 50 k + Transport extra. Also i feel quality teachers are not available. My son goes to Kundanahalli branch and i hear from son small children keep crying everyday, so at the end of the day i feel our children are not learning as M0 to M3 are grouped together here. I have my in-law son who goes to DPS who are of same age, i can’t compare to him because of poor quality of teaching at GEAR. Let me see the improvement this year.

    I feel if you find any other good school, please consider


  38. Rajee says:

    I paid 60K for Mont 1 and 45K is annual fees.
    Why differences, are they cheating us?


  39. MR says:


    For Mont 1 we paid 50k as one time admission fees and 35k annual fees. No uniform. Transport is additional.


  40. Boby says:

    Hi all,
    I am from Muscat, Oman and was at Gear School recently for my childrens admission to 7th/ 11th. We have to deal with only the security officer and a remote Madam on the phone. We were not allowed to see the school premises and were looked at with suspicion. This is not quite an approach i would expect from an “internationl” “open” school


    Harry Reply:

    Hi Boby,

    Please read all the comments and critiques below before you make any move on selection of schools for your children. There is enough for you to make an informed choice.



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