National Public School (NPS), Koramangala, Bangalore

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NPS Koramangala, LogoOne of the most sought after schools for its academic record. Located in the heart of Koramangala, it offers a good choice for parents looking for quality CBSE education.

The school conducts admission test for most of the grades and it attracts a huge number of interested parents.

Name of School

National Public School, Koramangala, Bangalore

School Address

National Games Village,


80ft Rd, Bangalore 560047, India


<does not exist>

Medium of Education





Kindergarten, I to XII (1st to 12th)

School Type


Year Established


Student Teacher Ratio



Approximately INR 60,000/-

School Timings


School Transport

Bus facility is provided


Small playground, for major competitiosn they use TISB (sister school) ground


National Public Schoo (NPS) Indiranagar

National Public School (NPS), HSR Layout

National Public School (NPS), Rajajinagar

National Academy for Learning (NAFL)

National Public School (NPS) International, Singapore

Extra Curricular Activities / Creative Arts / Sports

Focus on academics more than extra curricular activities.

Admission Details

Next to National Games Village

80 feet road, Koramangala,

Bangalore – 560 047

South India

Email   :

Phone: +91 80-25705171

Map Based Location

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NPS Koramangala Bangalore Building

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56 Responses to “National Public School (NPS), Koramangala, Bangalore”
  1. kiran says:

    Hi everybody

    This is about NPS viveknagar during 2005 I wanted to put my son there I was making note in my calendar and calling up school to check when they were issuing application form because I was desperate for putting my child there finally with great difficulty stood in a Q and collected the application form paying Rs. 500 or Rs. 700 I dont remember exactly, filled and submitted and awaiting for the results but my son was not selected and I dont know the reason.
    I was not disappointed for not getting the seat in that school but for not spending Rs.0.50 ps postal card or max Rs 5 by sending a letter after collecting such huge amount for an applicaion form this showed my the name and fame of the school during those days.


  2. kavitha says:

    the Md, Gopalkrishnan is very rude and very bad person, he only does business, staff also speaks very bad words to the childrens, parents beware nto to put childrens to any of the branches of NPS school.


  3. kavitha says:

    Yes you are right, Gopalkrishan is very rude and very bad person, he only knows to do business not give education to the childrens, his staff also same as him, they only want rich childrens and rank students, so that they can retain the Top school Tag.
    Be ware of parents, no to put your childrens to NPS of any branch. all staff will speak very bad workds to childrens, harrass the childrens.


  4. kavitha says:

    My freind told that this school harases childrens,if they are not performing well, they only keep the students who are doing good in academics, if they see students not perorming well, they trouble them and send them out of the school only keep top scorer so that they can maintain thier Top school Tag.

    There is no good play ground, no good facilities in teh school it is only the Name tag which has come from Rajaji nagar branch from long back now the staff is also not good, they behave very rudely with the childrens. they give lot of home work to home, childrens will not get the study at home only they will spend time in writing hoem work. teaching is also average.

    they want to keep only rank students so that they get rank to the school, haras avergae students and tell them to look for some other school inbetween the academics, it is bery dangerous to put the childrens to anyof the National public school. parents beware.

    school intension should eb make the avergae students to rank students, not that making rank students to get rank. when we ask this they say they are doing business not any charity.
    the management, Md also very rudly speaks with parents.
    it is better not to put childrens to this school.


  5. aj says:

    Try Gear Innovative


  6. srav says:

    hi saro my son is 3 yrs old n i m a doctor.plz suggest me abt admission into good school in bang plz.


  7. Sas says:

    We are planning to send our daughter to nursery or montessori next year as she will complete 3 years in May. I got a mixed feedback about NPS both online and offline and therefore thinking about going ahead for this school for my kid who is very active, imaginative and inquisitive by nature. She loves to play, loves to listen to story, loves to have fun!! Will NPS a good choice for her!! I don’t want to add ‘study’ as a burden to her at this age. … I am little confused, can any experienced parent please help me?


  8. sreya says:

    we went to NPS HSR for enquiring about admissions of nursery for our child .The security was talking for 10 min on phone .After asking twice he reluctantly looked at us n called the office n gave the phone to us n we were told the date not yet decided n jus the phone was hung from the other side.If this is the manarism they show what r they going to teach to the coming generation?

    Jus maners less organisation n high headedness,only the propsperous parents r giving this hype to them.Everyone should boycot them so that their behaviour becomes normal to the kids n parents.


  9. shashank says:

    If you regard for your child’s welfare and also if you regard for your self respect, try some other good school. NPS is well known for its arrogant staff, arrogant teachers, non-transparency, no creativity and self development in its students, just hype. Their trick is to carefully select only meritorious students to get good marks in exams. A huge complaint list against this school is seen often.


  10. Ankitakumar says:


    I would like to know the fee structure of NPS.What NRIs have to pay as against the local residents.



  11. Venkat Rao says:

    I have no idea, how she is teaching children, she can’t even speak good english, if you are referring to Mrs. K M Reddy. Oh boy!, I haven’t seen such a worst behaviour in any mont teachers, they should be showing some minimum culture in behaving to parents, and anyway, how can we expect that if she behaves badly to little ones.


  12. simu regmi says:

    good morning,
    i am Simu from Nepal… i have just finished my 10 board i was searching school for 11 and 12…i saw your web site ..i liked can u plz mail me the other requirement and from when the new session is going to start..


  13. Reshma says:

    My daughter got admission in NPS last year to the Montessori, and I was very happy. Once, she came crying from school, she complained that her teacher Meena has tortured her. I checked about her and everyone was giving bad feedback. I didn’t want my my kid to be spoiled and so, putting her to another school this year.


    Sreedhar Reply:

    Are you talking about one Mrs. Meena Reddy? I also interacted once with her to check my son’s progress. She is a very arrogant and adamant teacher, I always wondered, how could she make a happy learning experience to the little ones!!! She was using some abusive language too with me, and I am afraid whether she uses such words to her students.


  14. shakira says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am very much interested with your school. Planning to admit my son. He is 2years old. Please tell me when should get admission? and tell me the procedure? Play school is necessary? Please revert me…


  15. BIjay Kumar says:

    I applied for admission to LKG for my son into Calss – LKG for 20011-12 in Oct’2010 at NPS, HSR Layout . On enquiry at school in Jan’2011, it was told to me that admission is already completed and who have been selected have been called for admission . I wonder the transparancy of admission process . Also , you will get to know this at security gate – intercom only. I was not allowed to go to reception also.

    So, my experience is funny selection process and school envirnment as scholl is not open for talking with parants and functioning like corporate entity . In my opinion the child will also learn same concept .It is better to look for good school culture amd morale .


  16. veena srikanth says:

    my son is 5 yrs 10months (jan 17th 2005 born).He is a US citizen.
    i want to seek admissions for my son to 1st grade.can the concerned person (staff of nps) plz reply to when the application form would be given for the year 2011- 2012..academic year.plz respond with regard to this……thank u
    veena srikanth


  17. Ramya says:

    My son is 2 years 8 months old… i am looking for Admission in school for Nursery.


  18. Babitha magesh says:

    my name is babitha.we r planning to take admission in nps.pls can u tell howz the school,about teaching ? wat they will ask in interview fr LKG ?


  19. deeparamesh says:

    my name is deepa.iam in london.we r planning to take admission in nps.pls can u tell howz the school,about teaching ? wat they will ask in interview fr year-1 and 2 ?


  20. Anonymous says:

    Well, true and false. The calls were made on Friday 19th and the interviews were done on Monday and hence closed on Monday and for some who did not have a draft ready immediately, will be closed today.

    At least this is what happened with us. I received a call on Friday intimating a time on Monday, where they were a lot of anxious looking parents. Found out that they had a lot of Interviews scheduled in the day. 15 minutes per ward, maybe even lesser (could be 2 in the same slot), which means in 8 hours, they could have completed the 60 for KG1.

    I heard gathered that the Montessori (30 wards) were indeed closed for the year already, but was different for the Sasken branch (for which the calls would still be before 24th, as the school closes for Christmas).

    Bottom-line, for all anxious parents it has got to be before the 23rd or before, for this year’s admissions.


  21. srao says:

    To all you folks who want to put your children in NPS, think carefully. I studied in that school from 1962 to 1973. I had the worst experience as a child and was brought up in a regimental fashion. The school is what it is today because of students and not because of the school teachers/policy. One of my friend’s daughter was not faring well in studies. NPS gave her a transfer certificate at grade 10 and asked her to leave in 2008. They practice this routinely and it is small wonder why they get 100% pass results. Having said that, there is no perfect school and at the end of the day, give your children a good environment to study at home and if required, give tuitions & select a school that your child will feel like going to. I get preference for a seat at NPS as I am an ex-student, but I did not put my child in NPS. NPS also does a fine job of marketing itself by regularly inviting the media and showing off achievements of it students and not reporting how many were kicked out of the school in the earlier years. So take care and good luck.


    kkk Reply:

    Just want to know in which school hv u put ur child? I want a good cbse school in east bangalore.. can u give my any suggestions.. after seeing ur review, i am shocked to hear abt nps..


  22. Chia says:

    I am from Delhi and did not even know a school with this name existed till I shifted to Bangalore….A friend’s son is studying in NPS in LKG & almost every second day she has to leave office to attend to one or the other complaint from the teacher…if they cannot handle even LKG kids by themselves, what are they worth! As for the so called hype about academics….DPS / Kumaran LKG students are way ahead in their curriculum and personality development than the NPS students! I pity Bangaloreans for trusting in a wierd opaque organisation like this and allowing it to hype itself!


  23. Rishi says:

    Here is my experience with NPS HSR:

    - Moment I walked in, the lady at reception was continously on personal call and let me wait for 10 mins
    - Moment I asked about admission forms, she was giving me gestures as if I did some crime by approaching her. She rudely asked me to enquire later.
    - She did not allow me to check the school classrooms / labs (not even escorted; btw classes were off by that time), whereas other schools feel happy and proud about showing the school to you
    - She was rude enough to make me walk out of the school without any further questions
    - There is no play ground seen in the school

    Also, I learnt from from my friends that academics is what your child gain in NPS and no extra-curricular. They would prefer kids of parents with annual income not less than 15 lacs else your child will not even get shortlisted.

    Prefrence would be given to those with one of the parent not working.


  24. aruna says:

    Hi All,
    Can any body tell me the selection criteria. On what basis they will select the candidate. Is it based on parents background or child merit. If its based on merit, for mont and KG’s do they have any test for kids.


  25. Raj says:

    My father forgot to ask for the last date to return the application forms in HSR and Korm NPS. I tried to reach both schools on phone (got # from the website) and no response. Please post correct phone#’s of both HSR/korm NPS and last date to return the applications forms.


  26. p says:

    Why should any school here give preference to NRI? What is so special with NRI and US Passsport.

    You have to also wait in the queue to collect the application in any schools.

    Do not ask such stupid questions.


  27. Adam says:

    Do they have any preferences to the NRI( my son hold US passport). My son will be 3 years 3 months for june 2010.



  28. venky says:

    21st October


  29. Nagesh says:

    Gopalakrishnan & team have converted NPS into a manufaturing unit with big HYPE. Now only brand name is working not the education value.


  30. sunitha says:

    what is the min. age for mont ? my son will be 2years in dec2009 – so should i try this year or next year?


  31. amitmzfo says:

    forms distribution starts from Octob


    JOHN Reply:



  32. dheepthi says:

    Right now in NPS indira nagar, they are giving application for mont.. iam trying for my daughter for 2nd std.,., any idea abt the fees and admission procedure..


  33. r says:


    I think your son would be eligible to start Mont-2 in June 2010 as he will be 3y 8 months. Why do you want to change to LKG from montessori stream?

    Also look other good schools following montessori. Admission process is already started.



  34. N says:

    As someone mentioned in an earlier posting, NPS is a very much “hyped-up” school. I wrote quite a long message, but deleted it all for obvious reasons. All I will say now is that dont say you were not warned….it is not a school, but a military establishment.


  35. Shoba says:

    We are moving from Chennai to Bangalore next month ( Nov ). My Son has completed 3 years this month (October). He will be 3 yrs and 8 months by June2010. He is already going to a montessori school. Just wanted to know whether he will be admitted to LKG in June 2010. Also pls guide as to when will be the next admissions ( are there any admissions during Vijayadasami ). When are we supposed to collect the forms ???


  36. Sateesh says:

    Even I faced a rude answer from the admission section on my enquiry on schedule. She said one liner “not decided yet”, and before I asked another another question, she hung up. Not sure why this school is so hyped up.

    My son would be 3yrs by 12Sept, 10, I would like to know whether he would be eligible for admission in NPS.


  37. sp says:

    I recieved a very cold reply from NPS admin staff when I enquired about the admission forms. On asking whether there will be forms available in Oct, the lady was so rude and mentioned “come back and enquire later, not everyone is lucky to get admitted in NPS”. I could not understand the context. Can someone explain what is so great in NPS that people feel lucky to have their children get admitted in NPS?


  38. maya says:

    i havea friend’s daughter who is in nps rajajingr and she is doing her mont 1 dr!!i think your son will be elgible for d nxt session.datz in june 2010.dey strt issuing d form from oct contact them at the earliest!


  39. nithya says:

    my son is 2.4yrs now. is there montessori in nps,rajaji nagar? is he eligible for mont?


  40. mansi says:

    i m interested in admitting my son 2.5yrs to mont and my daughter 7.5 yrs to 3rd std in the comming session. can anyone pls giv me the idea about the fees for both the classes (for nps koramangla)?


  41. HEMLATHA says:

    Hi’my son is going to turn 5yrs in feb18 2010 ,so i want his admission in 1st standard at NPS how would we get admission.


  42. karishma says:

    my son will be 5 yrs and 4 months in 2012.. will he be eligible for the 1st standard and are there admissions open for 1 st std at your school. he is in montessori school now.


  43. Nirmala says:


    My daughter is turning 3 yrs in Nov 09. So she will be 3yrs 7 months by June. She is currently pursuing Nursery. I am interested in NPS Indiranagar. Will she be considered for LKG??



  44. Harsha says:

    can i get to know what is the fee structure for nursery.


  45. r says:


    I think 3 Years 7 months ( By June 2010 ) is overage to start Mont-0.
    In general ideal age to start the montessori program is when the child is 2.5 Years. So if the school is following montessori strictly they should take kids in the age band of 2.5 to 3 for Mont-0, 2.5 being the right age to start the program. Pls go through any standard montessori website to know more.
    Just wondering why did you delay if you had a plan to go for montessori.



    Kavitha Reply:

    Hi r, Thanks for the reply. Intially we wanted to put her in a school close by home. That’s why we didn’t try for mont last year.


  46. Kavitha says:

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what is the minimum age for Montessori in NPS, Koramangala ? My kid is turning 3 yrs in Oct 09. Is she eligible for admission to Mont in June 2010 ?


  47. Pramod says:

    Could someone please explain why this school is top rated?

    When I called this school today, the lady who picked the call sounded not welcoming at all. She said they won’t allow parents to see the classroom infrastructure.


  48. Mrs Gupta says:

    what is the min. age for mont.


  49. sirisha says:

    what is the student teacher ratio?


  50. Anupam says:

    is here any hostel facility? please…


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