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primus international school, bangalore PRIMUS is an international school located in Sarjapur, Bangalore. It is run by the PRIMUS Trust. Mr. T. P. Vasanth, Mr. S. Suryanarayanan and Captain Unni Krishnan are the Managing Trustees of that Trust.

The vision of PRIMUS school is:

To provide school education that ensures academic excellence, empowers students and arms them with faculties that will help them conquer their dreams.

Name of School

PRIMUS Public School

School Address

Post Box No. 21,
Chikanayakanahalli Village,
Off. Sarjapur Road, Bangalore – 560 035.
Ph: +91-80-3242 4480, 3242 4474.
Mobile: Radha – 94499 50152


Medium of Education



ICSE and IGCSE at Grade 10 and AS & A Levels at Grade 12


Pre-School to Grade 12

Class Strength

Maximum of 35 students per class

School Type




School Transport

School bus facility is available


Synthetic Basketball court, Cricket nets, Volleyball and Throwball courts are available. The sports infrastructure supports five a side Football and Hockey fields. Primus has a full-fledged Indoor Sports complex for Badminton, Table Tennis, Gymnastics & Yoga. A well stocked library. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science Labs. First aid center

Curricular and Co-curricular Activities

Art, Music, Dance, sports and games, community programs, kindergarten picnic, camping trips, arts and science festivals

Admissions & Eligibility


  • The child should complete 3 years of age as on 01 September of that academic session.


  • The child should complete 4 years of age as on 01 September of that academic session.

Grade 1 onwards

  • The child should have passed the qualifying examination for the previous grade.

Grade 9 (IGCSE)

  • the student should have passed the qualifying examination for the 8th grade from any of the following (ICSE/CBSE/State Syllabus).

Admissions are open for the Pre-School, LKG, UKG, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 grades.
Grades 9, 10 , 11 / IGCSE and AS & A Levels (Cambridge International Examinations)

Download Admission Form

Contact Details

Primus Public School
Post Box No. 21,
Chikanayakanahalli Village,
Off. Sarjapur Road, Bangalore – 560 035.
Phone: +91-80-3242 4480, 3242 4474.
Mobile: Radha – 94499 50152


One Time Fee During Admission

Admission Fee: Rs.27,500/-

Security Deposit (Refundable): Rs.27,500/-

Yearly Fee

Annual Fee (KG to Grade 8): Rs.38,500/-

Annual Fee IGCSE (Grade 9-10): Rs.68,750/-

CIE ‘A’ Level Annual Fee (Grade 11 – 12): Rs. 71,500/-

Laboratory Fee (Applicable for Class 7 – 8): Rs. 2,750/-

Resource Fee (Applicable for Kindergarten Classes): Rs. 2,750/-

Approximate transport charges per month
up to 10 kms… Rs.1,150/-
up to 15 kms… Rs.1,350/-
above 15 kms… Rs.1,550/-

Map Route

map route primus public school bangalore



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58 Responses to “PRIMUS Public School, Sarjapur, Bangalore”
  1. Nitu says:

    Hello Sir,
    We will soon come to Bangalore from Austria. looking for schools with 2nd language deutsch. My daughter is 6 years old and speak fluent german. Do you have any idea by now which schools are better.
    Thanks and regards


  2. Anju says:


    I am planning to put my son in Primus School.I could see the above reviews but they look pretty old.I request parents to provide their latest feedback on this school whose kids are already going to Primus school.



  3. parent says:

    The road is not good.please don’t give assumptions .


  4. srao says:

    I am looking for the latest feedback about Primus Public School. I have visited the school, and was happy with the way the staff and administration interacted with me, but would like to know if the school is living up to the expectations and the amount of fees being paid is not in vain. I am particularly looking for a simple environment which will give the child space to grow use their own abilities to learn and explore. Basically would like to see my children happy to go to school everyday and not afraid to interact with their teachers. My son will be in 1st standard next year.
    Any feedback and comments are appreciated.


  5. A Kashyap says:

    **Love Primus** We moved to Bangalore from Chicago in 2012 and we admitted our son to Primus in August for LKG. The admission process was hassle free and the school had no “hidden” fees. We were planning to change his school this year to a more popular school (We DID NOT…he is still in Primus). However, by the end of our son’s LKG, we realized we had gotten to really like Primus. In his short time there, my son had managed to complete tons of fun workbooks, participated in sports day, number of festivals and events and even managed a field trip. They even had a rock concert at school.
    The teachers, principal and even the board of directors are very approachable. Overall, we think this school is sincere, hard working and fun loving. We wish Primus all the very best and hope they continue to focus on the kids rather than money.


  6. S says:

    I would appreciate any current feedback from primus parents on this school. I have a son who is 5 and looking for a balanced school in the sarjapur area.


  7. A Parent says:

    Yes, Aswin. I agree with you. It’s a great School to be. My daughter studies there and is very happy to be in the school. I too would recommend this school.


    opabil Reply:

    Hi, can I know the class which she is going. I am planning for next session for my daughter for Nursery. How is the atmosphere and teachers there.
    and lastly the fees structure.thanks in advance.


    HN Reply:

    I wud like to put my children in class 2 and 5. How is the school in higher grades?. please comment


  8. Aswin Hanagal says:

    Hi I am a student at Primus for the last two years and I am extremely proud to be a student here. The staff of the school is extremely approacheable for parents and students alike and are extremely patient. The teachers are absolutely brilliant and understand us (the students) really well. I was in another school (Indus Intl) before and this school is alot better in most ways. The administration is extremely clear, and efficient, and they will be happy to sort out any queries you, a parent or student may have. The school road has been totally fixed and tarred. This is a hands down great school and i’d recommend it.


  9. Swarna says:


    Did you take your kid out of this school? Is the road still bad and not fixed. What are your thoughts on the school now?


  10. Swarna says:

    We are moving to bangalore this July from US. My kids go to 5th and LKG.It would be of great to know from any parent whose kids attend Primus. I would like to know the pros and cons about the school, teaching methodology etc. Any comparison between Primus and inventure,Greenwood High would also help. Thanks!


  11. Amit says:

    Hi, I have relocated from New Delhi recently and am seeking admission for my son in grade 1 in the 2012-2013 session…could someone guide me on the formalities, including timelines?


  12. Vidooshak says:

    Vibgyor is a good school. The only concern is their fee is rather high (almost 2X DPS or Primus), plus they have no sports ground or space at the Haralur road branch. Other than that, teachers and staff seem to be quite good and learning is also fantastic.


  13. AKB says:

    I am planing to put my daughter in Primus School,off Sarjapur road.I could see the above reviews but they look pretty old.I request parents to provide their latest feedback on this school whose kids are already going to Primus school.

    Thanks in advance!!



  14. Anamika says:

    I am planning to put my kid in Primus.
    1. Would like to know how is the school,
    2. How is the teaching method ,
    3. Is individual attention given to every student in Nursery ,
    4. Are the teachers Co-operative
    5. How is curricular and extra curricular activities



  15. Mini Nair says:

    Any parents or students from Primus please furnish me with the details thank you!!


  16. Mini Nair says:

    Hello there,

    Am currently in US , coming to India next week and want to know about the 8th grade admission in Primus IGCSE syllabus..any parents with their kids going to 8th grade in Primus?? want to know the curriculum details and want to know also any other option than hindi as a second language? My son was studying till 5th grade in ICSE syllabus in India International school bangalore.

    Thanks and regards


  17. Brandon says:

    We admitted our kids to this school based on the nice talk from the management. However, we found that they do not complete the portions; they did not teach anything much for almost 3 months from Nov to Jan due to various functions and events; they do not care about individual students and only focus on the whole class – if your child picks up, s/he picks up. Overall, there is a big gap between the experience of the school when you talk to the management vs. when your kid goes through the education. We have moved out our kids now.


  18. liza says:

    hwz primus?gng 2 admit my son 2 still confused abt the school.


  19. akhil says:

    iam a student of primus public school
    i love this school with good teaching and other activityes


    Sri Reply:

    Glad that you like your school.

    What grade are you in ? What is the 2nd language you are taking ?
    My sons will be in 6th and 3rd grade.
    Any sports activities in school ?



  20. Shubha says:

    Primus – Teachers are very friendly and interact with the children very well.
    Teaching – more hands on should be added, sports needs to be improved,
    Admin staff is very good and if possible will accomodate parents requests.
    Sanjoy Choudhary is good and if requests are made, then he tries to accomodate

    But the approach road to Primus from Sarjapur road is extremely bad and that is one of the major concerns I have for kids travelling to and fro everyday
    to that school.


  21. Nageswar Rao says:

    currently, my kids son and daughter both are going to Primus in Kindergarten. Recently, I am having unpleasant experience with Primus Bus facility. One day My kids were dropped 100ft away from my apartment on the road and maid in my apartment happen to see my kids and brought them home. Also, there is bus break down twice in the last 3 months or so. One time when bus broke down, I was literally waiting for the bus for 1 hour and after an hour driver never stopped the bus infront of my apartment but he stopped the bus on the main road where there is busy traffic and I had to take my kids in bike to the bus and cross the road.

    Major problem, it is not convenient to drop the kids myself is road is horrendoous leading to school and It takes couple of hours atleast by the time I drop them and come home and all our plan for the day goes haywire.

    I reported to Mr. Sanjay Chowdary, Bus Co-ordinator regarding the problems, but he is rude.

    Looks like we made wrong choice of choosing PRIMUS over VIBGYOR


  22. Prajakta says:

    We would we relocating to Bangalore next year. Is Primus a good school?. Also how far is it from White field? I saw in the website that admissions begin the previous October? Is it easy to get admissions. Is Kannada compulsory?


  23. sreegandhi says:

    I would like to know parents feedback on how well the teachers interact with the children.
    Also how does the school deal with inappropriate behaviour of any child.
    What is the importance given to social interaction among children.
    It would be of great help if anybody whose child has been going this school could respond to this query.

    Thanks in advance


  24. deepa says:

    22km from itpl , are you also looking for rental space ?


  25. Raji says:

    we are relocating and looking for a good school near Whitefield area. Can someone tell us how far is Primus public school from ITPL ?


  26. Joyce says:

    The approach road to Primus is very very bad. Our kids will surely face health problems during later years if they travel in this kind of road everyday. They don’t have enough play area as advertised and the school is not so clean. My primary concern is my kids health. Pregnant ladies please don’t try going to the school.


  27. P.Jain says:

    primus is really doing well,no doubt it is going to be the best school in the city


  28. sreegandhi says:

    Is there an option to choose ICSE or IGCSE when the students reach 9th grade.
    Could someone whosechild is in this school give a feedback on the school?
    I have almost decided on Primus but would like hear more by MAy 2010.


  29. sreegandhi says:

    We are planning to relocate to Bangalore in May 2010. My kids will go into 4th and 1st grades . Would like to see more parent reviews about this school.
    Although the website says that the total strength of a class is 35 , I see very few numbers in class photos.Hope it is ‘coz the school is fairly new.

    Also most of the schools in Bangalore has a regional language influence when it comes to spoken English. I would like to know how that is handled in this school.


  30. Menon says:

    Hi Mr. San

    My child’s first term starts only on the coming 17th of June , hence I would not want to comment on the academics. Both me and my wife however had the same question and we were told they have picked the best practices from all schools of edn – Montessori/gurukul etc. Different children pick up at different subjects at different paces/speeds – so apparently the course is designed such that the students learn at their own pace – their progress is governed by their own learning curve and not so much by calendar years/terms. They therefore have a seamless integrated pre-school course where the child is exposed progressively to what they can handle. Personally, I am going to be very keen in observing how they manage the whole thing!

    May I suggest that all parents interested pay a visit to the school. You will get first hand info on everything.



    Brandon Reply:

    How is your experience with the Primus Public school now that your kid would have spent about 5 months in the school now? I would like to know about academics as well as extra curricular activities.


    nj Reply:

    Hi Menon,
    After seeing many other schools, we too plan to become a part of primus school now. As it is one of the most important decision of life, I would be glad if you can help us with your first hand expereince.. Also is switching over the boards from 8th to 10th and then again 12th is not a matter of concern for you or others in the same boat. Please guide us. Thanks


  31. San says:

    Hi Mr Menon,

    Just wanted to check how your child in LKG is going at Primus ? I am looking at admitting my child for UKG, however am concerned that they have a common Kindergarten room for Nursery, LKG and UKG. Just wanted to know how they manage curriculum for all three age groups ?


  32. Menon says:

    We were relocating to Bangalore and went looking around ALL the schools in and around Sarjapur Road for admissions into LKG & 1 st Grades for our daughters. We landed in Primus by default – We had been to all the other schools (vibgyor, Gear, Greenwood etc etc ) and decided to take a look at one last school – Prakriya – off Sarjapur Road. They are supposedly good in academics but we found children of lower classes were being made to sit on extremely dirty and dust covered floors. We were heading back when we saw this neat building right next door – Primus Public School! Since it happened to be on the way , and much against my wife and children’s protestations (it was waaay past lunch time) we decided to just take a peek – a peek that lasted the next couple of hours!

    The first thing that hit us was the palpable ‘happiness’ amongst the kids we saw. We were welcomed in and the coordinator Ms.Radha patiently explained everything to us. She took us around every part of the school. We met some teachers, saw their facilities. All of us immediately commented on how confident the children we saw were – they were not timid or hesitant to interact – and seems extremely cheerful and full of life! We saw quite a few expatriate children there as well. The founder member Mr. Vasanth , who happened to be around, then spent the next hour with us telling us about the philosophy and the ideals behind the school. We found the fees extremely reasonable too (40k per year).

    Where were the children ? – they had hit their beautifully manicured play ground within five mins of our arrival and were having a whale of a time – it almost seemed like they had made their ‘choice’. (They have lovely, fully manicures grounds, with football, basketball, throw ball, cricket nets and I forget what else)

    Was there a choice? – NO! We paid up on the spot (no admission tests)! So did this other parent who was only accompanying us – her children were already in Greenwood High – she pulled them out and put them here! On the way out we met another couple who were pulling their children out of Greenwood high and into this school.

    We subsequently (and very very coincidently) met a couple of other parents who had pulled their children out of Ryan International – and had been studying in this school for over two years – they were singing paeans of the school.

    Too early to comment about the academics – but the parents of existing students tell us that the children have fun learning! As far as we were concerned that is exactly what we were looking for!

    Anyone looking for a school in and around Sarjapur Road – this school is WELL worth a visit!

    This will be the school to watch out for in the future!

    PS: Anyone wanting information please CALL the school on the numbers given below – reproduced from their website – This website’s just an aggregator of information – and specific queries regarding any school is best addressed to the respective school directly.

    Primus Public School*
    Post Box No. 21,
    Chikanayakanahalli Village,
    Off. Sarjapur Road, Bangalore – 560 035.
    Ph: +91-80-3242 4480, 3242 4474.
    Mobile: Radha – 94499 50152


    Sri Reply:


    I am looking to for school for my kids 6th and 3rd grade.
    What is a good school near kundanahalli? It is a going to be big change for them from USA to Bangalore. What is the curriculum you recommend them to take.

    I see big fees in GWH, VIBGYOR are the fees worth ?
    Appreciate your feedback and can I contact you.
    Send email to

    Thank you,



    PNR Reply:

    Looks like this is written by Primus Staff :)


    MISS P LANY Reply:



    MISS P LANY Reply:


  33. Shoja says:

    We are coming back to Bangalore in May second week from US. Is it possible to get admissions in Ist, Vth and VIIth classes for my daughters. Please let me know the procedures.


    HARSH KOHLI Reply:


    Did you get your kids admitted in this school ? if yes, may I know
    your comments about this school.




  34. Kiran says:

    I am planning to put my son in Primus for 1st grade this year. Can someone give me some inputs on Primus viz-a-viz other schools in the area .. esp DPS, Ryan and maybe Vibgyor(HSR Lyt).

    Any inputs about schools in the area are most appreciated.




  35. Ritesh Saluja says:

    Respected madam/sir,
    My daughter is 4.4 years old and we are coming to Bangalore from Pune in April 2009. Is it possible to get the admission in the school, if yes, please let me know the procedure


  36. umair khan says:

    Respected madam/sir,
    My son will be giving his AS-LEVEL exams here in Cambridge school, Abu Dhabi, in May. Since my husband lost his job here, so we are now going to Bangalore for good in June. Will it be possible for my son to do his A-LEVELS from your school? When do the classes start? Please let us know.
    Thank you.


  37. SD says:

    Hi Nina
    were you able to find a school which caters to ADHD, im looking for one too, would be great if you could share any info… how can i contact you.


  38. sudeshna Bhattacharya says:

    I want to know what are the subjects provided at the school?I stay at Germany ,has the school 2nd language German?my son goes to a German school classs 4 .


  39. bhaskar says:

    my daughter’s date of birth is 16 sep 2006 , can i get an admission for PRE-Nursurey


  40. nandini says:

    what are the seccond languages currently taught in your school?

    Is igcse recognised in india and the professional colleges in Karnataka?


  41. Ghale.B.S. says:

    Dear sir,
    I am looking for 8th std admission for son kindly provide me the admission details and fees details pls.


  42. Amutha says:

    Dear SIr/ Madam ,
    Iam currently relocating to bangalore, my Daughter is studying in third standard now in CBSE sylabus in Erode Indian Public School. Iam looking for school having tamil as second language . pls provide me information about school having tamil as second language.
    My location is around Marahalli or white field



    sundar Reply:

    Dear Rohit,
    I’m also looking cbse school in which tamil as 2nd lang. for my son doing 5th to 6th in Chennai. If u got any info please send it to my mail id



  43. Rohit Sailas says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I bring with me 14 years of experience of working in various international Schools in Bangalore, like Sarala Birla Academy, as a Music Teacher.

    I am at present in Melbourne and waiting to relocate to India and am looking for a suitable position in your esteemed institution.

    Kindly notify the same if there is any requirement.

    Thank you


    Rohit Sailas


  44. Arun says:

    Need the email id of the concerned person in PRIMUS to whom i have to talk regarding the Summer Camp – 2009


    For More Details
    No 446,24th Main
    BTM 2nd stage
    Bangalore 560076
    Phone 9741908012


  46. chhaya topre says:

    I am private tuitor for hindi subject.teaching exprience for more than 20 years.can coach for ICSE,CBSC or state sullabus.children interested can call on this mobile no.9902067085
    thank you,
    chhaya topre


  47. nina says:

    I need to know if uare catering to chilren with ADHD problems?
    Thanks & regards,


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