Delhi Public School (DPS), North Campus, Yelahanka, Bangalore

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This school is one of the major CBSE schools in the Northern part of Bangalore. It is governed by the Delhi Public School Society, an educational body. The school has excellent facilities and has both day and boarding options for parents. One speciality of the school is the Child Counseling Center where specially trained child psychologists will provide student with the mentoring they require. They also have an enrichment resource center that is supposed to keep the link between the child, teacher and the parent.

School Delhi Public School, North Campus, Bangalore
Address Survey No. 35/A, Sathanur Village, Jala Hobli, Bangalore-562149 Karnataka, India
Phone: +91 80 28478041/42, Fax: +91 80 28478844
Medium of Education English
Affiliations CBSE
Grades Nursery, LKG, UKG, Grade I to X
Residential/Day/Mix Day and Residential
Handicapped Students  
Year Established 2002
Number of Students  
Student Teacher Ratio 40:1
School timings  
School results

Extracurricular activities football, hockey, cricket, athletics, tennis, swimming, music, dramatics, dance and computers
Map based location N/A
Branches South Bangalore, East Bangalore
School Transport school provides buses
School Building and Campus DPS School North Bangalore

dps bangalore north aerial view

Facilities and Infrastructure Olympics size swimming pool, library, cafeteria, science lab, amphitheater, butterfly park
Admission Details

Download Admission Form

Admission to Nursery, LKG and UKG is done through Observation / Interaction. Observation / Interaction is held on the same day and both the parents should be present. Dates for Oservation / is intimated.

There is a written evaluation for students seeking admission to classes I to VIII. Only those candidates who clear the evaluation are called for interaction. During Interaction, presence of both the parents is required.

At the time of registration, the following documents are to be submitted to the Administrative Office.

  • Duly filled in Registration Form

  • 1 passport size colour photograph

  • Proof of Date of Birth
    (Issued by Municipal Corporation or any authorised competent authority)

Admissions are generally open during the month of November

Administrative Office:
Survey No. 35/1, ‘A’,
Sathanur Village, Bagalur Post,
Off Bellary Road,
Bangalore North 562 149
Phone: +91-80-2847 8041 / 42 / 43.

Head Office:
#3/2, 4th Floor, Al-Ameen Apts,
Patallama Temple Street, Basavanagudi,
Bangalore – 560004
Phone: +91-80-2657 0314, 26570346
Fax: +91-80-2657 2787

Fees Application Form Fees: Rs. 500
Yearly Fees: ~ Rs. 1 Lakh
Contact Details

Administrative Office:
Survey No. 35/1, ‘A’,
Sathanur Village, Bagalur Post,
Off Bellary Road,
Bangalore North 562 149
Phone: +91-80-2847 8041 / 42 / 43.

Head Office:
#3/2, 4th Floor, Al-Ameen Apts,
Patallama Temple Street, Basavanagudi,
Bangalore – 560004
Phone: +91-80-2657 0314, 26570346
Fax: +91-80-2657 2787

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image image
butterfly garden, dps bangalore
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144 Responses to “Delhi Public School (DPS), North Campus, Yelahanka, Bangalore”
  1. Sunita says:

    Hi Friends,

    I am considering admission to 11th Std for my child in DPS north. Can you let me know the pros n cons.

    Will be interested basically about school environment, facilities at school in terms of library and co-curricular activities, training offered- approach and skill level of teachers to train students on the career path ahead. Anything that’s exemplary and anything that’s needs caution about.

    Thanks in Advance


  2. geetha.j says:

    can i know the fee structure for class 7th (residential)


  3. Geetha J says:

    Can I have a aplication form for 7th std for the year 2015-2016


  4. Hemanth says:

    Huh !!! I thought of admitted my daughter to this school the coming academic year and now after reading all these reviews, I am forced to think otherwise. Is it worth? If there is anyone who can answer my question I would be grateful.


  5. Susmitha says:

    I would like to put my children studying in grade 4 & 5 in DPS (N).
    They current study at DPS Dubai.
    What is the school fees?
    Do non residents have to pay donation?



  6. reply98 says:

    Im a student of DPS.
    So, Nursery till about the 6th or 7th standard is all hunky dory. The teachers actually teach well, and they pay attention to all the students. However, after 7th, it gets terrible. Most students leave by 6th grade, and I believe they’ve made a wise choice. Im in 10th now, so I’ll have to wait another year to get out of this place. Anyway, the school is alright, for now.


  7. reply98 says:

    It’s about 35-40 mins from Vidyaranyapura.


  8. Badri says:

    Can anyone tell me, how far is DPS school from vidyaranyapura. By school buses, what is the travel time.


  9. Subhasish Mazumder says:

    I am staying at Eta Gardens at Magadi road. Wanted to know school timings. My son would be at class VI. What time school bus picks up student and drops and what is the bus expenses?


    Srividhya Reply:

    HI Subhasish –

    We am stay there, and my son got admission in LKG. How are you dropping your kid. Looks like there is no transport plying in our direction.



  10. vidya says:

    i would like to join our children to your school for 7th and 2nd std ,pls furnish me with information whether admissions are still going on ,i think i am late but hope for the best.


  11. Amit kumar pandey says:

    can anybody inform me that what is the process to get admission in DPS for a foreign student. I am from nepal and i want to admit my younger brother in 6th stander in bangalore.


  12. sunil peter says:

    I wish to apply for the post of a teacher at your school. Email me the procedure, please.


  13. Pranav says:

    May I know what is the age required for V std in DPS


    sujain Reply:

    first year around 1.75000.00 include for nxt year around 60,0000.00.


    sunil Reply:

    is it same for class 11 and how much is refundable fee ???


  14. siva ramesh says:

    can anyone tell me abt the fee structure in DPS?


  15. Shiva says:

    I took my child for admission, they made us wait from 10.30am to 4.00pm and then said they couldn’t give admission. The principal is not approachable. we had to meet someone else before that and if she was ok with it then we get to meet the principal. They need to realize that people don’t have time to waste. Its completely up to them if they don’t want to admit a child but they should be methodical in their approach or at least told us they would call us, instead of making us wait.


    Preeti Reply:

    My child studies in dps n. .this is one of the worst features of dps…they r indifferent to parents, feed backs etc. sad part is there is limited options for parents.
    English reading standards are poor and games etc are all on paper.
    The unfortunate part is that many parents are impressed with the infrastructure . one reason is that such parents may not have had good schooling for several reasons..they have the resources now but do not appreciate the total absence of quality in whatever dps does and they never complain.
    I could go on about event quality, loo conditions etc..but sadly, there are limited choices.
    Not to forget they are a political family running this!


  16. Sir/Ma’m

    Hope you are doing great!!!

    I am looking out for my kid admission in this esteemed organization for the enrolment in LKG in the academic year 2013-2014. Currently he goes to Kidzee, Jayanagar for Pre KG (Nursery).

    His DOB is 21st Nov 2009. He will be 3.6 years as on June 1st, 2013. Could you please let me know about the admission/application process and the eligibility criteria?

    Looking out for your earliest reply with the latest updates on this regard.
    You can reach us at:, Mob: +91 9916991770 / 7411194181

    Thank You,


    n p singh Reply:

    I want to know the fee structure for LKG admission and bus charges from RT Nagar. please give me details.

    thanks and regards.


  17. Radhika Mahesh says:

    My elder son in Vth now has been in DPS since UKG and younger is in class I. The DPS kindergarten is really good-teachers are organized, caring, communicate with parents and revert immediately to parents queries. A good foundation helps in the child adjusting quickly to a new environment . Transport is also fairly well organized though couple of problems occassionally which do get addressed. The current principal is very interactive, open to new initiatives which is good for the school.
    The Sports in classes I-V needs to be improved and the school has taken measures for this during 2012.There are hardly any interhouse tournaments for the Under-10 children….all are for the bigger children.

    On the whole, a good DPS-my children like the place…every school has certain drawbacks but if the positives are much more, parents should not be nitpicking on the minor negatives.


  18. sanjay says:


    Chill out…my kids are in DPS North for the last 4 years…I moved them from NPS HRBR layout…prior to that kids were studying at Amity International School, Noida.

    I am happy with the performance of my kids ( 8th and 7th)..above all my kids are excited to go to school everyday….but were not so excited to go CMR NPS.
    See…Its also depends onm what you want from the school and what u expect ur kids to be.

    For me I do not want my kids to be only 90-95 precentile….I wana them be good in studies with a fair sense of pleasure, am allround…and who can lookup and see the world in his/her eyes…I did not get that feel in CMR NPS…

    In my opinion DPS North is a fairly good school…with good results…good environment and above all…you know..” comfort level”


  19. sharmila says:

    hi i am sharmila from coimbatore and i have admitted my son in DPS for his nursery . now i read reviews online and i am very much worried abt the feedback i saw abt the school.80% did nt give a good feedback abt the school. did i make a mistake by placing my son in DPS. can anyone tell how in the school .


  20. Narayana says:

    Dear readers,

    We should not categorise or talk ill about an Institution , whatever may be the reasons, We cannot take anythin in persnoal way and to our wishes, There is a system laid out and one should follow that, For any improvements , suggestions can be put forward, again it is at the discretion of the School Authorities,

    My Daughter and SOn have been studying in DPS and We have found DPS to be one of the BEST INSTITUTIONS ,

    KIndly send your opinions and suggestions to the principal and NOT put in public,

    Good Wishes ,


  21. Hi
    I’m Band master of DPS (N) since last 7 years as part time band master.
    Also working in 10 other reputed schools located at Bangalore north.
    As my opinion :-Compare to other schools with DPS (N)
    DPS(N) is ossm in every academic, sports, specially discipline, caring to students,interact with students.
    very close relation between student to teachers & principal.
    So hats off to my DPS (N)


  22. rk says:

    hi just wanted to know if the dps north buses pick the students from penniya/nagasandara area.regards


  23. anitha says:

    even my friend such problem from that school.she went for the higher class maths subject.they asked her whether she can sing and dance.she got angry and left the school


  24. simran says:

    I went to this school for a final interview.I am a psychology student,I applied for montessori teacher.It was completely a filmy type interview.Board members were there,the first question was on psychology and its type,I answered and next question was do you know any thing about animal psychology? I felt very bad because they were humiliating a woman on the womens day.I felt ashamed for facing such people from a reputed school.where ever I go I was selected in all the is least bothered about the teaching method used from the teachers,interested to know about animal psychology and experience funny people.Talent is a waste for this school.calling the candidates at 10′o clock in the morning make them sit till 3′o clock.They don’t value others precious time.I saw most of the teachers on that day were angry on the way they were treating them.


    dhanika Reply:

    yes i agree this shows how stupid these people are.some people are carried away from the outlook may be u were not among the one i believe, anyway all the best for u.I pray to god that u get a better school which give respect for ur teaching talent.


    Nandini Reply:

    Yes I totally agree with you. I had to waste 1 day just to know about the re test date for class 11th. They don’t work systematically and there is no transparency. This is a very bad school. Academically, its not good. Teachers are not up to the mark.


    Archana Reply:

    Hi Simran,

    When searching for a god schools,I came across this site.Seeing your comment had a thought that its is better to check with you about the best schools as ur psychology student and will have a better knowledge which schools are the best.If any information present kindly mail to


  25. Balachandran says:

    Can you tell me about the free structure for class 7 & 10? Also, How far is the school from Vidyanagar?


  26. Jasvinder Singh says:

    Dear All,
    I had not as such experience about DPS. But last few months, I had applied for the post of PA to Principal at DPS, Bhilai. No response had come from school side either on mail or telephone regarding what happened about post. I was fully eligible for that job. When I enquired about the post, it came to my knowledge that School management is only interesting in getting the money came from DD/cheque (submitted by the candidate for that post).
    I don’t know who will give the answer of my query, whether Schools are seeking for money only or not?
    Jasvinder Singh


    Vidyadhar Reply:

    Most of the things at DPS North reflect that they are there for money and what I think is most of the parents are not bothered about money and what they see is the society status by putting their wards at DPS N.

    Simple example for it is nobody questioned about the annul charges of Rs. 800 towards the Lyceum fee which is very much irrelevant as it would cost a maximum of Rs. 5000 annually to rent and maintain the site. But every student is being charged Rs. 800 annually which makes a huge money. This is just the ice berg and if you see other components of the fee you would easily make out.

    Same is the case with annual magazine which should be a compliment but is being charged Rs. 400 forcibly for which no one would be interested.

    Similarly Smart class fee has been raised from Rs. 2500 to 6900 without any intimation after the issue of fee card, it all happens at the time when one is about to make the payment of fees and would not have much time to argue on it or take it forward.

    I had initially met the principal about the hike in fees for justification after a long wait for meeting her, but the answer was that she was not the right person to justify and suggested to meet the management. I asked for an appointment to meet for which I was told that they do not know when the trustees would come and cannot give an appointment. They create a situation wherein you would lose interest to question.


    seema Reply:

    Exactly what u saying about the school is very true.


    sujain Reply:

    Hi mr. vidyadhar
    i completely agree with you and i wrote a ltter to school principal/teacher with 25 parents signed.last year but no action and no reply.


  27. Sachin says:

    Not true at all.Parent needs to be shown mirror..Perhaps a visit to other schools would help Mr Anonymous!


    sunil Reply:

    are you justifying the above just because other schools also do the same?
    Just curious!


  28. Hey says:

    I study in DPSBN and i think it is a very good school. The teachers are very friendly, Infrastructure is very good. Other students make you feel comfortable ven if it’s your first year in school.I actually fell sad when we get longg holidays. It is my second home and i have no problems with my school.I love it.
    All of you who have bad opinions i think should change their minds.


  29. Shivanath Gunda says:

    I am personally going tommorow to DPS north with my son. Hopeful of some changes/developments. Will keep you posted once i am back.



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