Indus International School, Billapura Cross, Sarjapur, Bangalore

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imageIndus International school believes in comprehensive and holistic education through developmental approach. The emphasis is on development of multiple intelligence. The school is owned by Indus Trust with Lt. General Arjun Ray being the chief executive officer. The school has very prominent names on its board of trustees including Sushil Mantri (leading real estate developer of Bangalore) and Mr. Kumar Malavalli (co-founder of Brocade Communications).

School Indus International School, Bangalore
Address Billapura Cross,
Sarjapur, Bangalore 562125
Board Line : +91-80-22895900 / 7823888
Admission : +91-80-22895909
Fax: +91-80-7823850
Medium of Education English
Affiliations International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), IB authorized Primary Years Programme School
Grades Prep to Grade 12
Residential/Day/Mix Day till 4th grade, after that day and residential both options available
Handicapped Students
Year Established July, 2003
Number of Students ~750
Student Teacher Ratio Each class has an optimum strength of 25 students with a maximum teacher-taught ratio of 1:10
School timings
School results IGCSE Result Statistics
Extracurricular activities horse riding, swimming, gymnastics, team sports, athletics, football, hockey, cricket, basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, squash
Map based location Map Location, Indus International School
Principal Mrs. Sarojini Rao
Branches Pune
School Transport School provides buses
School Building and Campus Indus International School, Bangalore
Facilities and Infrastructure 40 acre campusLibrary, digital hook-ups with Internet and online libraries, computers are available in all classrooms, library, hostel and staff rooms for teachers. Laptops are provided for students from grade 9 to grade 12 in order to facilitate research. The entire campus has wi-fi connectivity.Sporting Complex, indoor Sports Complex, Central dining hall, football and hockey fields, a 400m eight – lane cinder track and field stadium, basketball and tennis courts and cricket practice nets.The Indoor Sports Complex houses a basketball court, three badminton courts, two table-tennis tables, gymnasium, and one squash court. The complex also features two swimming pools, one for toddlers, and a 25m pool with gallery seating for spectators.
Admission Details
Admissions to the Indus International School for grades 6 and is based on written aptitude tests of the student.

At what time of the year will the school accept students?

  • Kindergarten to Grade 4: For the session July of any year, admissions will take place from January of that year
  • Grade 5 to Grade 9: For the session July of a year, admissions will take place from January of that year
  • Grade 11: For the session July of that year, admissions will take place from January of that year


Billapura Cross,
Sarjapur, Bangalore 562125
Admission : +91-80-22895909
Fax: +91-80-7823850

Fees For session 2008-2009 fees is not being diplayed on site. Please contact Indus for details.

Contact Details
Email Addresses
Indus International School

Billapura Cross,
Sarjapur, Bangalore 562125
Board Line : +91-80-22895900 / 7823888
Admission : +91-80-22895909
Fax: +91-80-7823850

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39 Responses to “Indus International School, Billapura Cross, Sarjapur, Bangalore”
  1. Ex-Indus says:

    Dear All,
    Having attending Indus for 2 years and suffered from their inhumane treatment, i feel it is important to enlighten other individuals who may be considering Indus as a school for their children. I focus mostly on the IB department and the management of the school.

    First and foremost, every student joining Indus should know that, the students are viewed not as children or students at all, but just as sources of money.
    All right, one could then say that even if this is so, if we’re getting our money’s worth in the education and facilities, it matters little. Well, the money does not seem to provide for the supposed “world Class” facilities the school boasts of. The food is mediocre and for the BOARDERS, the food is even worse and highly repetitive.
    In fact, in 2012, the school fees increased and this increase in school fees came alongside a decrease in food quality and number of items. Odd isn’t it?

    The school is not platform for creativity to flourish. In fact, liberty is suppressed at this school.

    Moving on, one questions the school policy on bullying, alcoholism, smoking and drug consumption. The school conducts regular drug tests for students. it is a urine test for a which a report is generated. It has been observed that the school authorities used the drug test as a means to expel and target students they do not like. The school ignores the Legal International Standards for substance content in the body and without allowing the reports to be seen at all, expels students.

    Furthermore, Individuals who are actually guilty of substance abuse, bullying or alcoholism face an even weirder sentence. Rather than protect the other students from the influence of such individuals, they don’t expel these students but bring give them “temporary suspensions” and one may even see them back in school after a few weeks, as has been observed

    The Management of the school needs to be questioned as well. Mind you, not the teachers but the staff such as the Vice principal and Principal. The vice principal for 2011-12, was Mr.Omkar Joshi. He is a rude, shameless and a highly unintelligent individual who appears absolutely uneducated and now he’s been made principal of Indus Hyderabad. Looks like promotions are based on how much one kisses ass.
    The Principal, i must say has the biggest ego I’ve ever encountered. All she wants ever one in the school to do is respect her and say “All is well”. She asks for people to respect her, not earn respect through her actions. Like the vice principal she is extremely rude and one really has to think about what qualifies her to be a principal. She cannot take any feedback or criticism and plays favourites.

    Elaborating upon Indus viewing kids as nothing but money bags, the school allows anyone and everyone into the school, just as long as they can pay. Indus is not an institution of education but a business. My friend suffered an asthmatic attack while on campus. He is a boarder. The school responded and he was hospitalised. After receiving treatment, he returned to school to join the boarding. But the school said no. They told him to leave the boarding and take up his own place in Bangalore or leave the school. Despite the doctor’s approval, the school shut their doors to a boy who just came out of hospital whose family lived in Hyderabad. He had nowhere to live. This is what Indus said: ” We cannot be responsible for this student’s health any longer.” If they cannot handle a common asthma case, is the school safe for anyone? My friend was a CORPORATE LIABILITY. The Principal even went as far as telling his parents to “be better parents and come to Bangalore, leaving all else behind”. Also, the school never issued anything in writing, only by mouth or “text” message. Scared of legal ramifications are they?

    Another friend of mine was suspended from school for asking the principal what he did wrong when she walked into to class and started screaming at him.

    My friends on the school newsletter couldn’t publish anything that didn’t scream “INDUS IS THE BEST”.

    One of the most important things is that INDUS NO LONGER HAS CAROLINE LINGER.
    She is one of the best college councilors in the country. She was sacked by the school unjustly and was replaced by an English professor, not a Councillor but AN ENGLISH PROFESSOR. I’m terribly worried for the future Indus batches.

    Furthermore, if you were considering your son to join the school for the teachers, i’m very sorry to tell you that the good ones that brought the school its reputation have almost all gone.

    beware parents, the school may look nice with its buildings but please think about your child’s future before you take a step inside Indus.


    Guest Reply:

    Very comprehensive review thanks


    Current Indus Student Reply:

    This is so true. I’ve been in Indus for a year and a half now, and cannot wait to leave. The only reason I have survived so far is because of friends. The principal is stuck up and has a huge ego. She can never be wrong, and barely ever shows her face. I have honestly seen her dog, Leo, more than the principal


  2. sanjana says:

    I need to make my brother to join in Indus International school into 1 st standard for the academic year 2013-2014.Req for proceedure for admission
    to 1st standard.



  3. Iram says:

    I am seeking admission for my son in grade 9 at indus> Is it a good school??How are the teachers?


  4. sanjay says:

    hi.I would say indus is the good boarding school because it not only focus on eduacation but also in activites


    Current Indus Student Reply:

    that is bull shit, it is a money extortion scam. they force us to pay for compulsory activities like watching horrible plays, and really worthless trips, when we have to submit our college applications.


  5. Sunita says:

    Hello Anair,

    Please let me know, if your children are still in Indus, and how they are doing, we are taking admission this year for my kids.

    Thanks, Sunita


  6. amita says:

    cool greattttttttt……. really love indus so much……


  7. Reddy says:

    Hi Sunita,
    It is good that you want to know more about the school and it is true that it is really important to know about the school before the admission. Can i ask you one thing? have ever seen any site where there are so many discussion about a single school? I don’t think!!! so, it is clear that something is wrong. The Army Management has an important role to run the school. They remain as a shadow but they are very much there. Principal is just like a puppet. I know many good teachers left the school because of lot of internal problem. It is the nature on Indus family. If you see the Hyderabad , Pune, Bangalore.. Everywhere same. They could not keep many teachers since last two- three years. I think teachers are the pillars of the school. If the school don’t have dedicated teachers then it is useless. May be they will say our teachers are trained but is it necessary to be trained if the dedication is not there. If the Principal is keeping some spy for his/her existence then you can think the situation of the school. They could not keep their excellent teachers of science. Both the teachers of Physics and Chemistry left from Bangalore. Very Good teacher of English, Physics, Drama left from Hyderabad. Their VP also left from Pune. Why??? You could investigate before admission. I would try write you in details.


    Simran Reply:

    Hello Reddy,

    Seems that you certainly know a lot about the school. Could you please thrw some light on their co-curricular actvities? Is the school worth the money.


    kumar Reply:

    hi. read your comment. its dated jan 10. we are looking to admit our daughter in Indus blore this year. could you PLEASE get back to me asap. has the school changed since then? please. please let me knw asap


    Open MInd Reply:

    …..But I want all to know, that the worst school in Bangalore would be GEAR INNOVATIVE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, not Indus…..


  8. Sunita says:

    Hello Reddy,

    We are moving to Bangalore this June and were prepared to join our kids for 2nd and 7th grade in to Indus. Please let me know, why you say, the education system is not good, can we call you and talk to you, of you do not mind. We appreciate any information you could share with us. Our email address



  9. edu says:


    I completely agree with your statement. School campus has nothing to do with education. Having infrastructure in acres and hi-tech luxurious facilities doesn’t really matter a lot for a kid in india who has to mix up with other indian kids. A/C Class rooms, A/C Buses? To me those are the least important things when I consider a school.Any management can be behind the school. But what matters finally is the principal and the staff who is imparting the education to the little ones. They should be the role models for the child.
    Students may not interact with the the management folks and they even need not know who is the investor.



  10. K K Reddy says:

    But campus does not give education. There has to be education system, which is really lacking. I think school Principal should have a big role to run the school not the school management. NOT CEO or other Army persons.


  11. K K Reddy says:


    I would say — NO. Not in Indus. Even not in Indus Hyderabad or Pune. School is decorated but inside the school there are many problems. They are not capable to keep the good teachers. It is just because they school is running by few Army peoples of India. I don’t understand how come Army person can run the school. It is true that there are principals in all the schools but they cannot take any decision in day to day running the school. Army can rule the country or in the Boarder but not really in school. Here education matters a lot. If somebody reads lot books that does not make sense that particular person would be good in education. Frankly speaking they education is not good but style is very good.


  12. mamtha says:

    Hi we are moving from US..I want to know about the Indus international school . Is it worth paying 3 L/year ? Do they really concentrate on IB or just for name sake….Please let me know..I appreciate your comments.

    Thank you


  13. Isha says:

    Hi, I was at Indus for 2 years and I would strongly recommend that you think long and hard before you subject your child to that school. Do not believe what the website says – it is full of lies. There is a massive turnover of teachers and the staff are not very well trained. They are neither able to teach nor keep discipline in class and as a result when children do misbehave, the teachers quickly resort to physical violence I.e. they slap the child. I have witnessed this and more than once. The website focuses on disciplining children but what is missing is the discipline for teachers. Teachers don’t turn up for the class and a lot of the time there are no substitute teachers for planned absences. As a result kids are left to run riot and give birthday bumps to the point where a leg gets broken as it happened to a boy in my class.
    There are too many school functions that cut into teaching times. The syllabus is not covered in school and then holiday homework is set so that you end up having to teach yourself or rely on your parents. And get this, they spend 4 weeks a year on exams that are so basic that kids entering schools in UK will really struggle. There are Indus days and cultural weeks and children’s days and teacher’s days and teacher training days and unscheduled holidays and with teachers missing half the lessons virtually nothing is taught. I am not exaggerating my sister has two pages of English notes for the entire year. I have done more work in my new school here in UK in the first 5 weeks than I did in a whole year in Indus. Pointless charts and projects and stupid costumes and colouring in is the focus of the school. I lost marks on a chemistry homework because it was not coloured in. And some more because I hadn’t stapled the sheets together. I got 9 out of 10.
    Oh yes. As a result of this time wasting the school puts on special working Saturdays but someone forgot to tell the teachers. Those that turned up didn’t actually teach but gave out worksheets. My daddy didn’t send us to just one out of the 8 planned at the last minute!
    The administration lies to you. My dad booked a meeting with the headmistress to discuss oll of this with a five week notice, he phoned before he left his offices, drove for and hour to meet her and she didn’t turn up. When my dad asked two of the staff, one said she was doing her rounds of the school and the other said she was off sick.


  14. C.C says:

    hello, indus school have more cons than pros, i made a mistake to put my child in the school. firstly the education is not strong, children are happy there because they have a lot of sports and hobbies, etc but education is not good, i should i say the money we were paying was not worth it.
    school bulding is nice all green , nice trees nobody can denied that but the education is very low. teachers are not professionals i should not say all of them but i know they put a counsellor as a math teacher and she didnt have the qualifications for that. Teacher are not happy either they are leaving the school too. Foreigners teacher leaving because the school adm lied to them and they are paying what they told them in the beginning , that i know because my friend was working there she were from spain and they promised her a ticket back to her country every year and then they told her no from the first year , they played with their words in the contract.
    and so on.
    i can not tell you which school is best but definetly indus is not in the list.


  15. sreedhar y says:

    We are planning to join our school in boarding school at indus international.Can you pls suggest pros and cons of this schools and if it’s worth the name?.Also any comparisions between Good Shephard and Indus schools?

    Your advise will make a right future for our it will be first step for right future.

    thank you


  16. Mrs Neena Mehta says:

    I have teaching experience of 19 years teaching primary and middle school . being science graduate with B.Ed would like to know that is their any vacancy in your school.


  17. Sunita says:

    Thank you Mr. Swaminathan

    I still would like to know, if any one has joined the kids for Boarding in Indus, and what would be the living conditions there, we are planning to stay in Jayanagar, which might be too far for the school. Please suggest.
    Thank you.


  18. Swaminathan says:

    This is in response to Sunita’s query. Please check my and anair’s comments which are recent ones (mine was posted abt 2 weeks ago).
    We are both parents at Indus fm this year 2008-09.

    As I hv stated earlier the school management is very friendly and quite responsive to queries etc., but some systems still need to be put in place.
    Campusis better than any other I have seen in B’lore.
    Sports need ot be beter organized, some teachers are new. Distance is a factor, but they have a big bus fleet. Bus trips last fm 1 hr to 20 mins depending on which part of B’lore u r located. Better if u r in the HSR layout, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Koramangala area.


  19. Sunita says:


    We are planning a move from US and liked this school a lot when we went for a tour. All the comments I see here are more than a 1 year old. please let me know, if this is a good school for boarding or is day school is better. Also, if anyone know of a parent I can contact personally either email or phone number, who has kids going to this school, I really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance,


  20. Swaminathan says:

    The school management is friendly and respond to queries promptly. Lovely campus. But systems are yet to be put in place, communications channels need to improve. Sports activities not very well-planned or organized !


  21. i would like to teach in your esteemed institution ,have taught in various arm schools please let me know at the earlist rajni


  22. Julie says:

    We’ve been in India for about 4 months and my friend suggested Indus. it seems like the right place. but its quite expensive is it really worth it????


  23. anair says:

    Hi! Our children have recently joined Indus… the drive is pretty long-ish and can get quite tiring. We live on the outer ring road. The school looks good and promises much so we’ve joined with much expectation. Here’s to good new beginnings!


  24. sanjana says:

    Hi all,
    I am planning to move to Bangalore by august and would like to send my child to Indus and I too haven’t come across any reviews from parents of Indus. If any one has any more details I would really like to get more information about the academics.


  25. Vikas Sah says:


    There are not many groups available on indus. Here is one for which you will have to request membership (might be open to only Indus parents):

    You can pose your questions here and we will see how best to answer it.


  26. Amy says:

    Hi Vikas, Thanks once again for your replies.
    FYI, I’m also looking for an active site where parents discuss their ongoing feedback about Indus.
    I have never come across any. Even the site you have mentioned is the same as what I tried, didn’t get to see more than a very few emails.
    Pls let me know if you know of any.


  27. Amy says:

    Thanks a lot for your replies, I appreciate it!



  28. Vikas Sah says:

    Here are some discussions on Indus international:

    From: info_r2i

    We were in Bangalore for a week for our pre moving tour of city. We visisted Indus Intl as well. The school offers very good facilities to kids. We took a tour of the school and liked it alot. We know 2 families(not direct friends)who send their kids there and are happy. But we also heard from my husband’s co worker that they have some serious managment problems going on….don’t know how serious and what are its impacts. Other that long commute time for kids(1 hr from city) and higger education cost, there was nothing else we didn’t like.

    From: crossnations
    Message 2 in Discussion

    Indus is truly a very nice school but is very expensive – if I am right, 3.5 L per year per child. We know a family in our building who send their 2 kids there. Correct me if I am wrong. Access to Sarjapur Rd is mainly from Outer Ring road side as of now. From this side it is 15 kms. On the map, there is a road from Attibele circle (Electronics city) that is 5 kms long, but I doubt it’s present state and whether it is used for school buses. Yes, once the proposed development happens in that area, it is possible that things will improve. Thats what people say.


  29. Vikas Sah says:


    Indus has a good reputation so far but is relatively new school. Two of our friends kids go to Indus from our apartment complex on outer ring road and they are happy with the experience and studies.


  30. Amy says:

    We’d be moving to B’lore in July, from U.S & my kids are going to soon join Indus for their 3rd and 5th grades. I am longing to hear parents inputs about the school & wonder if there is any ACTIVE blog site. When I googled, I came across only this site, which has only 2 reviews with NO replies from anyone.
    Am I missing the right link? If you know of a better link, can you pls let me know.
    Many thanks!


  31. PARVEEN says:

    Srinivas completed his tenth class. He want to be an engineer. What does Indus School suggest? Is it a residential school? Are the diplomas (11 th and 12 standard) has international reccognition? Can you please send us the fee structure for 2 years? . what is the procedure to join your school? Please advise. Thank you


  32. Sam says:

    Any inputs on the quality of education for IGCSE and A levels? Is the high fee justified for the quality of education and attention that the kid gets? What is the track record of admissions into foreign Indian universities.

    Appreciate your feedback soonest, since we are looking at kids admissions into Year 10 and possibly year 8.



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