Greenwood High School, Whitefield – Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

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Greenwood High is an international school located on the Whitefield-Sarjapur near Dommasandra Circle. The school is managed by a team of Academicians of vast experience in the field of education both in India and Abroad. Greenwood High has been set up as a bridge between the best of the East and the West.

School Greenwood High, Whitefield – Sarjapur Road, Bangalore
Address No. 8-14, Chickkawadayar Pura, Whitefield – Sarjapur Road, Near Dommasandra Circle, Bangalore – 560 087Phone : +91 80  27822888

Fax : +91 80  27822200
Mail ID :

Medium of Education English
Affiliations ICSE, IGCSE, IB World School
Grades Pre School (Nursery, LKG, UKG) up to Grade 10 ICSE, IGCSE, IB Diploma Programme
Residential/Day/Mix Day school, Week Boarding, Year Boarding
Year Established 2004
School timings 8:00 am to 3:00 pm
School results 100% First Class results for the past three years of ICSE
Extracurricular activities Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, Athletics, Dance, Western Music, Indian Music, Art, Circle Time, Multiple Intelligence, Chess, Craft,  Taekwondo, Yoga, Cricket.
Map based location View Larger Map
Principal Mr. Aloysius D’Mello (Principal)
Branches Greenwood Pre-School & Activity Centre, Koramangala, Bangalore

Greenwood Pre-School & Activity Centre,Whitefield, Bangalore

School Transport School provides transport with a fleet of AC buses
School Building and Campus Greenwood High Site Map, Bangalore
Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Tennis Courts
  • Indoor Games Area
  • Soccer Ground
  • Swimming Pool
  • Arts & Craft Laboratories
  • Basketball Courts
  • Volleyball
  • Athletics
  • Yoga
  • Physics, Chemistry & Biology Labs
  • Computer Labs
  • Library
  • Amphitheatre
  • Band Room
  • Dance Rooms
  • Music Rooms
  • Sick Bay
  • Cafeteria with separate veg and non-veg kitchens
  • Boys and Girls Hostel
  • Teacher Quarters
Admission Details Admissions are open throughout the year to accomodate the school timings of different countries.

Application forms are available on the website.


Contact Person:

Mrs. Ritu Singh (Admissions Officer)

+91 9740987028

Greenwood Pre-School & Activity Center

Age Criteria: 3+ to 6 years

Greenwood High Main School

Age Criteria: 3+ years

Fees On enquiry
Contact Details Greenwood High Pre-School Activity Center (PSAC)
#377, 3rd Block, Koramangala
Bangalore – 560 034
Karnataka, INDIA

Phone: +91 80 25531833/32720364
Mail ID :

Greenwood High Pre-School Activity Center (PSAC)
No. 57/72, Erin Villa, Whitefield Main Road, Bangalore – 560 066.

Phone : +91 80 65370011
Mail ID :

Greenwood High Main School

Phone : +91 80 27822888

Fax : +91 80  27822200

Mail ID :


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176 Responses to “Greenwood High School, Whitefield – Sarjapur Road, Bangalore”
  1. ashmita kundu says:

    can u pls kindly mail da fees information.. n can i get admission in class 10???


  2. Parent says:

    Only the building is big…no international standard and the Principal (Aloysius D’Mello) is too rude, not a friendly person to approach. One of the many reason… If you want to take your kids home early for some family or medical reason… he will give a lame reason.. “How can I control such a request comes from all the student?” don’t understand if such a big international school don’t have a proper records to track such a requests!!! I can keep on listing… don’t even think of sending your kids to this school!!!


  3. sandhya says:

    hi good to hear,
    can i know which curicullum your daughter is in? ICSE?


  4. Steve says:

    Hi I have just relocated from USA and was looking for an IB school, my friends in Hindustan Unilever ltd., whitefield told me about Greenwood High International school

    My child will come only by july end and i heard that , getting admission in your school is tough.

    Please guide me through the process and let me know the fees for IB, my company is going to pay.

    P.S- I would like to mention that my child is swimming champion back in school, let me know if extra swimming classes could be provided for him.




  5. Surekha says:

    Please provide fee structure of IB diploma and admission process.I heard that admission process is very tough in Greenwood High.I am relocating from UK,how can i assured seat or can you take interview through skype.

    I would also like to know about subject choices available.


    Surekha Latha


    Kavita Reply:

    Please write to You will get all the information about IBDP admission procedure.

    Best Wishes


  6. Venu Reddy says:

    Hi Sudheer, My son is studying at Inventure Academy for the last 4 years & I’m extremely happy about my decision of choosing Inventure over other schools. One thing which really stands out at Inventure is that the environment is very friendly and nurturing. Students, faculty and the management are very comfortable with each other. The curriculum exposes a child to a multitude of experiences, as opposed to being solely focused on book-learning. My son (grade 5) is not only performing well in academics but also in sports, arts & literature. He looks forward to going to school with excitement & learning something new everyday.


  7. Smira says:

    Admissions are still open in some classes at Inventure. Recently came to know that they have added an additional section in K2, grades 1-4. The overall environment is very good for the all round development for a child with good facilities and a large campus and a healthy student teacher ratio of something like one teacher for nine students.You can check out more information about the school at-


  8. girish says:

    my son study at green wood high they have increased the fees by 10% when you join prekg in pskoramangala their fee is low but when you join the main school the fees shoot up. there is nothing in that school for that fees i mean prekg. too expensive for an ordinary indian school nothing international there. i have decided to move my son out of the school but all loose the donation now


  9. Sudheer Raj says:

    hai, my kid study at green wood high for the past 2 years and i am considering of changing school this year, principal would be always shouting and the food is bad. there are no much good things to speak about this school so i am trying to shift to inventure or oak ridge


    parent Reply:

    How is the academic in Greenwood high? Please check the reviews on Inventure before you make your mind. Oakridge is relatively new school in bangalore and heard that much money oriented.


  10. Ani says:

    Yesterday my child was sent back home in the middle of the day because she did not have the proper School shoes. No notice, no warning. There was no one at home to receive her and she had to sit with the neighbors.

    The school fails to deliver on many promises. They promised an A/C bus but rarely is the Bus A/C and it becomes very difficult for the kids in Summers especially when they are not even allowed to open the Windows because of Safety. After multiple complaints and meeting with the Principal the problem still remains. It’s a clear case of filling up their pockets instead of spending on better infra.


  11. lakshmi says:



  12. lakshmi says:

    My daughter is studying in greenwood high from the last three years. I do not have any problems from the school. If any minor problems come I can always approach the class teachers or coordinators. Since It is the fastest growing school in bangalore in very short span of 8 years the strength of the school has already crossed 2000 which I got information from my friend. the school teachers are very responsive. Regularly parent teacher meeting will be hald and I can get any clarifications about my daughter. My daughter likes the school very much. she doesnot want to miss not even one day school. The activites in the school are very good. The School is winning many inter school events.


    ramesh Reply:

    dear Mrs Lakshmi which grade is you child


  13. Sundha says:

    Greenwoodhigh is a very good school must to see campus.
    Hats off to a very good school


  14. Charu says:

    It is a wonderful school . my daughter moved to this school and she seems very happy and loves the school tremendously. her teacher is very friendly and loving towards the kids. The extra curricular activities everyday keeps the kids involved and also find right mix of academics and haven’t faced any major problems however not everything is perfect .
    But I do not think there could be better deal than this school especially in sarjapur area.


  15. Marissa says:

    They don’t use the international tag, THEY ARE AN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL!!!
    They have icse (indian board) igcse (UK) board and ib which is world school
    They aren’t a candidate for that anymore they have IB


  16. Marissa says:

    My children have been to greenwood high for four years now I know everything about it
    The teachers are wonderful and my daughter has fun every single day although she is in seventh grade!
    The food may not be international or continental but it’s tasty and very very healthy
    The extra curriculars are perfect, not too many so the children get the right amt. Of academics.
    My daughter is very good in speech and drama and acting, she wins the competitions and has even gone all the way to Iowa, america for a competition with other greenwood students. It was the world finals and she not only represented GWH but also india a whole.
    The children are super friendly, social and my children have SOOO many friends
    The school has igcse, icse, igcse AND ib programs which is just wonderful
    Greenwood high IS the RIGHT choice


  17. A parent says:

    The school but, every now and then, fails to send SMS/missed-call alert about bus arrival and then drops the kids on the streets even through the rules say a parent with ID card must be present to take the kids. The SMS and missed call system is unreliable and they do not fix it. The principal never bothers to respond to any communication except for admissions. Unfortunate part is it seems you can’t do much about any of it. There is no higher authority than the principal. It is quite sad…


  18. radha says:

    They just use the international tag but I think it is just like any other traditional school. It is so hard to meet the principal. Whenever I see him he will be shouting. Kids are made to memorize and write. Kids creativity is not encouraged. Even in art the teacher keeps correcting the kids work. What is the use of learning art when they are not allowed to be creative. I think this school is not worth the money we pay. Fee is very high. Extremely disappointed.


  19. bangalore mom says:


    I have an extremely positive experience with the school so child goes to 3rd grade. i find academics and extra curricular activities are given balanced and appropriate daughter likes the food..especially the lunch. she wants variety,and as per her words,their menu offers that.she’s happy with her teachers,and the principal is very approachable.they deal everything in a matter-of-fact manner,no soft-sopping parents and behaving the other way around.i recommend this school sincerely.


  20. Swathi says:

    I am dissapointed with this school totally.Some teachers only teach well.Only
    some teachers give extra attention.


    meenakshi Reply:

    Hi Swathi…i am considering Greenwoods for my daughter. Could you share your number so that I can discuss this school in detail with you..thanks.


  21. Ajay says:

    We thought the Principal is a good decision maker. But sad . The sports coaches are pathetic. The current basketball person is so rude to the children and also looks very scary. Couple of times our kids have complained at home saying he uses bad words like loafer, bast….. etc. We brought to the notice of the principal but no action. The previous coach was very good and polite.

    Looks like the school is not bothered about the standard of the coaches. I think the sports coaching team lacks required skills qualification or must have produced fake degrees. We cannot send our students to the school which hires goons. Principal sir, please look at the sports team and replace them. What International levels you otherwise talk about?


  22. supriya says:

    We thought the Principal is a good decision maker. But sad . The sports coaches are pathetic. The current basketball person is so rude to the children and also looks very scary. Couple of times our kids have complained at home saying he uses bad words like loafer, bast….. etc. We brought to the notice of the principal but no action. The previous coach was very good and polite.

    Looks like the school is not bothered about the standard of the coaches. I think the sports coaching team lacks required skills qualification or must have produced fake degrees. We cannot send our students to the school which hires goons. Principal sir, please look at the sports team and replace them. What International levels you otherwise talk about?


  23. Kalpana says:

    I don’t like this school.Only some teachers are good in this school.
    The academics are not good. They give very little extra attention.
    In fact even the fees are extremely high. Once my son threw up because the food wasn’t cooked properly.The kids behave rudely and tease other kids if they don’t like them.Some of the boys talk in abusive language.They detain children for small reasons but they don’t take any actions for big mistakes.

    It is you to decide after reading my comment.


  24. Saritha says:

    Well actually I don’t think the academics is taught properly.Some teachers
    give extra attention to children who don’t understand the teaching concepts.
    But some don’t.The overall devolepment is not taken care that well. The fees
    are extremely high. Almost 3 lakhs. After my comments it is you who ha to


  25. Venkat says:

    My son goes to this school. He is finding the school really nice. The teachers are excellent and very helpful. I feel blessed that from US i landed in Bangalore and can get a school like Greenwood for my son…


    swami Reply:


    Please let me know which class your kid is admitted..iam looking for grade9 for my son and wanted some feedback.


    Shankar Reply:

    Hi swami, This is Shankar from US, planning to move back this year! I have a grade 9 kid also…! do you have more info about the school? could you please share it with me?


  26. Santosh says:


    Dear Mr. D’Mello:

    I am writing this email to wish you and your staff a great academic year. This is our 3rd year with you and we are extremely happy at GWH. We appreciate and acknowledge your efforts at improving GWH every year. My husband and I believe that the school principal is the key in leading the process of creating a shared vision for the school; students and faculty learn what is truly valued in a school by observing what school leaders pay attention to. We have found that successful Principal in you. We hope to see GWH grow and cherish in the years to come under your able guidance. We wish you many more accomplishments with GWH.

    Best Wishes,

    Parents of

    Adithya Sastry
    III A


  27. Kishore says:

    I really dont agree with few critisism on Greenwood. Perhaps its well known everywhere that no one can satisfy everyone and moreover when the school is growing with all respects. Occasional hiccups is bound to happen but one has to have little patience, but the stress around isnt helping much. I have two kinds going to this school who joined just a year back and for me if they come home happily is what matters most. Both by kids like all their teachers and coherts and I am sure this will continue.


  28. Dilip Raj says:

    I am a parent of Greenwood since 2 years and have seen tremendous improvement in Academics,Infrastrusture,Transport etc. Latest Annual day really impressed me a lot where I saw all the students participating which is a rarest of things to happen, perhaps the low teacher student ratio made it happen. I was witness to a number of incidents where the school went out of its way to help the parent body and student. I am very satisfied with this school and will contius my kids education here.


  29. Anoop Gupta says:

    My daughter passed this year with a very good percentage and all our gratification goes to Greenwood teachers and management. The school has nurtured my daughter who had joined since its inception. Her teachers throughout the years were very caring and helpful.She got adjusted to the food and apart from few days she never had any complaints. We just hoped that it had ISC also so that our daughter could have continued further.


  30. Abhay Kumar says:

    I have two kids studying in this school since 3 years. I have seen a great development overall with regards to infrastructure, quality in education, transport facility etc. I am sure to continue my children education in this school till I am in Bangalore as both me and my wife are equally satisfied.


  31. Reema Raghav says:

    The school is very bad.Well the food is not proper. The teachers do not teach properly. That too the campus is not good either. The teachers behave too unfair with the children. My child gets teased very badly. So I don’t like this school.


  32. Shanta Gupta says:

    Well the kids in the school are very spoilt. Even some of the teachers use bad words to the kids.
    My daughter gets bullied a lot. The food is not proper at all. One day my kid got a stomach ache because of the food . The school is so money minded. The children are getting detained for small things. So I am not continuing Greenwood High for my daughter.


  33. Vaishnavi says:

    i dont know much ’bout this school… but i think its ok…
    i wonder what the other guys wanna say ’bout this school!!!!?????!!!!
    what do u say guys?!


  34. anuraag says:

    And from some reliable resources i came to know that they are going to hike the school fee again by 40%.


  35. velur_ssk says:

    We put my daughter in this school after much search. Everyone said greenwood is a good school. She moved from Hyderabad from another international school – Oakridge. So I have a frame of reference to compare against.

    In just a few months my experience with this school is very bad. One of her teachers simply reads the lessons without explaining the concepts. Another teacher teaches okay but doesnt like being questioned. Their attitude towards children is very rude. One teacher asked the students to write some chapter in the book over and over for 1 full perioed as a punishment.

    This all has been a rude shock for us after a very positive experience in her previous international school – Oakridge.

    I have a feeling a “low fee” ICSE school would offer a better education than this one.


    farook Reply:

    Your perfectly right. This is but another ICSE school with a better student teacher ratio and a few sport periods. Their way of teaching is very conventional and the management is very unorganized. By the way oakridge is coming right next to it. May take another 3 to 4 years…..


    charu Reply:

    Hi ,

    I have admitted my child to greenwood high for grade 1 next session. she is moving from gear. In terms of studies we were kind of contented, but there are other huge disappointments namely poor infrastructure and their constant rude behaviour towards parents and their poor organization which is evident in sports day and annual day.
    @velur: Did you have a chance to talk to Principal regarding the same. I could not find any other good option on Sarjapur road , hence I had to go with it.


    Rajani Reply:

    Hi all,

    My husband is getting tranferred to B’lore. Children are studying in 7th and 5th at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi. Can anybody tell me which are the best schools in B’lore to admit my son in 8th and daughter in 6th. When I say ‘best schools’, it means good schools with good academics,good culture, good ethics and reasonable fees…

    Kindly mail me at


    Guest Reply:

    Try and aditi and vidhya shilp.


  36. Monica says:

    My kid goes to the koramangala pre school branch. Fee is high but per child teacher student ratio is good. (My kid has 17 students in his class) and the staff is experienced and good. Mrs. Grace who runs the school has done a great job. About snacks they are pricey but I believe some of them come from Koshy’s which is the landmark food joint for Bangalore.


  37. neeta says:

    if your son or daughter is a good performer(speach/drama) on stage then forget about his talent. the chances of ur ward being on stage depend on his LOOKS. that is if he/she is fair well built then he will always be given chance of being on the stage and deliver dialogue, perform something.otherwise also he/she will be given a chance but will be standing somewhere in the corner.

    i dont understand where the concept of the OVERALL DEVELOPMENT would come here.
    equal imporatance to all the kids should be given and NOT to there LOOKS.

    school is the place to nurture the kids’ talents. i dont think this is happening in this school.


  38. parvathy says:

    Hi Supara and Sahithu,
    could you share your contact numbers as i want to enroll my child too.would be of great help to get some feedback.


  39. parvathy says:

    ihi Sahithu,i
    s this the first time he experienced this?how is the overall performance of the child otherwise in terms of behavior etc.??


  40. Sahithu says:

    I am very disappointed with the school. Last year when my kid was in greenwood high my son complained that the teacher called him very bad and rude words and scolded my son. He came home crying.The teenagers bring laptops,celphones,portable video games,etc even though in the diary it says that they will be taken away if brought to school.In the cantene once after eating he threw up in the class.Even I saw the food little, it was very old. For such a simple food it is too expesive.


  41. supara G says:

    Can you pls let me know ur Phone number, I like to admit my son in Green Wood international so kindly mail me u phone number so that i can contact u.


  42. Akshatha says:

    Bad school, only campus is appealing, these ppl are money minded, they just look for excuses for asking for more money, transport and fees is very high. its teaching style is completely conventional old school types where the students are suppose to mug-up without understanding, lot of HomeWork is given everyday, my child is in 3 grade,she is already exhausted returning from shcool at 4:30, then sit with HW where is the time for playing, i believe playing is equally imp for healthy development of the child. here child only learns pomp and show, i have myself witnessed 3rd grade boys talking to eachother in abusive language, could be due to presence of NRI children in the class .i am definately taking my child out of this school by end of this session.


  43. Rita says:

    I agree. The fees are way too high. I am writing about the school at Koramangala. The teachers change too often. My child had 4 teachers last year and this is his second teacher this year.
    Al they are worried about is making money. They asked for a lot of money as admission fees. Much more than any other school.
    Much more than other schools. I didn’t have a problem paying them when I believed all the promises that were made.
    But now that I know I feel like I shouldn’t have been fooled by all the talk. So all the parents who read this you are being forewarned.


  44. Kriya says:


    I am planning on enrolling my son who will be going into the 6th at Greenwood High. I want to know how the teachers are and how good are the academics? How do they take care of the overall development of the kid? How do the teachers take care of teaching concepts? Do they give extra attention to students who may need the extra help in certain subjects or topics? Thanks a lot to whoever chooses to reply back to my query….


  45. Rajita Saxena says:

    Fees is extremely high ..close to 1.8L per year for lower grages :( + ridiculously high transport charges


  46. lena says:

    The fee structure is almost 3 lakhs preema, they also take extra money during the school year.


  47. v good says:

    The school is fabulous…good teachers, good infrastructure…my experience is they are not money minded. my kid too was very happy on the very first visit…i have compared this school with 10-15 diff school/playhomes and found this one to be the best for my kid!

    All the best for other parents,


  48. anushya says:

    I don’t like the food. They once put in the newspaper that 5 star chefs come and cook and the food is followed by 5 cuisines everyday. But they give only indian food which is not even proper. Once they served pasta which is made of tomato soup. Yuck! That too even though they get so much money that they can afford to buy pasta sauce they don’t. The school is just like an ordinary school. There is no point in paying almost 3 lakhs. That too they detain everybody if they don’t wear their blazer or any part of their uniform on the assembly(blazer is 5th grade onwards). That too especially dating in teenage . The management is not aware of this . They give more importance to extra activities more than education. Suppose, a child goes late to an activity class they get punished. They grab money by giving too many holidays. Teenagers bring cellphones which nobody cares. We don’t pay so much just for such slow transport. It takes almost one and a half hours. My child says that the buses are dirty and not properly cleaned. The teachers are not so good and the school management is not aware of saying bad words and bullying. The teachers are not giving enough homework. I am very disappointed. I hate the school!



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