The International School Bangalore (TISB), Whitefield, Bangalore

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TISB, BangaloreThe International School Bangalore (TISB) is one of the premier education institutes in Bangalore. It is a private school founded by Dr. K. P. GopalKrishna and is a sister school of National Public Schools, Bangalore.

The focus of the school is not only on academic excellence but also on all-round development of students. The students are mostly from rich NRI families as the fees is very high.

The other thing about this school is that their session ends somewhere in August so most of the Indian competitive exams are over by then. The staff at TISB said their focus is on getting students into premier institutes in USA, UK, Australia etc.

School The International School Bangalore (TISB)
Address The International School
NAFL Valley, Whitefield – Sarjapur Road,
Near Dommasandra Circle,Bangalore – 562 125
Karnataka, India.Phone: +91 80 27822550
Medium of Education English
Affiliations TISB is affiliated to IB Diploma Programme and IGCSE
Grades Classes from pre KG to Grades X
Residential/Day/Mix Day and Boarding
Handicapped Students  
Year Established 2000
Number of Students ~800
Student Teacher Ratio 25:1
School timings 8 am to 3:30 pm
School results
Extracurricular activities Art Society,Business@school
Chess,Dance,Drama,Electronics,Hobbies Unlimited,Indoor Games,Table Tennis,Badminton,Squash,Billiards,Karate,Creative Writing,Model United Nations,Music,Scrabble,Speech and Debate,Soft Ball,Web Design
Map based location
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Principal Dr Matthew Sullivan
Branches None
School Transport
School Building and Campus tisb
Facilities Libraries, laboratories, art studio, drama space, music room, audio-visual room, art auditorium, athletic track, hockey, cricket and football fields, swimming pool, basketball, volleyball, tennis, squash and badminton courts, billiard room and a gymnasium
School Pictures and Videos image image image
image image image
Admission The admissions are normally completed between January and June for most classes. Entrance tests and interviews are held for entry into the middle and senior schools.
Download the application form for TISB

Admission Procedure

The school is always pleased to receive enquiries from parents without commitment on their part and encourages them to visit the school with their child, by prior appointment, in order to find out as much as possible about the institution.

Once they are convinced this is the right school for their child, parents are requested to submit the required documents and follow procedures set out below to enable us to consider their children for admission.

1. Fill out the application form for Registration.

2. For entry into KGI, the student must have attained the age of 4 years by August. The boarding facilities are open to students from Grade IV upwards.

3. Submit the application form together with a copy of the child’s three years reports, a copy of the birth certificate, three

passport size photographs and character certificate (applicable to students above Grade III)

4. Include a non-refundable deposit of US $100 with the application form (local parents to pay Rs.3, 000.00) towards registration.

5. Wait to be called for testing and interview. Parents will be notified about the date and venue for the tests. Children must

ensure that they arrive promptly.

6. The tests will be conducted as follows:

  • For entry into KG1 KG2 : Informal testing
  • For entry into grade I to III : Basic skills, comprehension etc.
  • For entry into grades IV to V : English & Mathematics
  • For entry into grades VI to XII : English, Mathematics, Science

There is no fixed syllabus for any of these tests. They follow a multiple choice question paper pattern. Students must carry a pencil and an eraser with them. Calculators are not permitted.

An evaluation will be carried out on the basis of the marks obtained in the tests and three years reports. Short listed candidates will be called for an interview.

7. You will be contacted within a fortnight, informing you whether your application has been successful.

8. If your child is offered a place at the school and you wish to accept it, you must pay the first semester fees immediately.

Failure to do so will render the seat being cancelled and being offered to the candidate next on the waiting list.

9. On being granted admission, the following forms will need to be filled in:


Agreement / Indemnity Bond

10. Successful candidates, after paying the first installment of fees, must pick up the following slips from the office.

Class entry slips

Dorn entry slips

Students are not permitted into the hostels / classrooms, it they do not have the above slips.

11. Grade XI admission – IB

a. On passing the entrance examination, provisional admission will be offered to candidates seeking admission into

Grade XI.

b. Successful candidates will be required to pay the first semester fees and produce the following documents.

1, School Leaving Certificate

2. Pass Certificate or equivalent document.

12. Subject choice – Grade XI and XII

Student will be assessed on the subject chosen and if found suitable will be permitted to carry on studying subjects of

their choice. If the candidate is found to be weak in the concerned subject(s), the parents will be notified and proper

guidance will be provided for alternative choice of subject.

13. Status

a. Students admitted as year boarders will not be permitted to change their status at any point of time.

b. Week boarders may be permitted to change to year boarders, while day boarders may change to week or year boarder

depending upon availability of vacancies in the homes. The difference in fees will need to be paid. Once the change

has been made, students will not be permitted to revert back to their old status.

c. If due to unforeseen circumstances, a year boarder changes to a week boarder / day boarder or a week boarder

changes to a day boarder, fees will neither be refunded nor adjusted.

14. Withdrawals & Refunds

a. Under no condition will any refund be made once the child has been granted admission.

b. If fees are not paid on time, parents will be asked to withdraw their children or a fine of 10 % will be levied.

c. Year end (after one academic year) withdrawals must be intimated to the office in writing by April 30th failing which a

penalty of one term fees will be levied.

15. Travel

The school arranges to pickup / drop outstation students from the airport according to the vacation schedule listed in the

school calendar. To ensure smooth functioning of the travel department concerning leaving and receiving students,

bookings will be done by the school. Written permission accompanied by advance payment is a prerequisite for travel

arrangements. Parents who do not wish to avail the travel arrangement by the school will be required to make their own

arrangements, including pickup and drop from the airport. Pick up from the airport will only be done according to the

arrival dates as per the calendar.

16. Payment of fees

1. Fees are to be paid in one or two installments.

2. Occasional cost incurred by the children (lost books damage to the school plant etc.) will be billed to the parents.

3. Cost towards excursions, pocket-money, uniform, telephone, travel etc. must be paid in advance.

4. Bank transfers should be made to : The International school – NAFL Trust, Standard Chartered Bank, Bangalore, Account No. 45605011460 for foreign currency depositors and Rupee Account No,45605011460 for Indian Rupee depositors.

SWIFT Address of Bangalore branch : SCBLINBBXXX

For further details kindly contact : Admission Office

The International School
NAFL Valley, Whitefield – Sarjapur Road,
Near Dommasandra Circle,

Bangalore – 562 125
Karnataka, India.

Phone: +91 80 27822550


Fees ~ Rs 5,60,000 (day scholar) and ~ Rs 6,50,000 (boarder)

Please review TISB and provide feedback by using “post your review button below”

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102 Responses to “The International School Bangalore (TISB), Whitefield, Bangalore”
  1. shahida says:

    exactly the fees are very high!can anybody please tell me, what makes the fees very high.


    S Reply:

    Can somebody confirm what is the fees for TISB for fresh admissions at this time? I hear numbers from 6L to 8L. I’m looking for 6th and 9th grades.


  2. krithi says:

    hello i want to know about the present openings in the school? please let me know


  3. happy00 says:


    I’m considering enrolling my two kids in grade 1 and 3 at TISB. Money is not a constraint but I want a school that is very good. I would love to hear your thoughts on tisb’s teaching faculty, academic performance, facilities, management etc.

    I also hear Indus being mentioned…which of these two schools would be better?


    Guest Reply:

    Depending upon your location Tisb or vidhya shilp


  4. happy00 says:


    I’m planning to enrol my two kids at TISB. Grade 1 and 3. I want to know your thoughts on their teaching faculty, facilities, discipline, safety etc. Fees is not a constraint – I’m looking for a school that will keep my kids happy!


  5. bob says:

    My daughter and son are both currently going to TISB. I reccomend it to anyone! My daughter got first in the state in English and my son got 93 in the world in Maths. They are both exceling in sports as they have 4-5 periods of sports a week. During those periods (its grade wise) either girls or boys go for swimming and the other group goes for soccer, cricket, hockey, basketball, throwball or athletics. Each period is ffor 45 minutes, even in academics. From Grade 1-5 the subjects are English, Math, Social Studies, Science, Art, Drama, Life Skills and Guided Reading where the English teacher sits with the class with a novel (all students get copies) usually like Roald Dahl or famous authors. When the students go to school in the morning, they have 2 periods and then a juice break, in which juice and buiscuits are served. The break is for 15 minutes. Then another 2 periods then lunch. There is Indian and Continental food available. Then there is a 25 minute break to run around and let your energy loose! Then another 2 periods and then ANOTHER 10 minute break in which different snack is served every day and chocolate milk. After another 2 periods the students go home by an AC bus.
    Hope this helps,


  6. sunu says:


    i wanted to join as a school counsellor in tisb
    but don know hows is the staff and environment

    can anyone let me kno


  7. Shubhangi says:

    i am a 9 grader student and i wanted to know if TISB has a very hard interview or entrance exam. also i wanted to know if it tales a very long time to be shortlisted out of the waiting list.thanks


    Death Reaper Reply:

    Well ofc, being a premier school, it has a tough entrance test, where you will probably fail. good luck anyway.


  8. sanjana says:

    Why the school is conducting entran to the Kg childrens.

    Do not discourage such young children when they are at 4-5 years of age.



  9. sanjana says:

    Why the school is conducting entran to the Kg childrens & keeping hard to thier minds.I hope it is better to take childrens admitted on first come first admin and develop such kind with your school standards & staff perfomance.

    It is great to your school if you do so.Do not discourage such young children when they are at 4-5 years of age.



  10. Mani says:

    Grass is always greener on the other side :-)


  11. shanti says:

    hi i would like to get a feedback about the school and faculty for IB curriculam.


  12. shanti says:

    hi george, my son is trying for grade 11 of TISB, from the review i am very scared now to put him there. can you tell me about the US admission hopes the school boasts in all their presentations overseas??? is it all show off or fact? i would appreciate your respons.


    Guest Reply:

    The IB diploma program has six subjects in all. Points are awarded from 1 to 7. Up to three additional points are awarded depending on the grades achieved in the extended essay and theory of knowledge, so the maximum possible point total in the IBDP is 45. Depending on the number of points a student gets he is awarded a university seat paid of under a scholarship. There are many schools who manage to put their students in universities like Harvard, Stanford or Caltech. The reason why tisb has such a high rate of scholarships is because they filter out students in the beginning of grade 9 and let only those continue who have an exceptional academic record.


  13. george says:

    i am a former student from tisb and i just wanted to say that tisb has probably the best grade results of any school I’ve ever seen. But the fact of the matter is, if you want your child to find himself or herself in one of the most unfriendly and most strict school in bangalore then apply them to tisb. I spent four years there and never once felt accepted into their so called open and multi cultural society. i am white, and not indian. i was made fun of and embarrassed. The teaching program also has no aid to weaker students. the program moves ridiculously fast and no teacher ever turns around to help one of the weaker students. oh and if your child plays any sports their dreams of becoming pro athlete can go down the drain as well. The facilitates are horrible and the coaches don’t know anything about the sports they are teaching, and they themselves have no clue how to coach. i had two friends at that school and most of the time i couldn’t even consider them friends.
    I’m sorry if this does not help you. but your child’s education is important, but would you want to put them through the worst 4 years of there life? the rules don’t just make them dull and boring, but the teachers and staff will try to find a way to break your child. no one can speak out, if you do you are ridiculed and shouted at for the most innate and pointless reasons. thank you for your time


    farook Reply:

    Agreed. The fact is that they have turned education into a business. If its one thing they are concerned with its the money, if there is a second thing its how to keep earning the money. They would throw out all the weak students to keep the school results good. I do believe a bill is going to be passed shortly where schools are to show their complete accounts to the government and they decide the fee.

    Which school are you in now. Have you tried Canadian, stonehill or trio?


    damira Reply:

    I used to go to TISB for 8 years, and I enjoyed every second. If you have a question, just ask the teacher and he or she will answer. Our sports facilities are spectacular, I just don’t see what you’re talking about. And the first few week you are there, the teachers will personally assign you a ‘buddy’ to help you around school. Their are some rules, BUT THEY ARE BASIC RULES. Here are the basic rules: No bullying, treat people how you want to be treated, don’t be rude to teachers and just be friendly. I don’t know any other schools without these rules. And I don’t think going for overnight fieldtrips to Coorg with 4 teachers making your child ‘dull and boring’ The teachers are strict, but no teacher likes being back talked to and will only give you a detention if you are EXTREMELY rude and if you dont do homework 4 days in a row. And just saying, but weaker students, even after explaining countless times and dont understand, will be put into, suppose he or she is weak in English, English CCC. And you are most definetly allowed to speak out and share your ideas. Brainstorms and discussion are held every class, and you can speak out. ‘ But the teachers and staff will try to find a way to break your child’ I’m sorry, I don’t get what your saying here. If you mean being so rude and misunderstandind to your child they become too scared to talk or look around, then thats 1.WRONG 2.WRONG 3.WRONG. That is not true. And about having 2 ‘friends’ that cant be possible. If a teacher sees you sad and lonely, they will help you find new friends. Or maybe you weren’t trying hard enough. I’m sorry, but you must have made a mistake. I have no clue what you are talking about and it dosen’t make sense.
    Thanks for reading this,


  14. Nice post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I’m inspired! Very useful info specifically the ultimate phase :) I care for such information much. I used to be seeking this particular info for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.


  15. dipti says:

    hi charu,my son wants to do IB from tisb (residential).he is doing 10th IG in vidyaship acadamy. my greatest fear is that will tisb give him the environment to maintain his dicipline, family values, respect towards elders and hid focus towards acheiving real goals toward life.


  16. Nisha says:

    My son is studying in TISB, this is his 3rd year and iam very much satisfied with the kind of activities and growth happening. It is the individual perception and priority of parents as what is more important and where do you see the value of education.

    Yes any other school can also give a lot of support system that TISB is providing, but for me the enviornment is more important as it will shape the personality and individuality of the child in long run and yes at TISB, Iam surely a very Happy Parent. You may say TISB is very expensive, but if you consider the cost of education as an investment in your child career, you will appreciate the returns. More than what you learn in books, or at exam preparations – what makes your child’s individuality is the culture, the enviornment, the attention, participation and exposure.

    Iam proud to be a TISBian parent.


  17. abhisheksahay says:

    Ha, Ha,Ha….Ms Shivakumari Pity on u.


  18. prachi says:


    i am looking for a IB school for my son, to get admission in LKG
    can anybody please tell me the approx. fees structure in TISB.

    Regards & Thanks,


    tanya Reply:

    The fees for day boarder is Rs. 5,60,000 and the fees for Rs. 6,50,000. TISB is a very boring and strict school, and I would not recommend it to any parent looking for a school for their child. International schools are a waste of time, I’d go with the Indian School board, such as CBSE or ICSE, and if you are staying abroad and your child as already started to go to school, then ICSE will be the better choice, as Second Language i.e. Hindi is not required. If you and your child plan on settling in India, then its best for them to learn through the Indian Board, as they will get a taste of Indian daily life and culture, because College will show them all types of students. And if they don’t know how to cope with the different behaviors, they will be very stressed, leading to suicide. Indian Board of Education is the way to go, if you want your child to excel in life, that is.


  19. Amit says:

    The school is not good at all…..


  20. Aarthi says:

    Exactly,the fees are very high,so I am thinking whether I should put my son
    in the school or not.I do not understand that what makes the fees very high.
    Can anybody please tell me, what makes the fees very high.


    farook Reply:

    The teaching staff, infrastructure and most of all students who pass IB are placed in worlds top universities. I did short list it for my daughter but ultimately left it as the management is too hard on students. They are more interested in having a good results in the school than to train the ” weaker ” students. Our children mus not be pressurized into doing something. Give them room to blossom and they would show their talent


  21. Anuradha says:

    Yeah one way what the other parents say is correct,too much strict rules
    make our children bored and dull.I think instead of being strict for
    unwanted things like proper hairstyle or proper dressing,they should be
    strict for bullying bringing cellphones etc.Even my son says that.


  22. Vandana says:


    I totally agree with you about exhorbitant fees of tisb. the middle income group will find himself/herself out of place & in comparison inferior no doubt. I too was looking for an international curriculam at affordable fees.
    the idea being to give the child education which arouses interest rather than the age old mug the text book way. am in the process of looking for a school in bangalore at present. indeed tisb website looks impressive , so do the sites of stone hill international and also mallya aditi international. again stone hill seems too high feewise. have you been able to zero down on any schools. do share info if available. good luck to you.



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