Vibgyor High, Airport Whitefield Road, Marathalli, Bangalore

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image Vibgyor High school is located on airport road, Bangalore with branches on Pune, Mumbai, and Vadodara has classes so far till grade 7. It has Sawal Das Jethani as the trustee of the school.

School Vibgyor High, Marathalli, Bangalore
Address 58/1, Thubarahallli, Whitefield Road,

Bangalore – 560066

Phone: +91 80 42 777 000


Medium of Education English
Affiliations VH Marthahalli has got its affiliation from


VIBGYOR High is a member of International Schools Association, Geneva

Grades VH Marathahalli – Nursery to Grade IX

VH Haralur Road – Nursery to

Grade VII

VK Whitefield – Playschool to Sr. KG

Residential/Day/Mix Day school
Handicapped Students Inclusive education meaning all the students in a school, regardless of their strengths or weaknesses (disability/ difference) in any area, become part of the school community
Year Established 2006
Number of Students
Student Teacher Ratio Playschool & Nursery is 8:1

Jr. KG onwards 12:1

School timings The regular timings for school from Monday to Friday are as follows:-

Playschool is 9.00am to 11.30am

Nursery to Sr. KG: 8.30AM TO


Grade I onwards: 8.30am to 3.00pm

School results
Extracurricular activities Dance, Theatre, Gymnastics, Jazz, Swimming, Basketball, Chess, Cricket, Kick Boxing, Skating,Yoga


Map based location
Principal VH Marathahalli – Ms. Archana Srivastava (Principal)


Haralur Road – Ms. Abha Sinha (Vice Principal)

VK Whitefield – Ms. Ami



Branches Mumbai Pune Vadodara Bangalore

Three new branches have come up in Bangalore.

1. Bangalore HSR Extention

VIBGYOR HIGH (Nursery to Grade VI)

107/1, Royal Placid,

Haralur Road (HSR Extension),

Banglore – 560034

Phone: 080 4096 8427 / 8428 / 8429


2. Bangalore Whitefield

VIBGYOR KIDS (Playschool to Sr. KG)

No. 3 & 4, Giddens Layout (Behind Foodworld),


Banglore – 560066

Phone: 080 4096 1312 / 1313


3. Bangalore HSR Layout

VIBGYOR KIDS (Playschool & Nursery)

1009, 18th Cross, 8th Main,

HSR Layout, Sector 7,

Banglore – 560066

Phone: 90086 01021 / 22


School Transport Bus facility is available for all students.
School Building and Campus image
Facilities and Infrastructure Computer Lab, Classrooms conducive to learning

Library, Visual Art Studio, Science Observation Lab, Open Air Amphitheater, Sand Pit, Sick Bay, Doll House, Canteen, SPA (Sports & Performing Arts)

Admission Details For admission details please contact:

Phone: +91 80 4205 3101 / 02 / 03


Fees Admission Fees: Rs 10,000

Annual Fees: ~ Rs 50,,000

Fee Details

Contact Details Address:

58/1, Thubarahalli

Behind Shriram Samruddhi Apartments

Varthur Road (Marathalli)

Banglore – 560066

Phone: +91 80 4205 3101 / 02 / 03


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298 Responses to “Vibgyor High, Airport Whitefield Road, Marathalli, Bangalore”
  1. someone says:

    i think u are wrong do your kids go to vibgyor high my kids do not like the teachers


  2. Dharmendra Chohan says:

    My experience with vibgyor has been bad. Our child was victim of bullying and class teacher negligence. On escalating these issues the coordinator was rude, had no empathy and neither showed any inclination to resolve the issue. The same approach was of the principal.
    I urge parents not to get carried away with admissions open throughout the year. Do proper research before admitting their child in this school.


  3. anoymous says:

    Decent type of school…


  4. Vasu says:

    The school at haralur road is pathetic. You will have to teach your kid English all over again. In their recent ptm, ihad the chance of meeting the teachers of my son and I was surprised to hear their english. God knows what language my son is going to speak. They are very strict and do not let children feel comfortable in sharing their questions or concerns. If they favour a kid, they will ignore all the wrong doings even if he is harassing other kids. They have a double standard, one in front of parents and the other when your kid is all on his own with them. The building keeps on rising very year. And children have to climb 3 floors with heavy bags.


  5. Usha says:

    My experience with the marathahalli branch had been very good, but has changed the new principal has come in, things are looking like they will go downhill if she does not stop being so haughty and rude.


  6. SH says:


    Here is the latest bomb from the school. One of the teachers (in the same bus of my child) told me that the school is breaking the canteen & all other SPA rooms to make more classrooms as they have taken hundreds of more children, for whom there are no classrooms. I was also shocked to know that the ground next door (for parking of buses & playground) is only “temporary” & might not be with the school in the next academic year. Where do the buses get parked? Where do the children play? Why was this not told when we took admission? There are also strong rumours that the current principal has been asked to go as she has been raising some valid concerns of parents in front of the Mumbai management.

    I chose this school due to it’s proximity to my place of stay but I think I have had enough. Even if my children have to travel extra, I am moving my children to another school, before it’s too late. I cannot be taking a risk by continuing my children with a school where quality of teachers is going down continuously, management is not bothered about anything & parents are just treated as a “cheque.”

    Any suggestions for a school? I am exploring Greenwood, Inventure, Chrysalis, Deen’s etc.


  7. Maya says:

    VH school is good and teachers are very good. However looks like most of them are not interested in the road near kundalahalli. Kids are suffering with dust pollution, and school buses are racing sometimes. Parents, kids and teachers are suffering and they need to to the roller coaster ride. Most of them getting back pains. Rainly season will be horrible ? Last years many accidents due to the bad road. This creates traffic block near areas. Most of the schools are laying proper roads for commutation. all the roads are good except this school road.

    Except this bad road school is good.


    WishIDidNotSelectVibgyorHighForMyKids Reply:

    @Maya sorry but we are doubting the basic human principles at this school. For example parents were recently asked to sign a disclaimer regarding French subject…and guess what school was not willing to share a copy of this disclaimer (which parents are signing) with the parent. Why? Why would school not want to share a copy of the agreement which parents have signed? Are we asking for something too much here as parents. School officials say their principal Ms. Pamela Ghosh has told not to give copies of the agreement to the parents. Why? Why Mrs Principal..why don’t you want to share information with parents? Something is not right @ this school regarding basic human principles. Wonder what my kids will be learning @ this school when the principal herself has rules which do not make any sense? I am terribly dissatisfied :(.


  8. Deepa Rao says:

    This is one of the worst schools, as they dont teach basic manners to kids. We came to know that there is differentiation between junior and main teachers in Vibgyor and children are taught the same. A birthday child does not offer chocolates to junior teachers. They are being treated as junk, surprisingly the main teacher never tells the child to offer sweets to junior teachers. Thus seeds of differentiation are sown in childhood. This is a small incident but will have a big impression on children.
    Apart from the above the teachers and staff are not that great as they appear so think twice before putting your kid in this school.


    Raj Reply:

    “A birthday child does not offer chocolates to junior teachers”
    I seriously think you have to grow up a bit!!!


  9. usha says:

    We have had a very bad experience with the current principal at Marathahalli. All was well till the new person joined the school. Unfortunately, she seems to have forgotten that she is an educator first and an administrator later. She puts business needs above children and will do anything to increase revenue for the school, even at the cost of a dozen children suffering. She is highly unapproachable and will not even meet parents. One has to take an appointment and she will talk to only one person at a time in her “chambers”. There is no PTA and if you’re rich you will be given an audience. I would highly caution you before seeking admission for your child at the Marathahalli branch. We’re taking our kids out of there.


  10. Nitin says:

    Does the VH have a PTA? (Parent Teachers Assoication) that constantly interacts with the school management?.

    How involved are parents in proposing/suggesting improvement ideas to the school management?



  11. LG says:

    There is no proper road leading to the school – just a muddy one. Roller coaster ride free of cost guaranteed.

    This is one of the worst managed schools in the area to say the least.
    The management is very hungry for money but dont care a bit for hte kids and the least for the parents who shell out such big amounts.
    They dont even give the holidays which were declared in the beginning of the year. In the name of annual day they call the students for rehearsals even on Saturdays but when it comes to giving holidays they back out saying the syllabus is not complete.
    If we send the kid to school, by afternoon they are sent back as most of the teachers dont turn up on these days. When they cant tell their own staff to behave right, how do they expect these small children to do so? What motivation do parents have to send them the next time?


  12. leena says:


    I have very bad experience with this school. The new principal PAMELA GHOSH is very very very much arrogant. She does not know how to speak with parents.She acts as if she is so busy…she does not even talk to the parents for their concerns. She does not even smile. The previous principal was so good, always smiling and talking to parents and children. They are increasing sections of the class so much its 19-20 sections. its trash. Please stop increasing sections.They are not maintaining the education quality there. this school has become like a money making school. taking so much of money from the children and not giving quality of education. Coordinators of the pre primary are always says, will are working on it. and nothing they are doing. Why do you assure when you dont do it….??
    I think u should increase your school standers, not increase the sections.
    Please get good principal maam. who knows how to deal with parents and be good with children and also knows to smile and be reachable any time.
    think twice when u want to consider this school…bye…bye



  13. N V says:

    My kids have been going to Vibgyor High since 2008, when we returned from the US to Bangalore.I found the school good in terms of academics, SPA and their holistic approach. They helped in the transition (from a US educational system to the Indian system) for my kids with providing extra support for the 2nd language. The previous 2 principals were very friendly, they knew their students very well and sometimes addressed them by their names. Overall communication between the school and the parents was pretty good.

    This year the Principal has changed, a Vice Principal has been added. They both do not seem to think from the student or the parent perspective. The functioning of the school has now left me and quite a few other parents wondering whether they both were actually in the Education sector prior to this.. and how long will these two take in settling down instead of showing their high-handedness in getting things done.
    We put our kids in VH because it was not just another regular school..


  14. sunni says:

    Principal is arrogant and she dont know how to respect parents/employees. She dont even have the manners to meet parents/employees.


  15. swapna says:

    i was actually planning to put my child in this school, after going through the comments, im very happy with my child studying in Vidya Sagar and i have changed my mind that i will not change my daughter’s school.


  16. Worried parent says:

    My son has been studying here for past 1.5 year. The school’s communication system is not upto mark. Any important messages are communicated to children and its your luck if your child remembers to tell you.

    Based on number of students and teachers, its all your luck what kind of teacher your child gets and based on that how much he really learns. Unfortunately my child never got a very competent teacher and every time we talked to them, the school’s philosophy, vision etc. seemed just hollow words on the website. Management has changed this year and there seems to be more chaos.SPA teachers are also not very much qualified and sometimes indulge in punishment methods for discipline. They have made local language mandatory from 4th grade and the teacher is not able to explain to non-local children properly. The quality of teachers and management staff need to improve substantially for this school. The school in no-way currently is working on soft-skills of the children instead they work on instilling some fear of principal and teachers in child and eventually child looses self-confidence.

    School parking, which is supposed to be playground turned into parking, is inadequate and during any PTM or school functions the streets get packed and traffic gets uncontrollable. School in anyway is not able to manage anything here. The street leading to school is ‘kachcha road’ and I don’t understand why can’t a school follow up with authorities to get it fixed.

    I am waiting for school-year to end to withdraw my child from here. I would not recommend this school to anyone.


  17. Saddiq says:

    I went to the Harlur road branch of the Vibgyor school and was shocked to see a teacher dragging a KG student from one class to another shouting at the student, did not expect this from a school boasting of high standards. Also, heard that their toilet facilities are not good. 1 toilet for the whole lower KG class (around 8 to 10 sections) which is really bad and not properly maintained. One of the student told me that the ayyas are flushing the toilet once after 3 to 4 students using it only and that tells the story.


  18. XYZ says:


    Vibgyor Haralur i think is not trasparent employer. they do not explain the policies in detail to their teachers. They expect the teachers to abide to their so called policies and terms and conditions from day one even before they are given appointment letters but their HR person, the wya she talks as if though she is obliging by appointing you as a teacher. She will offer you ajob which is far away from your caliber and what you deserve and then start negotiating for the position that she can offer you. Over and above that unlike other organisations they expect the teacher to give one month notice before leaving even before giving the appointment letter. At the time oif joinibg the HR will tell u to submit a big set of documents and will say that after you submit you will get the appointment letter but actually afterwards you will know that the policy says iot will come after 1 month. Ideally in all organisations the notice period before the appointment letter is 1 week.
    In my case since i was not enjoying the teaching method , i decided to quit immediately after 10 days of my joining. i informed the coordinator about the same. She did not tell me to give it in writing and then after 4 days when i went again to check what is she deciding about my relieveing I am told to meet the HR , she tells me to meet the rpincipal and then i am informed of writing a resignation letter. The Principal is kind enough to discuss as to why i wnat to leave and finally asks me to put a date on the resignation as they need to get a replacement. Ethically i also feel yes atleast 1 week is needed and i agreed to continue for 1 more week. I also explained to the prinicpal that it is only because i did not enjoy the teaching pattern i want to quit and the sooner i do it is better for the children because once the bonding is built the children face problems to accept the change. As a teacher I thought it is important to be a value driven person and be ethical and truthful and thus I gave a correct reason of leaving. On my last working dya when i went to speak to HR person who is very rude and arrogant she tells me that since i have not served one month notice period I will not be paid. I think the notice period comes into question after the probation period and the appointment leter. In short i have given a donation of wroking hours to Vibgyor. They do not respect a person’s ethics and values nor are they concerned about the children that what if i had continued to be there for 1 more month just to earn my salary, what impact would it have on the children.

    So I think it is important to think and clarify the things with the so called HR person before joining. And idf she starts offering you a job as a toy room incahrge and then when you start negotiating it may go up to a main teacher then pls do not be surprised.


  19. Archana says:

    hi laxmi do u know who is the principal of the school…..


  20. Archana says:

    Does anybody know the name of the principal. I heard principal changed sometime in summer and the info is not available anywhere on their website……


  21. Priti says:

    I think u have a concern bcoz the teachers at vibgyor are indeed beautiful… N they a do a great job too.. All kids in the class participate in all the activities and are pampered equally.. God knows wer you got these crazzzzzzzy ideas from….


  22. hello says:

    Overall vibgyor is good in terms of their main school in bombay. All the material related to teaching comes directly from main branch. Their focus on the SPA program is good.

    Just because they get all the material from main branch, they started hiring unqualified teachers starting 2011-2012 year. Unqualified means no BEd or MEd degree. Many teachers, get trained on job and prepare for BEd exams.

    I request the new principal of vibgyor high to be transparent and publish all the teachers name, and their qualification and experience.

    I recently heard that all you need to do is a phone call to vibgyor and you get a job.

    Imagine the number of sections they have now for each class and the number of teachers needed to maintain.

    Overall, i am concerned about the quality of the education being dropped. if the right teachers are recruited probably vibgyor can sustain the quality.

    The information on this website about school is very old and not true anymore. vibgyor Kids, whitefield branch is no longer functioning, rather the principal of the kids school and director of Marathahalli branch, got together and started a new school in whitefield.


  23. Lakshmi says:

    When I took the admission at this school for my kid, I expected a minimum standard from the school. As far as the fees is concerned, they are no.2 in bangalore. But I am not satisfied with the school. Principal is arrogant and she dont know how to respect parents. She dont even have the manners to meet parents. Transport co-ordinnator is a 20-25 aged guy who does not have any resposnsibility. Since the classes are started very recently, I cannot comment on the education system there. But for sure, I will not recommend this school to any one.


  24. Rahul says:

    well, “MeWorry’.. looks definitely like a representative of VIBGYOR dont need to have knowledge on internet psychology and cyber-behavior to understand that this reply is a reflection of his/her frustration when somebody accuses the school of anything..or simply point out the negative sides of it, hez just not ready to accept the fact !!!

    Pls understand, wen u send a reply post showing so much anger on the posts and concern about the school, the readers here are no fools to understand that u belong to the school management..


  25. RK Gupta says:

    Very true..The VH at Maratahalli is pathetic. The teachers are all bored housewives who think teaching kindergarten is easy and earns money too. Their communication skills are pathetic. I mean I can understand having such teachers if I am paying 20K per year…but after paying 1L p.a its taken for a ride. The teachers donot have any patience dealing with small kids. Most of them donot have kids or are going to have kids. They have joined there to get rid of the identity crisis the housewives are having nowadays. The only issue I am having is that they are getting rid of their identity crisis by giving my child one…


  26. Raaziya says:


    As a parent I am very happy with my child’s education. Vibgyor Of Harlur is really doing well. Teachers are very educative, sensible and trained.


  27. ds says:


    I need review on VH for grade 7.My son is currently in GWH and planing to shift in VH does anyone have an idea about academic and social environment in higher class.



  28. Gargi says:

    Is anyone having Grade 2 syllabus?


  29. kartik says:

    It is really pathetic inside Vibgyor, haralur road. Its just that the building looks good from outside and the teachers and principal speak so pleasing…its only words but no action. No good education. Teachers they want to just show off their beauty. Good for nothing. No proper attention to students though they give 1:2 or 2:1 or whatever ratio they give. All kids are not let to participate in programs — they have their own pets and pampered ones to take part. Emotional degradation is too much. I hereby advice those who are reading this please please donot destroy or trouble your tender ones. They will fade or die here ….. rather let them bloom in a different place…..Think well before you put them in this drainage.


  30. Aarthi says:


    1.It has a group of pathetic teachers.They appear to be highly sophisticated,act very smart.They don’t take any effort.

    2.Homeworks are very much compared to other schools.They promise holistic education and stress free education..which is not true.

    3.Poor standards in Academics.

    4.Fee is very high..They increase the term fee without prior notice form 10,500 to 12,500.


  31. Kondalu says:


    My kid goes to primary school at VH. Good to see my kid waking up with excitement when I say “you’ll miss school bus” :) She appeared to like going to school a lot. This is a positive side of VH. Less home work load so far is a good side. Learning is at normal pace – we supplement with additional information.

    Some of the negative sides are as follows. The communication between the school to parents is bad. A summary of the schedule for one month duration is sent. We do not know the details of what is taught in the school. We only know when the kid starts saying things randomly. It takes some good guessing to understand the extent of learning at school. For cultural activities, we’re asked to dress the kid for some activity. We’re not informed about the actual activity. This lack of information makes us unaware of the reason for special dressing. Many times I had observed that the same kids get lead roles in cultural activities. In a one-off occasion the teachers did not even bother to check whether a participant kid (present on that day in school) has missed the cultural event. After questioning, an inquiry was promised, but no information about the result of such an inquiry. Poor kid had worked so had and was disappointed about non-participation. VH keeps claiming that their new online system has all the notices/circulars posted. However, we don’t find them. I heard similar complaints from someother parents during my recent school visit.

    Finally, looks like VH is getting expensive now. 48k (fees)+20k (annual fee) + (20k admission fee) + 15k (bus fee) + dress+shoes > 1 lakh to start with. The 20k admission fee is non-repeating factor. Previous year it was (44k+10k+10k+15k+dress+shoes) – 69k (excluding admission fees) vs 82k a year is a 20% hike, which is very high.



    Kondalu Reply:

    Now they’ve increased the transportation fee also by around 20%. The management control is shifted to Mumbai. I hope things improve.

    Recently, I had observed that my daughter talks about concepts like “paper is made from wood pulp…”. I was happy to know that. However, I don’t have any idea about the extent to which the information is imparted to the children.

    The reasons to continue in this school are the relaxed age criterion, and inertia and uncertainties that come with moving a kid to another school.



    Lakshmi Reply:

    We ill not get value for the money we spend here. Principal especially dont have the manners to respect parents. No care for kids. Transport guy is too irresponsible. No body will care about your complaints. Totally irresposnsible people.


    Lakshmi Reply:

    At the same time I feel the vice prinicpal is reasonable…

  32. ACRM says:

    Thanks for your feedback. What is your opinion about the standard of education in VIBGYOR Vs Deen’s Academy VS Ryan International. Which one would your advice. Also what about cleanness of the classrooms and bathrooms, please advice.



    Kondalu Reply:

    VIBGYOR classrooms, restrooms, etc., are very clean. They take pains to maintain them. For pre-primary we found the teachers to be friendly too. They seem to be improving a little bit on communication front. However, the fee structure is a concern. This is true when you have two kids.

    Some schools like NPS have fee structure based on when the kid is admitted. Thus, the expectation that a fee would be increased by around 10% a year is know apriori. They revise the base fee every year; but, this fee applies only to the new students in the class. Thus, what you see is that some students pay more and some pay less for the same class. At first it might sound unfair. However, it is about the expectations of fee at the time of admission that matters.

    We got into Vibgyor High with the fee that was in that year assuming (wrong to assume – I know) that the fee would increase by around 10% a year. Hehe! our assumptions were invalidated in 2 years time :)

    I heard good things about Deen Academy. Ryan – mixed feedback from friends who have/had their kids in the school.


  33. mohit says:

    Posting imp notice from other user …..

    Sub: Request to seek rationale behind making the Pre-primary kids start boarding the bus at 1145.

    I would like to seek clarification from school authorities for calling it a day off for pre-primary kids almost 45 minutes before the bus departure timings.
    I got to know this on last weekend when I had visited school to pay quarterly fees. I reached school at 1150am and on entering the school premises I saw that all the kids were being escorted to their respective school buses. Iinfact I had to go and get my son from his school bus. Initially we thought that it could be due to Saturday being a working day, but then we realized the busses will still have to leave by 1230pm. Its then that my husband and I started enquiring with other parents and we got to know that this is a daily routine here for pre-primary classes and the kids have to spend almost 40minutes sitting in the bus till it becomes 1230pm. This is apart from commute time from Vibgyor to home.
    It has been since Saturday that I have been enquiring with other parents too and almost everybody is extremely concerned about this torture which their kids have to go through on daily basis, not to mention the heat at peak on noon makes things worse.


  34. kaushik says:

    Hi all,

    Our daughter is 2 years and3 months old (as in June 2010) – can anyone guide us regarding her eligibility or admission? When is the right time to approach for forms, etc.? Thanks for yur help.


  35. yahoo says:

    Vibgyor High Marthahalli is now ICSE Affiliated.


  36. Sachin says:

    I see lots of discussion and concerns about VH’s ICSE affiliation, and understand that they have been working towards this for the the past couple of years.

    What is the latest status on VH, Marthahalli getting ICSE affiliation ? If it is not affiliated to ICSE yet, any idea how close are they to this goal ?


  37. ananymous says:

    At the time of admission they told to eveyone that they r giving french as third language from 4th standard.Now they made it kannnada cumpolasry for every student.Is it correct?
    Most of the parents r from IT background,transferable ones. They not giving any option to select like french,sanskrit.They r charging so much and not giving option,its very pathetic.


  38. MeWorry says:

    @sunny, Your comments about NRIs and rich people are loose and immature. I send my son to Vibgyor High and have not observed a single incident of partiality based on the child’s parents. Moreover, many of the parents in my child’s class are returned NRIs and in my impression very responsible parents. Vibgyors unique proposition has always been holistic education, meaning academics plus the SPA. If you are not happy with the proposition, why admit your child there ?



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